Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's my birthday...that's why!!! Molly turns 18

Well, on July 29, my baby claimed "I am an adult,because I am 18". Cool does that mean she starts buying her own deodorant??? ha!! No, on her special day...she repeatedly reminded us "it's my birthday, that is why!" Megs kept a running tab of how many more hours we would here that was a couple!! Ha! We went to Downtown Disney, Outlet Mall and the Mall of the Millenium! And her sweet boyfriend (friend that is a boy! ha!) went with us. What a trooper! He won lots of kuddos from us Hall girls as he "trudged" around the trenches of each mall! What a guy!
What a day!!!

We had lunch at Downtown Disney. We didn't buy anything, but Jacob and Molly built two Mr and Mrs Potatoheads! Precious. We have cute pics coming so watch for them.

The evening was suppose to end with dinner at The Columbian but we got back to late and they ate Pei Wei instead! We watched home videos of Molly when she was 3! Jacob learned she was just as "drama queenish" (i know not a word!) back then! Molly said "well, he now knows everything about me and he is still here!"

The day ended with all of us tired, but glad we got to spend this birthday with her!!! (you see she has missed the past 2 birthdays with us!)

Now on to Megan's...August 3rd! I love my girls...Happy Birthday to you both. May God continue to bless you and watch over you as you continue in His journey for YOU!

love and hugs!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

3 weeks, 4 weeks, and they will be gone :- (

I wish i was doing a cheer...two bits, four bits, let's all cheer for the Hall girls...or something like that. Instead it is the count down til the girls leave home! I am truly excited for them. (really) They are achieving so much and God has been instrumental in it all. That is what I want people to see...God's hands!

His hands....found Megan a beautiful apartment, she moves in on August 14th. Yes, I know she was gone all last year...but "her stuff" was still in her room. This year it all goes with her...(right, megs! Ha!!!)It will be weird.

His hands....have provided Molly with a great university to attend (Christian)...Southeastern University. One week from today she will begin (in) her first class. Wow!

His hands....will move both girls in safely.

His hands....will protect them day after day, hour after hour, minute by minute!

His hands....will orchestrate wonderful stories that they will call (!!!!!) me and tell me each day!

His hands....will call them to His word each day in prayer and in study, to remind them of wisdom, discernment, grace, mercy, protection, unconditional love, encouragement...everything a Father desires to give to HIS daughters.

His hands....will bring them home for "visits" and "hugs". And a washer and a dryer and "their" beds still in "their" rooms.

His hands...will catch my tears, when they fall on quiet days wondering through the house. (me and ruth (the dog),until i find a job)

His hands....will hold my hands as I pray for them each their rooms....anywhere and everywhere!

His hands...will bring us back together for a family dinner and laughter.

His hands...are amazing, aren't they? (YES!)