Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life not real simple right now...

It has been a whirlwind of a summer. Being an "educator/media specialist" we are to have these grand 3 months off. Well, that was in another lifetime. I worked this whole summer entering books. But I LOVE my job! In fact if I was not married and had no "outside" life, I would have a cot in my library!

Today was an exciting day....I got my BUSINESS CARDS!! If you are old enough to remember the movie The Jerk with Steve Martin...remember the day he sees his name in the phonebook...well that was me today!!! I was sooo excited!

The "Life is not real simple" is because I feel overwhelmed by my job, but in a good way. In a blessing kind of way! I actually had a "fellow" Media Specialist spend 4 hours with me on Wednesday. My dear friend, Lois' twin sister...Kathy! Wow, what a blessing that was. She told me "you will never be caught up, it is the world of the librarian". I figured that is "job security". NICE!

Still missing Keith...but loving on the family! have a great is Molly's 19the next year both girls will be in their 20's (well, megs you have been turn 27 next wed. !!!)

blessings blog readers!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My blog manager "manages" again...

Hey there....
There are so many things I am not aware of when it comes to my blog. Like the "stats". I have a viewing audience (HI to YOU all) and where they come from...which is mainly the U.S....thank you! I have "lots" of hits...but I am not sure how long they stay. Maybe seconds cuz it is not that "updated".

Our church is going through some tough times right now. Our incredible worship pastor, Keith Martin passed away from cancer. He was amazing. His witness to others was amazing. His patience was amazing. He was a God's man...does that make sense? He was a child of God. He worshipped God not the world. He lead worship like that too. He was passionate about it too! But He is in a new body with Jesus...cancer free. Everytime someone dies from cancer...i want to wear a "Cancer Sucks" t-shirt even though I do not like that word. But it does. I have lost so many precious people to cancer. But they are in heaven. Happy. We are the broken-hearted left behind. But God is catching our tears. He is healing our hearts. We will be fine, but it will take time.

School starts soon and I still have 1300 books to catalog. wow. but it will work out.

You know back to Keith. Tim our Sr. Pastor said some amazing things about Keith. His devotion time to God. He said he knew he had to fill his head with God's word in order to battle the world. (not exactly how it was said, but close) He challenged us to do what Keith and serve...serve and care!! So onward we go.

Serve today...because we are never promised tomorrow.

He lives in me. I do not know what the Spirit will do or where He'll lead me each time I invite Him to guide me. But I am tired of living in a way that looks exactly like people who do not hae the Holy Spirit of God living in them. I want to consistently live with an awareness of His strength. I want to be different today from what I was yesterday as the fruit of the Spirit becomes more manifest in me.

See you...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Why have you forgotten blog cries!

Okay...I am the WORST blogger yet, well maybe the second worst! I so desire to have a blog people love to read share my faith, and come to hear encouragement. I recently got a call/message that the "blogworld" was going to "knock" me off "blogworld" if I did not post soon! (thanks brother john!) So here I am again, not even going to count the months in between but going forward.

So what has kept me from doing one of my favorite things? Several things, work, family, work, girls being home for the summer, work, 300 lbs of books being delivered to my Media Center at "work". Did I mention work? Most teachers/media specialist are off for the summer, but not me! I have gone in 4 days a week staying on an average of 5-7 hours. Why, you might ask (if you didn't skip down a few sentences!)...I have had to enter about 250 books from the current year that I never got into the system and I also have 1,380 books coming in (and 980 more later)! I also do not have a barcode scanner that would speed up the process...darn budget cuts! I am bound and determined to find a business partner to fund the $250.00 barcode scanner, any ideas? Our school was awarded 2,240 books (which explains the 300 lbs) FREE from a program I did called JustRead,Florida. How cool is books! I am the queen of never turning down an opportunity for free things. In fact I just got my first Donors Choose project funded and you know what was on my project...MORE BOOKS! Bring it on..I figure it is job security!

Another girls...I love having the girls home...they keep me busy and on my toes. Megs is home from her apartment for awhile before she has to go back to teaching July 27 (whoa...early!). She is my craft buddy and library buddy. She makes a great dinner salad and helps around the house which is great! (thanks megs!) She also probably misses her pretty little apartment, so will be heading back soon (sad). Next I will go there and hang out with her! Molly is busy with summer school(now over), summer odd jobs (could not find a summer job), and her very sweet boyfriend, Jake. She is helpful too, just not home alot, but that is her very exciting young life! Both girls have birthdays coming up...Molly is July 29 and becomes 19...she is holding on to the fact "this is my last year as a teen"....(and we have heard that a couple of times!) Megan's birthday is August 3rd and she will be working on that day. She says she never thought that being a teacher would mean she would work on her "summer birthday". But for her birthday we are going to Hillsong United concert! YEAH! So the girls are some of my time.

So what has kept me from blogging? Just stuff...stuff gets in the way....but fun interest. But I am sorry blog and here is my apology to you...

Dear Real Simple....I have not forgotten you nor left you. I have fallen into the "busy" trap and been consumed with it. But I refuse to make false promises, but will try to be better. Thank you for missing me. Thank you for forgiving me!

I just read a poem called "Today & Time" bits and pieces from the poem...

"Today is here. I will start with a smile and resolve to be agreeable. I will not criticize. I refuse to waste my valuable time...", " Today I begin by doing and not wasting my time. In one week I will be miles beyond the person I am today.", and last "Today I will stop saying, "If I had time"...I know I never will "find" time for anything. If I want time, I must make it."

Words to you have the time?

Happy 4th...I am listening to patriotic songs, bangs from fireworks behind our house, and Ruthie (our dog) snoring! Happy bang, bang, pop, pop Glorious Blessed 4th of July to you all! God has truly blessed, yesterday,and forever! Praise Him for His amazing Grace!!!!

Hugs those who have been patient with blog topic.."Rules for parents on Facebook, from one who has had to learn the hardway!"

Saturday, April 23, 2011



Thank you, Jesus for saving me! For saving the World. For taking my sins upon that cross...and coming again! Blessed be His name....Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound....Awesome God....Shout to the just want to sing every praise song you can think of!

That is it for the post...that is all that needs to be said!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lots to say, will anyone read...


Hope this finds you well and happy and feeling blessed, cuz you are!

Went to a Chris Tomlin concert (with Kristy knockel and louie giglio) it was AMAZING. Chris does such a good job of focusing us on God and not on him! Look up Louie's Indiscribable message...amazing! Being at the concert made me want to go to Passion again! hmmmm...thinking?

Hey if you want to help me out text 77177 (Waiting on Superman/Donors Choose) and type the word POSSIBLE and you can get a 15.00 credit to use until June on a project on Donors Choose...and that PROJECT WOULD BE MINE!! and it does not COST YOU ANYTHING! KEEP THE CODE THEY SEND YOU (write it down) and then i will let you know when my project is up and running! do it! Donors Choose is a funding program out there to help teachers get supplies for their classrooms (in my case...the library/media center) and it is funded by private donors! They check out your project so thoroughly. They do not send you a check they send you the supplies you have ask for! My daughter Megan has done it twice this year and recieved over 500.00 worth of school supplies for her classroom teaching! It is amazing..SO DO IT!!!!! My project is not up but will be in the next 2 weeks. Just keep the CODE they text you back and I will let you know when my project is up and running! PLEASE HELP ME GET BOOKS INTO MY LIBRARY! thanks! there are empty shelves in my library!

My work is going great. I still cannot believe I am doing something I have always wanted to do....working with children books! Amazing. Still learning the "ropes" but I am surviving. Even after the media centers laptop (schools) being "switched" with another one my first week and then this was a survey on the computer that threw me for a loop! But I have survived. I was reminded in scripture that I am not working for people...but the LORD! FOCUS ON THAT!

Pray for a little boy, Adrian, just one...and battling cancer! thanks! pray for the parents...they went to Orlando for a break this weekend with their son. the Littlejohns need your prayers!

Well, I am in search for good books for our media center...any thoughts? any series you think are worth the purchase so i can put it on my "donors choose" project list.

Happy FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!! enjoy!!! Listen for the birds...smell the flowers...take a walk with a loved one! (if they do not have allergies, like my hubby does)

Take care!

Monday, March 7, 2011

How about "post" a month!

Okay...the posting everyday thing is NOT going to happen! Atleast not why I hold a full time job! I can barely keep up with my wifely duties, let alone "pop" in and blog! So sorry. I do love to write. I do love to express my feelings, hopes and dreams!

But GUESS WHAT (for all those who do not follow me on FB)...I got a new job at my school....YIPEE FOR ME (kinda big headed of me..but for me, it is a big deal after not working outside the home for over 22 years!) But I am going to be the new Media Specialist!! Back in my day, they were called LIBRARIANS! and Miriam was their first name(just kidding and if a Miriam is reading this..your name is beautiful) I have always had a passion for books (ask my girls...classics.."you should be reading the classics" i would say when homeschooling them!) I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the movie "You've Got Mail"....I wanted a "Shop Around the Corner" bookstore. In fact during the movie (in the theatre) I sound very loudly, "clothe bags, she bags the books in clothe bags"...Brian i thought was going to NEVER take me to a movie again! But I loved that shop, the books...Betsy and Tacy, Story Lady time, etc.!! I have watched it so many times that i have found "bloopers"! Scary. My family knows something is up when they see me watching it! If you have not seen it! worth the time!!! If you have not watched it in a it!

So I am home for spring break (with a sinus infection, go figure!) and working on Media stuff! I do not think my brain sleeps. I keep a notepad close because my brain is CONSTANTLY shooting out things to do in my new position! "Staff Selections"; "Local Authors Month"; "WOW-Word of the Week"; just figuring out what to call my tables where the students will sit is a big deal. But I have that figured out..for the little ones it will be by color for the older onces by genre (Green/Fiction). I had to figure out a nameplate for i made it out of scrabble pieces on the scrabble holder (please do not steal this idea..i am planning on making a millon dollars off of it!) I have shopped the dollar store, the dollar section of Target, and Borders "Going Out of Business" sale...but will i get reimbursed? YIKES! so slowly i spend my own cash! The library hardly has any "new books" most are donated. So I am going to get on Donor's Choose (thanks Megs for helping your mom...oh can you put a scrabble pic close to this entry, please).

So anyway, I am happy, excited, amazed, nervous, scared, excited, happy, amazed, scared, nervous....did I say HAPPY AND ESTATIC! (sp...yikes...blame it on the Sinus infection!)

So I am sad to leave my Teacher's Aide job, but feel I have spiritual gifts that will be able to be used God just multiplied my mission field! More students, more teachers! GAP! God Always Provides!!!! ahhhhh! I am smiling!

I am driving to St. Pete in the a.m. to shadow a Media Specialist at my niece's school (thanks Kari!). So this should be fun and kinda overwhelming (that is a word i am feeling too!) I will also be going into school to work over break, as the Media Specialist has been gone for awhile. Man oh man are there books to be shelved!
Friday before break I moved the center around to make it more "centered" so got some "thumbs up" from teachers so that is good. Many of them have been encouraging and helpful, so that is a big AMEN!

So anyway...hope you are well! It is is well in my is well, it is well, it is well in my soul!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Facts...

Some interesting facts about this holiday...
1. 1 billion Valentine's Day cards are exchanged.
2. Hallmark has over 1,300 different cards for Valentine's Day
3. 110 million roses (mostly red) will be sold and sent within a 3 day period.
4. 45 million dollars will be spent on food (including chocolate)on Valentine's Day.
5. 15% of U.S. women send themselves flowers on this day.
6. 64% of men in the U.S. do not make plns in advance for Valentine's Day.

But one person did make plans to show His love for us not just on Valentine's Day but everyday. God sent His one and only Son to die on a cross to save us and show us just how much he loved us! That is the biggest sacrifice for love. The bible says: "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16)

Tell someone you love them and so does Jesus! My daughter Molly taught me a fun way to say I Love You...1 4 3 (there is 1 letter in I; 4 letters in Love; and 3 in You.) CUTE!!!! so 143!!!!

So off to ice cupcakes for school tomorrow! Watch out Cupcake Wars! Ha! I made bright pink rice krispie treats too! ahhh!!! Love is sweet, Love is grand!

Wish my girls were make my heart-shaped meatloaf for!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

So overdue i am, but Happy Valentine's Day EARLY!

Okay...back in the saddle again or maybe back at the keyboard again is better! My blog manager (aka daughter, Megan) updated my blog today with lots of fun stuff! Don't you think so! New photos, new design and I am now on Facebook with my blog! So I figured if I am "updated" with my design, I should also be updated with my blog entry!

So update....I am back in the saddle with exercising after my hernia surgery! I am healed and feeling lots better! I am back doing Chalean Extreme (Beachbody, same people that do P90x)! I love these workout dvd's...highly recommend them if you are not up to doing the P90x!

I am back in the saddle with working at the school. Let's just say a prayer or two (or three, or four...) would be a blessing to me and more importantly for the staff and the children (and their parents). Thank you! You can never pray too fact the bible says to "pray unceasingly").

Our lifegroup(aka small group/bible study) is starting the Francis Chan book "Forgotten God" which is all about the Holy Spirit, thus the title "Forgotten God". Read the first chapter today and it was amazing! I have alot of waking up to do when it comes to the Holy Spirit that is living in me! I think I have put the Holy Spirit in "neutral" or "on hold" or "standby". Whatever I have done, it is not benefiting my spiritual life nor my witnessing to others. I need to empower the Holy Spirit to bring out the fruits of the spirits so people see me as different. As Jesus would like the world to see me! I love the analogy of day waking up and it is a butterfly. One day it is crawling (and for a very long time) and the next day it wakes up and it is a beautiful butterfly. That is what i became when the Holy Spirit came into my body...but do people see that beautiful butterfly or do they still see me "crawling like a caterpillar"? I want them to see the Fruits of the Spirits in me; like the beautiful wings of the butterfly! More about this book later....until then...are you a caterpillar or a butterfly to those around you?

P.O.P. means Prayers of Praise. Do you do them enough? Or are you (and I) always asking and not saying "thank you" or "praising our Father in Heaven"? Andy Stanley has an awesome message on his website on "prayer". Watch it! It will change how you pray (or maybe not).

Ahhhh Valentine's Day fast approaches, but a more important day comes tomorrow...February 13th! It was our first date! 23 years ago, we went to dinner and a comedy club in Cincinnati, Ohio. Brian bought a card for me. But it was in his visor the whole night and would ONLY make an appearance if the date was a good one....GUESS WHAT...I GOT the card and I STILL have that card! That special card comes out every February 13th to remind us why we love each other and so much more! It isn't signed "love, brian" just "brian" But ohhhh what "love" would come later over these 23 years!!! In date nights, in events, in our girls, in all our moves, in being baptized together, in our walk with Christ...and so much more LOVE has come from our relationship together! Thank you God for bringing me such a Godly man/husband/father!

So celebrate....this time of "love" by praying for those you love and more importantly those you may not! They are the ones that need it the most! Forgive those who have hurt you and move on, let God heal.

So Happy February 12th! And thanks Megs for my new blog! (and for letting me in on the "Stats" information....that is a story!

hello to all those who visit my blog! Wow...did not know there were so many! I will do a better job of blogging! Kinda like my friend who committed to blogging everyday! So will this be Day One or is this a preview of things to come????

Sunday, January 9, 2011

huff and puff and blow the hernia out!

Hey there....back to work and what do i find before going back to work? A hernia! Thanks to all that coughing and hacking for 4 weeks (bronchitis)...i end up with a hernia! It is so weird when you find a lump (esp in a female area) your mind wonders! Brian (my hubby) kept telling me NOT to give Satan any power over it. But i found it when the doctors office was closed (and we were on our way to Universal) and so i had 4 days to ponder! So I turned pondering into praying and enjoyed my family.

I am so blessed this is all it is. There are people having "biopsies" so what am i fretting! i just don't like to be put under and incubated! oh well! GAP...God Always Provides! I will have my hat in hand that day. I will need to be off 7 days and no lifting/exercising for 3 wks! But God worked this all around a 1/2 day of school(friday) and then MLK day and an inservice day! so i will only miss 4 days total of work but have 9 days off! GAP!

So prayers are appreciated....but keep praying for our Worship Pastor, Keith! and the little 11 month old baby, Adrian...both battling see i am blessed...but so are they...cuz God is the GReat Physcian!

love to all! might have more time to blog with this!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

new year, new things...

hi. happy new year. blessings in the new year to you and yours. God has not changed from 2010 to 2011! Are we blessed! YES! I am glad He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! May I change to please Him, not others! May I be aware of His callings and be still when I need to hear from Him! I have no idea what is in store for this new year, but I need to trust Him and go ahead! Knowing He has already gone ahead! new pictures will be connected to this blog soon! promise!!! so enjoy your time with God. That is my top resolution to read through the bible this year! take care and love and hugs!