Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Facts...

Some interesting facts about this holiday...
1. 1 billion Valentine's Day cards are exchanged.
2. Hallmark has over 1,300 different cards for Valentine's Day
3. 110 million roses (mostly red) will be sold and sent within a 3 day period.
4. 45 million dollars will be spent on food (including chocolate)on Valentine's Day.
5. 15% of U.S. women send themselves flowers on this day.
6. 64% of men in the U.S. do not make plns in advance for Valentine's Day.

But one person did make plans to show His love for us not just on Valentine's Day but everyday. God sent His one and only Son to die on a cross to save us and show us just how much he loved us! That is the biggest sacrifice for love. The bible says: "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16)

Tell someone you love them and so does Jesus! My daughter Molly taught me a fun way to say I Love You...1 4 3 (there is 1 letter in I; 4 letters in Love; and 3 in You.) CUTE!!!! so 143!!!!

So off to ice cupcakes for school tomorrow! Watch out Cupcake Wars! Ha! I made bright pink rice krispie treats too! ahhh!!! Love is sweet, Love is grand!

Wish my girls were make my heart-shaped meatloaf for!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

So overdue i am, but Happy Valentine's Day EARLY!

Okay...back in the saddle again or maybe back at the keyboard again is better! My blog manager (aka daughter, Megan) updated my blog today with lots of fun stuff! Don't you think so! New photos, new design and I am now on Facebook with my blog! So I figured if I am "updated" with my design, I should also be updated with my blog entry!

So update....I am back in the saddle with exercising after my hernia surgery! I am healed and feeling lots better! I am back doing Chalean Extreme (Beachbody, same people that do P90x)! I love these workout dvd's...highly recommend them if you are not up to doing the P90x!

I am back in the saddle with working at the school. Let's just say a prayer or two (or three, or four...) would be a blessing to me and more importantly for the staff and the children (and their parents). Thank you! You can never pray too fact the bible says to "pray unceasingly").

Our lifegroup(aka small group/bible study) is starting the Francis Chan book "Forgotten God" which is all about the Holy Spirit, thus the title "Forgotten God". Read the first chapter today and it was amazing! I have alot of waking up to do when it comes to the Holy Spirit that is living in me! I think I have put the Holy Spirit in "neutral" or "on hold" or "standby". Whatever I have done, it is not benefiting my spiritual life nor my witnessing to others. I need to empower the Holy Spirit to bring out the fruits of the spirits so people see me as different. As Jesus would like the world to see me! I love the analogy of day waking up and it is a butterfly. One day it is crawling (and for a very long time) and the next day it wakes up and it is a beautiful butterfly. That is what i became when the Holy Spirit came into my body...but do people see that beautiful butterfly or do they still see me "crawling like a caterpillar"? I want them to see the Fruits of the Spirits in me; like the beautiful wings of the butterfly! More about this book later....until then...are you a caterpillar or a butterfly to those around you?

P.O.P. means Prayers of Praise. Do you do them enough? Or are you (and I) always asking and not saying "thank you" or "praising our Father in Heaven"? Andy Stanley has an awesome message on his website on "prayer". Watch it! It will change how you pray (or maybe not).

Ahhhh Valentine's Day fast approaches, but a more important day comes tomorrow...February 13th! It was our first date! 23 years ago, we went to dinner and a comedy club in Cincinnati, Ohio. Brian bought a card for me. But it was in his visor the whole night and would ONLY make an appearance if the date was a good one....GUESS WHAT...I GOT the card and I STILL have that card! That special card comes out every February 13th to remind us why we love each other and so much more! It isn't signed "love, brian" just "brian" But ohhhh what "love" would come later over these 23 years!!! In date nights, in events, in our girls, in all our moves, in being baptized together, in our walk with Christ...and so much more LOVE has come from our relationship together! Thank you God for bringing me such a Godly man/husband/father!

So celebrate....this time of "love" by praying for those you love and more importantly those you may not! They are the ones that need it the most! Forgive those who have hurt you and move on, let God heal.

So Happy February 12th! And thanks Megs for my new blog! (and for letting me in on the "Stats" information....that is a story!

hello to all those who visit my blog! Wow...did not know there were so many! I will do a better job of blogging! Kinda like my friend who committed to blogging everyday! So will this be Day One or is this a preview of things to come????