Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blessed by Bloggers (BBB) - no I am not stuttering

I may not have 2,000 blog readers but what I have is God designed and designated!

My Blog Buddies Blessed (BBB) me with their amazing comments. Thanks, I needed that! Thanks for praying.

I really want to "snag" this stronghold (losing weight) in the "hiney" (spelling). But it is warfare and one I know God has already defeated. I just now need to trust and get off my "hiney" and believe!

I also have the Beth Moore book Breaking Free (which i am yet to read). And the other day I found one of her books at the Goodwill Bookstore which is amazing in itself. Her books are like gold in that store. When you find one you know God has placed it there for you to pick up. Well this one was called Praying God's Word. (as i type this i actually think i have a copy... oh well..happy surprise for someone) But I picked it up after I got back from aerobics tonight and there is actually a chapter in there on Overcoming Food-related strongholds. Guess what chapter I am reading--you got it that one!

The first sentence in the chapter got to me--"What a relief to know that we'll never battle anything out of God's jurisdiction." amazing...truly amazing. It's all His turf...body, soul, and spirit. I need to see Him in all areas...not just the "spirit" turf.

Okay the verse she puts in front of me is 1Thessalonians 5:23-24, "May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul, and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it." Beth goes on to write "First of all, please celebrate the glorious fact that God Himself is the One at work in you and through you." (can't you just hear her say that, in her southern accent-especially the "please celebrate") I am not just watched over by a designated angel...NO...God, Himself, is thoroughly interested and involved in every single part of "Betsy" (fill in your name): body, soul, and spirit. wow...no...WOW!

Sometimes I don't fully get all this...I mean (please don't judge me) I get how amazing God is, and all the amazing, incredible things He has done. But sometimes I leave "me" out of all His amazing, incredible things He has done. Does that make sense. I am thoroughly in love with my Lord and Savior. I see His miracles every day. I see the blessings He gives me each day (and even miss so many). But sometimes I don't listen to God say "Betsy, you are amazing and incredible. You have done things that I am proud of." I can easily encourage those around me. In fact I love, love to encourage people around me. Maybe it is easier to encourage those around me then me. I don't know. Thanks for hanging with me as I ramble a bit.

I think I am in a learning curve with God. A desert (not dessert) experience. I also consider them "hammock" moments with God--when He wants me to climb up beside Him and just cuddle and lean on His Words. I also think of them as "speed bumps" of life. When I have to chose how to go over that "speed bump"(situation in life) fast? slow? hesitate? around it? Anyway I look at that speed bump...God wants me to let Him be the driver. He wants me to trust Him and lean on Him and learn as I go.

So I feel I am going to close right now and finish Chapter 8...see what God wants me to "gleam" from Him so someday I will "beam" His glorious wonders that He worked in me, through me and in all parts of me...body, soul, and spirit. As I begin to spring clean more than myhouse.

Love you BB (blogger buddies)! Please make sure you sign in as "my follower".

Monday, March 30, 2009

A new week, a new day to start something...

I guess because i only have a couple readers I can open my heart safely and know there will be no judgment. If there is judgment -- that is sad to me. I am a semi-normal woman who is very hard on herself. It makes me sad, because I know that is not from God or of God. I struggle, struggle with my weight. I am at a point of unhappiness and want quick results. But i was listening to Charles Stanley yesterday and wish i would have taken notes. I think i remember it talking about "focus" what i focus on is where my heart is. My obedience to God should be my focus, not food. So I ask you in your spare time to pray for a God focus for me. That i worship Him and not food. That I turn to Him in my time of need and "full"filment. I am tired of the struggle and all the commercials for Jenny Craig. That is not learning to eat what is around me. I find the Biggest Loser encouraging and frustrating. I see people at church who have successfully lost weight. I sadly/sinfully covent. I know it is hard. But Christ went through so much more, so much more suffering for me!!! So i should quit my whining.

Today I am going to start spring cleaning in more ways than one! I figure spring cleaning will keep my house clean and keep me busy! So thanks for reading my blog and praying for my challenge. your prayer request?

I wish i could remember more what Charles Stanley said. I will check his website. We are doing an Andy Stanley on God's Will.

Have a God-filled day full of obedience and blessings. I will try the same!

Rejoicing and Singing to His glory!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Have i always been athletic? a blogger bud ask?

Trina, a new blogger buddy "reader" of mine (hi)....ask that question in my comments. My answer is this...I had to I had an older brother and I was a "tom-boy". I played softball in gradeschool and swam on a swim team. Played field hockey and swam in high school. Was also a "wrestlerette" (when you didn't make the main cheer squad that is what you became!) in high school. Played softball with our church in Bloomington. IN.

I have always done something aerobic throughout the years. And when my mom went home to Jesus, April 26, 2006 my husband bought me a road bike for mother's day (good grieving tool). I haven't got off it since...actually he bought me a real nice road bike (carbon!) 2 Christmas' ago. As of today i clocked 2300 miles on my bike. I use to ride it every day...now it is more sporatic (sp???). But i have vowed to get back on it 3-4 times a week. I also am swimming again -swam the last 2 days (20 laps, and 25 laps). As i said I am pretending to be entering a "tri" again. I rode 12 miles today and in a few minutes i am off to do the Jillian dvd, that nearly killed me yesterday. I also do aerobics at our church twice a week. (but it is really a fitness class, because we do so many different things).

So even though i have "worked out" most of my life. I still struggle, struggle with my weight. Doing a "try"athlon was HUGE for me! I had done 2 that I only did the bike part. Then last August I did my first full one and then on my 50th birthday I did my last one (so far). I loved it. I can not believe I did it. But it was neat to say I did it and on my 50th birthday! Plus I think I am setting an example for my girls...so you are NEVER (hear me, trina) to old to start something. Walking 10,000 steps is a good goal (each day!)

So anyway...that is that.

I was going to write things i love so my few readers could get to know me better. I was going to do a few here and there. (keep you coming back!)

Things I love...
  • As I was riding today I heard two seagulls...I love to hear seagulls they remind me of the beach.
  • I love the way God protects me when I am riding.
  • I love the fact that I am healthy enough to use my legs and ride a bike. I pray alot when I ride...so today I thought (and prayed) about the kids who have cancer or are in the hospital--how they can not ride beside me. But they did in my heart today.
  • I love fresh air.
  • I loved my ride going one way because i was going 18-19 mph....but on the way back...forget it...10-12 mph (how embarassing)...it was sooo windy! phew.
  • I love that my husband lets me stay home each day...it is like getting a dozen roses from him each day.
  • I love my girls and my husband and my little ruthie (mini dachsund).
  • I love thunderstorms/lightning and rainy days. I fall to sleep listening to music that plays "thunderstorms" on my iPod. funny!
  • So that is it for now.

I have to get up and work out! I am hearing Jillian calling my name and the pain i feel already...yikes! hope you enjoyed this read!???

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

graduation, church events, and my to do list...

I am a to-do list maker...are you?

I make list more as i get older, I think. Might have to make a list to remember why i make list? ha.

Anyway, I do make a lists because I love to see that I have accomplished something as a Home Engineer. Plus I tend to forget things when not on a list. Does anyone have good ideas with list?

I keep a separate list for each thing i am doing...church event, my girls, my home, etc. But you know what i don't have -- a TO-DO list for God.

I don't think i need one for Him. But I should have a prayer journal. I know He is taking care of me. I know I desire His will. So maybe that is the only thing on my To-do List for God: Let your will be done in my life! now that is Real Simple!

I have been reading the bible through the year. I am quite proud of myself...for one thing it is not on a "to do list". and another thing at the most i have fallen 2 days behind. But as of today I am on March 25 (actually I am on tomorrow, because i read todays). I am amazed at what a GREAT, GREAT read it is. I am amazed how many stories are repeated but different. I have learned alot that I had NO idea was in the bible...your monthly time, incest, murder ( i knew that one), etc. It is a great read for anyone who loves, true stories, loves war, loves wisdom, loves honesty, loves order, loves GOD! I am very, very excited i have kept this as my "thing to do" without putting it on a list. real simple.

So making a list for today...church event this weekend...calls to make; exercise at home--Jillian "trouble zones" (i have a few!); swim at the Y...loved yesterday; work on making a "to do" list for Megan's graduation (with names to send invites to); make a "to do" list for a sweet friend getting married in a month (congrats Jessica!) and i think that is all i will fit in today. we will see!

So making a list and checking it twice....i am off to accomplish a goal or check off a box (that is how i do my list with boxes).

have a great spring day...it is absolutely beautiful here in sunny florida!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

another post for you guys

wow....i have 2 blog readers...record i am sure...

no the record will come when they ask to advertise on my blog...dreaming...dreamer.

i made it...i swam 21 laps in around 30 min...pretty good considering i have not been in the water since my last tri in Oct. also had aerobics tonight.

i bought a jillian (biggest loser) dvd today. my sister swears by it. we will see! i am anxious to try tomorrow and do some more laps.

thanks for the congrats regarding megan, Cindy. It is a big thing for megan to get her college diploma (with honors) and poo-poo on all those teachers that said this would never happen...but then again they were not God; who created, designed and believes in Megan. It is the biggest day of our lives and really big for her! she still has 4 certification test to take: elem. ed; middle; reading; and gifted! we will give it to God and rely on Him! (and some studying!)

well, i need to go shower. tried to watch Obama-decided to just pray for him.

count your blessings...He gives us more than we can count


okay...i have been the worse blogger in history. i have failed all my readers (which i think is ONE person, Dawn!)

so she has inspired me to get back on it and write my thoughts, encouragement to others, and just to journal!

I am trying to get to the Y today and swim. I need to get my "try" body back in gear. even though i don't see a triathlon out there i will do (money!). But still need to train as if i am going to enter. So this will be short cuz i have lunch at 11:30 with a friend and don't want to smell like chlorine!

My daughter Megan got her college graduation announcements...wow! Praise God for this blessing and for all Megan's hard work!

Off i go and it is alittle chilly here in FL today in the 60's but pool should be in the 80's.
Pray I get my training back on track and lbs off my body!
thanks sisters!

Praying you find peace in Christ and trust Him in everything, as i have tried and tried to do....I am so human sometimes. But I love my Jesus! and so blessed to know Him. How 'bout you?

see you!