Monday, December 21, 2009

Post 51...didn't realize i had 50

Wow...i made it to 50 and today i write number 51 the same age i am~! wierd!

Today though please pray for my dear friend Amy Ruff, she and her husband were pastors at our church in Bloomington. They were missionaries in Ghana and now have come back to the states because she has stage 3 breast cancer (one side) she starts chemo. please pray for her. please pray for her journey with this with God...pray for sweet Terry her hubby and their 2 children and their hubbies. thanks.

It is cold here. It is 60 something in my house and you would think it was 40. my nose is cold, i have chills, my fingers need those gloves with the holes in the end so i could still type. I am such a whimp! I would freeze in Indy if i was there. I did not even do my prayer walk! bummer

I am writing my Christmas cards to my small collection of adult children who are either in college or in jobs away from home. I feel compeled to keep their mailboxes full of hope and not i send them cards every once in awhile (i wish more) and today i am sending them Christmas cards to "welcome them back" home after they have been with their families. ahhhh. one will be our daughter, Megan. It is great to have everyone back here for the break. But i have to keep a positive attitude or i go and start thinking how fast the time is/will be going!! DON"T GO THERE!

Megan is showering, molly is babysitting and ruth is doing what i would LOVE to be doing sleeping and cuddled in a warm blanket!!! hmmmmm. should i join her???

So what are you doing during your break? if you get one. If you don't what are you up to???

WEll...receive and believe the greatest gift ever..JESUS!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

weather should not be a factor of Christmas

Hey friends of mine!
I am bloggng today...10 days later than last time. But today on my power prayer walk, I was thinking about how people say "it isn't Christmas cuz it is hot". Maybe but scripture says that "He washed us white as snow"..that is the best "snow" we could ever ask for (and we don't have to shovel it). so maybe look beyond your weather, your circumstances, or even your day. Christmas is more than a temperature, more than shopping for that perfect gift, more than lights and cookies. Christmas (and i know you all know this)is "CHRIST"mas...all about God sending His son, to become man, to save us on a, no weather needed, no jackets, no presents, just time with a Giving God who came to earth to save someone like me and YOU! So why do you need certain weather to make it feel like CHRISTmas? Jesus is your present, so is grace, mercy.... merry CHRISTmas.

So beyond that...i am in fact laying out on a comforter in my front yard with Ruthie, my wonder dog, sweating! but hey if i get to hot i can go inside! right, just like you can get out of the cold.

Molly just came home with fantastic news about her grades....her first oollege eng. class...A! her art class probably the same! yeah for the A. and she has raised almost 91% of her sr. trip they are doing in feb. (a disney cruise for 3 days)FUN! I never had a sr. trip like that, but i lived in cruise ships there! Now all we need is some college acceptance letters to come in and scholarship money. Not much considering all the news she just gave me. Proud of her!

so enjoy this day that the Lord has glad.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

blogging is fun...but i want "pazzaz" on it

I want some "pazzaz" on my blog. some Christmas cheer or winter look. but how? I am not good at the "special effects" so i am pleading with you all if someone wants to help me "redo" my blog and make it more whimsical....HELP. It is the time of year to "give" so give my blog a new look.

Okay that was such a boring paragraph....on to fun, whimisical thoughts. I love that word "whimsical" it makes me laugh inside. I am home alone (like the movie, but not in New York.) Molly is at SAT's trying to get more $$ from higher score...she has DONE FANTASTIC, but every extra point counts as money! Brian left for work and won't return til 3. Megs is in Ft. Myers. So ruthie and I are going to craft today and put up lights. Well, she will sleep while i do that.

What do you like to do on rainy days? I was wondering if all this rain was snow...oh my we would be singing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!" There are little bubbles on my pool from the rain dropping from the cage. they are whimsical.

So enjoy this day that the Lord has given. Do something whimsical, do something happy for a friend (like help her with her with a blog,hint)

Enjoy and CHRISTmas hugs to you all

Thursday, December 3, 2009

shhh...hear His voice...

Good day, this third day of December....

Shhhh.. "Be still and know that I am God..." I love to wait in anticipation for His voice and direction. Sometimes, i get "static" in the hearing, but God's voice is so big and so distinct that it gets right through. But i have to be willing to hear it loud and clear and be ready to be obedient to the calling.

I have started a tradition every morning and do a prayer walk. I do it as exercise, start the metabolism and mostly to talk to God. I love it. It wakes me up and starts my day with Him. Today, I started walking and just singing Christmas songs, then went into prayer. It was nice...cuz in that small voice of singing, I ask God to let me hear from Him.

So do you let the stactic keep you hearing God's voice or do you just "switch" and listen with GREAT anticipation. Right now in the middle of the busy season, clear your thoughts and make room for God's voice. He has so much to tell us, He loves to hear from us. Listen....shhhh God is callng you.

May you continue to be open to His voice now and forever. Remember to focus on what is Eternal and nurture those priceless, friends, strangers, believers, future believers....

CHRISTmas hugs!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christ Celebration is every month

Today is the first day of December...a month full of decorations, hustle/bustle, money changing hands, bell ringers everywhere, Santa's confusing children, and somewhere you will find a manger or a "Merry Christmas" on the door of a store (Target has it!!!) But Christmas spirit is in our hearts and in our actions. That is my search this month...making sure i am doing both. Showing CHRIST in my merry "CHRIST"mas and doing something with it.

How will you do it? How will you push through all the stuff in your way and show CHRIST to those around you? Will it be in a smile, encouraging word, daily study of the Word, or just being friendly to a stranger (to your garbage men). But remember to do this each month...every month is a Christ celebration!

I am going to the attic and start bringing Christmas into my home. I was to do this 2hours ago (start) and i have been doing other things. But I am leaving in 6 min. and start the duties of making my house a celebration of Christ. My dear husband would like me to "tone" it down and not forget the "real" reason for the season. But decorating my house does not distract me from the spirit of fact i look at it all and it makes me smile. It reminds me of Jesus...lights, color, memories, and love are in my decorations. In each ornament that brings back a memory of a loved one here or who has gone to Jesus' arms. The white lights are JESUS lights...they are bright and full of hope. The tree smells of fresh evergreen. The smell of freshness that comes when we read His Word. So my house will bring joy and not clutter, it will be soft and full of joy and will be a Jesus Celebration.

So may we all share the celebration of the birth of Jesus and not see our cups half full or half empty but "my cup runneth over with Jesus"!

So stop by for some hot chocolate, or a story, or a walk through the house. A home full of memories and ready for new ones to be made all because YOU stopped by to say "Merry CHRISTmas".

May the Joy of Jesus be evident in your home and on your face!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crazy day, listening to Christmas music!

I LOVE, LOVE, Christmas music. I know it is early for some of you, but really isn't Christms music alot of praise music anyway! I listen to some of the music (the faith based ones) and it is GREAT Praise and Worship music!!! Most tell the story of baby Jesus, what a better praise story?? Nothing!

My family thinks i am a little i just CRANK it up when they are not here and burn a mistletoe candle. I go somewhere else when the music is on. I remember alot. I think alot. I pray alot. I clean! Yes, i do it with an "extra" step when i listen to the music! A happy "no worries" step! yeah!

I am encouraged again that my blogging is not all that bad. thanks jg.

In my Charles Stanley (actually ours) devotional this a.m. I loved what it said. It was about perseverance. The end said this: "Biblical success means two things: achieving what the Lord calls you to do and becoming the person He desires you to be. Seek His specific goals for your life. Persevering through obstacles ill be a faith-building adventure that teaches you to depend on the heavenly Father." Pretty cool! I want to become the person Jesus desires me to become! I battle with this, even though I KNOW I am a better, healthier me when i let Him do me!

I read a blog today about "funky" schedules. I do think sometimes "seasons" change our schedules. I also think relationships change, even though the male is to be the head of the household, spiritual leader...that just sometimes, that will not be the case and roles are reversed. Temporarily! My schedule i feel is my families and the volunteer duties i do. They make my day. so bring on the funk! (jg!!)

I aso know that my step-dad is moving out of the house he and my mom lived in for over 20 some years. It was the house they lived the longest in their 35 years of marriage! It is sad because that is it....door closed...end of the chapter...end of the journey.! No more a house to go to that was the home of my mom. No more smell, or memories to go to. Maybe this will be freeing for me. I have struggle for a very long time (3 years) with my mom's death...too long, i know! But now my step dad moves into a condo...and it will be his place! not mom and merlin's....just Merlin's place. I am happy for him. I have been down a couple of times to help him. And it was hard, it was like after she died...going through the stuff. But it is all just stuff.

Do you have stuff you need to get rid of so you can focus on the true meaning of Christmas? Do you have things that keep you from moving on? Do you? I know I do.
May God bring you peace, clarity, and comfort to clean out the stuff!!! and see Christ! He is the only thing we need!

Merry "CHRIST"mas!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

another month went by and where was I???

I was (and still am).....still getting use to Megan living in Ft. Myers.
I was (and still am).....working on college stuff for Molly.
I was (and i am pretty well okay with him).....getting use to Molly having a boyfriend. (yes i said the word) He is a nice guy! (just don't hurt my baby!)
I was (and still am).....still doing the "change4change" for our church. Which is a monthly "collection of coins" to raise funds for our building. We are at alittle under 8,000 for 8 months! not bad considering it is literally "pocket change".
I was working feverishly on the church's cookbook...they did one some 10+years ago, it is off to the printers now!
I was sad about Molly having her first fender bender (and no it was not her fault) but she is okay!!!
I was (and still am) very sad for my friend Bonnie in Bloomington, whose daughter Nikki passed away end of last month! She just went through the "first month". Prayers appreciated!
I Indiana and got to see my buddies!yeah!i love, love my friends there. we just pick up and go on whereever we leave off. so very cool.
I was (and still am) trying to get back my "girlish" figure! want to start running/walking again TOMORROW!
I was visited by a dear friend from Columbus (who is an OSU fan, but i still love her!)
I was....riding my bike one day and in the bike lane was a dead BOBCAT>>>>freaky! i got off my bike and took pictures. and also found a sheriff to clear it out of the bike lane. it was kinda spooky and caught me off guard!
I was 50 and "still am NOT" now i am a year older! birthdays are just not the same anymore! i love having birthdays and making them special....but this year just seemed to pass without a hitch...EXCEPT (OSU buddy) came and saw me. AND MOLLY made me the neatest sign and hung it at the coffee shop for me on Sunday! ah..precious. and Megan found me the "Wizard of Oz" pez candy collection set. cool!
I was (and still am) trying to do better on my blog writing....still a work in progress. But when I know someone is reading gets me all fired up to write...So this is for you Cath...even though you can't "comment" I know you check on my every once in awhile.
so enjoy this short visit about my month of FLEW by and today is the first day of NOVEMBER! and it is NOW dark at 6... i do not like that!
Megan will be home in 18 more days if thanksgiving is on the 19th? do not really sad is that.
I have a busy month...BIG fundraiser for Molly's school. prayerfully the cookbook will be done and published! cool.
so Happy fall y'all!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What does God have in store for me???

hey there.
a quick post, because i was suppose to be working out with Jillian about an hour ago and then start my day...but this blasted computer "draws" me in everytime i get on it. I also am trying hard to keep updated on the Baker family and that is my excuse! (but sadly i have not even read their post yet...been answering emails)

But anyway, I am flying back to Bloomington for the Homecoming Celebration of Nicki Baker. I am sad for the family, happy for Nicki. But today as i wrote a fellow blogger and dear friend, i ask myself -- what else does God have in store for me those 4 plus days???? I am very excited to see what He has in store for me. I do not want to waste a moment. I know I sometimes put "betsy knows" in the verse "I know the plans I have for you..." but I so want to be obedient to HIS PLANS and glorify HIM in all i do and say. So that is my prayer today....pray that i be obedient to God's calling everyday, not just in Bloomington.

I want to cherish every moment i am with dear friends there. Quit worrying about how "not thin" i am...cuz then I MISS GOD'S plan for me! So I go to serve, to encourage, to share God's love, and to HUG, HUG, HUG my friends. Because every moment with them will be a gift from God. Never did i think last year when i was up there with Brian that i would be returning again almost at the same time a year later!

I am glad that God knows the plans...and they are not to harm me...but to prosper me and they bring me joy....when i see them through HIS eyes and not mine. I desire true obedience when i walk HIS way and obedience in peace too!

So pray for my time with friends. Pray that I say what God has planned, and if i goof to MOVE ON! I love my Lord. I want to please Him.

Okay, truly i am going to check some blogs and off to workout with Jillian by think i would be done now had i started at 8:30!!! oh my life! to be organized and punctual! working on that.

Made my list of things to do...keeps me focused. sometimes i think i am focus is off....but maybe it is MENOPAUSE! do you think ladies????

love you!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

nicki's celebration service..

service changed. Celebration service will be Oct. 3rd and i will be representing our family. I leave friday and will return home Tues. I go to rejoice with my dear friend bonnie on Nicki's homecoming to heaven, but also shed tears with her(alot). Megan reminded me that "nicki was our first babysitter in Bloomington." Ah, i had forgotten that...but how special that Megan had remembered. She is still babysitting babies...just now in Heaven!
pray for the Bakers, continuously...without ceasing!
pray for my travel.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Nicki went home to the Lord Wed. night. Maddie has a great guardian angel. The service will be Monday at our old "home" church Sherwood Oaks. My heart is heavy...but i know Nicki is breathing on her own and holding all the babies in heaven without mommies! She also was so healthy that she was able to donate her organs and save many others. Amazing story. Please continue to pray for the Baker family. (Bonnie, Katie, Mary, Marshall,and more) thanks! I am trying to figure out a flight back for the service or later when she might need my help. Praying. It is still heart breaking....i am sad...but rejoicing in the Lord. He is with the family...He is with Nicki....Amazing God....Amazing God! Love to you all. Hug your kids and family! Pray for them....make every moment count! I am praying I will do that more.

Monday, September 21, 2009

pray for nicki...

hi bloggers
short but to the point...My friend Bonnie Baker...has a sweet daughter who is in critical care in Bloomington Hospital. She had a baby almost 4 wks ago (baby Maddy, who is adorable) and contracted a very serious illness. she has been on a ventilator for 2 wks and today is surgery day....they are going to try and go in and spray some "glue" over her lungs to plug the holes...(i know this is vague). I am just asking you to pray for Nicki today. The surgery will be around noon (indy time) and some of the procedures are "new". Pray for the whole family...nicki has 1 brother and 2 sisters. thank you very much.....Knowing God is in control and with Nicki right now! He is an Amazing God because He is with you too!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

09/09/09 but today is 09/12/09

I just wanted to write that date...9/9/09. cool. what is in a number...there are alot of numbers i relate verses, birthdates, fun dates, sad dates and more. Numbers such as these: 8:28, 29:11, 3:5-6, 3/4, 8/3, 7/29, 10/31, 1/12, 6/3, 4/26...just a few numbers that mean something to me.

Actually everyday means something to is a gift to live this day. Because of Jesus I don't have to worry about tomorrow. I don't have to worry about what i did wrong today...because i have been an Awesome Forgiving God.

That same God that "gifts" me with each day. Knew my number before I was born. Knew it way before i can even think. Amazing. He knows the "number" of hairs on my head. Amazing God.

He knows the "number" of times i said "i'm sorry" and He answered "I love you". He knows the "numbers" of tears in a jar...He has caught them all. He knows the "number" of days I am happy, sad, misunderstood, unhappy with me, and all my days!

So is there something about 9/9/09..I guess just that i won't see that again. Is there something about 09/12/09...Yes..I am blogging and listening to MWS on the Gospel Music Channel.

I have seen alot in "inches of rain" today: 3-7. We have experienced alot of rain today. wow.

I know in a few hours i have to make sure i am awake at "1 o'clock" to go pick up Molly. She is coming back from Rock the Universe..hopefully dry! Rock the Universe is a 2 day event featuring Christian "rock" concerts hosted at Universal Studios. Disney host "night of joy" tamer christian music.

so what numbers mean something to you? what are thinking right now?

it is 9:42...that is the number i am thinking of.

Love my "3" family members plus "1" dog.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It is thurs and the house is quiet....

No rubbling noise of trashmen coming down my street, no noise from any other room in the house, only me and the dog today. Ruth occasionally snores so that makes me happy.
Getting use to the changes this year is interesting. No car on Tues/Thurs. Molly takes it to school. And she has it Friday mornings. So my days at home are DAYS AT HOME! Unless i get on my bike and go more than for an exercise ride. But if i did that it would call for a baseball cap (GAP hat) to be attached to my bike due to bad bike helmet hair.
So my days so far consist of quiet time, bed making, dog walking, bike riding, and lately alot of scholarship hunting!!!!! any ideas????
But this weekend is Labor Day weekend...Megan will be coming home! yeah! We will all be home for atleast 1 or 2 days of the big weekend. yeah! no plans--yeah! rest and stare at my sweet family.
my big brother in calif (see old blog to see pic)just dropped his daughter off in Cambridge for graduate school. Okay from Calif. to Cambridge...BIG MOVE! He and I were talking about how much we like having our girls around (he has 2, too). We are unique parents...we don't look forward to school starting, or our girls moving on. We like them to "hang out" with us or we "hang out" with them! My sister in law, Kelley, also just took her eldest daughter to Dallas to SMU to start college. another change and big distance between them. But she too likes having her family all in one place,too!
Brian and i have often talked about how we hope our girls live close to each other so we can always see them. If they don't i have already written down the number for the 1-800-rent-me-rv!!! Yepper...we would pack it all up and off we would go.
So do you like when school starts? Do you like your family all in one place or do you like when they go off to school?
I still owe my sweet friend dawn pics of my blessing ring and journals i am making! i loaded all the pics but couldnt figure out how to "chose that one". Megs will be home soon! sorry dawn.
love you guys and still waving...tomorrow is garbage my day won't be so lonely!(please don't get me wrong i am can keep myself very, very busy with college preparedness stuff) ha!!!!!
Go watch the Revalation Song by Kari Jobe with the videos of Jesus on YouTube..worth the watch!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i love my garbage men

I know this is wierd but I love my garbage men. I have such a heart for them. I wait to hear the truck noise from inside my house and then go outside to wave to them. Am I wierd or what?

Lately, I guess they have noticed or something because they occasionally bring my trash can to the garage door instead of leaving it at the end of the driveway. They are so cute.

Today I was outside saying good-bye to a friend and what do i hear but the garbage men. Needless to say the friend went on the "wayside" on the good bye list as i anticipated a "wave" to my trash men. Then when they came by I waved....and then yelled "thank you" in my friends ear (sorry John).

Once again they had brought my trash can to my garage door. Then when they passed me going back up the street they beeped. I stood there saying to myself "ahh they beeped at me". ahhh, they are so cute.

I have attached notes to the top of my garbage cans. Brought them ice cream or water. But you know in the end they make my day. Showing some "A.O.K.'s" (acts of kindness) can go a long way. And these guys are sooo very receptive to you being nice. You know sometimes when you are nice to some people--you get "nothing". (my husband would say if you are being nice to get something in return you are doing it for all the wrong reasons.) But that is not why I wave to my trash guys. I just believe that we have to show a little Jesus to everyone--everyday! So this may not be a highly informative blog...but i just have to tell you about my trash men.

So wave to the UPS guy, FEDEX chic, trash men, mailmen, Jesus to them. Like instead of the WWJD, do a WWJS "what would Jesus say" and do!

Enjoy your day and be a blessing to might just get your trashcans brought to your garage door! (and today it was raining)!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

She won't be home for dinner...

"She won't be home for dinner"... is the t-shirt i am presently wearing and it describes my present situation. I don't really have a t-shirt but i come up with great "potential" shirts for people who ask me "what's up" or "how are you doing" t-shirt tells them.

The 'she won't be home for dinner' t-shirt is about my daughter, Megan, who just moved out! Saying the statement above sums up a whole lot of feelings and facts.

Feelings: sadness, happiness, excitement, proud, joyful, wonderment, contentment, peace, lonliness, some anxiousness, tearful, and many more.

Facts: she has moved out of the back bedroom...well not completely but close. she is an 1 1/2 hr away in Ft. Myers. Atleast it is not Montana! It is a drivable distance to visit but far enough not to just "drop in". (wish it was today!) She is doing what she has worked so hard for the past 5+ years. Teaching kids with Special learning needs. She seems happy and excited. She looks busy and has a full plate. Some 60+students in the 6,7,8 grade-teaching ESE science. She will do fine. The Lord has her in His hands. I need to trust in her Creator! not the one that 'carried' her (me!).

So what does your t-shirt say? I have had others that have said this: "stay at the corner"; "breathe"; "my straight jacket is pink and yours?"; and others.

Hope you have a fun filled day full of facts and feelings! But the greatest fact is "My Jesus loves me, sustains me, holds me, loves me unconditionally, hugs me, dries my tears, keeps them in a jar, cries with me, laughs with me, and defeats the lies of the bad guy!" May Jesus do the same for you...He already is!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

to be or not to be...this is my quest? or question?

hey there.
Wow...i love to check my blog and see comments. when i do i blog! okay so i am just now checking to see if comments and it is the 20th! and the comments were a wee bit ago! (alittle irish accent for my wee friends) smile!

To be....a godly friend, mom, wife, and stranger to all
To the Word daily. Just started a journal "The Busy Mom's Guide to Prayer" by Lisa Whelchel.

To be....there for my girls.
To be....more patient and less controlling...whew...that needs to be in caps!
To be....NOT to busy to help a friend, to pray, or be there for my family.
To be... a good listner to God's calling and His will in my life.
To and laugh often.
To person God desires. and see His creation in me and embrass it!
To be....spontaneous and gracious.
To be....thankful for the blessings God gives.
To and not joyless.
To be....a creative craftor cuz i love to craft! (dawn you should see my journals!)
To be....always in prayer and more on my knees in prayer.
To be....less in love with food and more in love with Jesus to "fill" me!
To be....on my bike, running, swimming as if i am going to do another tri.
To be....there, anywhere, always aware, always there for You.
To be....loving, gracious, giving, generous, encouraging, creative to those around me.

to the moment. too see the gift of that moment. to love and cherish it!
To the Lord. Oh, how i need to work on this. sacturation.
Not to be...demanding.
Not to be...unnoticing.
Not to be...controlling.
Not to be...searching for food to fill me and not Christ.
Not to busy for quiet time.
Not to be...anxious when I know God is in control.
Not to be...a constant "reminder" to my girls they "hate" to be reminded. I need to trust they will get it done!(oh that is the controlling disease in me!)

Not to be...wondering what the pool feels like and just jump in somedays!
Not to be...concerned with me..let God do that.
Not to busy "not to be" on my knees for my friends, family, strangers in prayer more.
Not to be...crafting when i know it brings me joy and hopefully others when i give them a "happy surprise" created by me.

Not to be...always wondering why?
Not to be...always regretting the things i didn't get done, but trust God in HIS timing.

Not to be...what others want me to be, but what God wants me to be.
Not to busy to blog, cuz it really is therapuetic.(sp?)
Not to be...making this list longer than the "TO BE" list!!! ha!!

so what are your "to be's" and "not to be's". I am crazy but sometimes i think i am not such a bad "blogger"/writer. Nah....blah, blah, blah!

love you keep me blogging. And yes there is a Megan story coming.

BTW...she is doing GREAT. She is really doing great. I get to go tomorrow, friday, and help her with her room. yeah. I miss her sooo much. that is why i can not blog about the experience i get all blurried (teary) eyes!

see you. love you. need you. love the moments...every moment is a blessing!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

it is Aug 9th and 10pm: bedtime and i'm blogging?

I'm sorry. Truly sorry to the few bloggers that read me. I feel like Rip Van Winkle and i just woke and realized summer is over. But it really is. A week from today my world will change alot! Megan (our oldest) will have moved out and started her "Real World" teaching job (okay that is a blog story of its own) and our youngest Molly will begin her Senior year in High School. Way too much for me to process! Way too many "on hold" tears in the tear ducts (sp?). So what am i to do? Lean on Jesus. Follow Jesus. Let Him fill yet another jar of tears marked "Betsy's".

I want to....Learn more about Him. Yearn more from Him.

I will have so much on my "to do" list while my house is very, very empty. I need to read Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Because Molly has practically begged me to read all summer. Get back to the Y and swim. Get back on my bike and ride. Get those lbs off me. But really i want to study God's word while my house is silent. I want to listen to Him. "Be still" as scripture tells us.

I want to truly worship Him 7 days a weeks. So that my life becomes saturated with Him. My mind becomes saturated with Jesus. I know a select few that i could say they are "saturated" with Jesus. Blessed they are. but that is because they have read and studied God's word.

I have given up on re-do's in my life. I just know I have precious "moments" that are gifts from God. I need to be "in those moments" and seek to see what God whats me to do with them. Use them for Him.

So as i start to blog again. (yeah right, no really) I challenge myself to read this entry often...very often. and do as it says. be a good example for my girls. it is not too late. tomorrow is a new day. Praise God for Grace!

good night my sweet Jesus. Be with my friends. Bless them this evening or day. Let us see the blessings and be glad in them!

working on saturation...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A neat idea... Blessing Ring (not to wear)

I am making a "Blessing Ring" for a dear friend of mine, Jacki. I have talked about her in previous blogs. I saw this on a blog, so it is not my idea. I just "tweeked" it alittle. I am handing out index cards to people to write notes to Jacki. They can write scripture verses, song lyrics, notes, pictures, prayers, whatever they feel will "bless" (encourage) Jacki. I want to FILL this ring for Jacki. So a friend and I started handing out the cards last weekend at church. I am doing it again this weekend at church. The Blessing Ring has a blessing attached and I added a scripture..."Our heavenly Father has given us the gift of His blessing. A blessing is not only speaking well-seasoned words, but also putting in action those words of encouragement and praise. And so to you I give the blessing ring. Each time someone encourages you in a word or action, place it on your ring...a card, a letter, a picture, a bible verse, song lyrics...punch a hole in it, string it on your blessing ring." "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights who does not change like shifting shadows." (James 1:17)
So the way I changed it was to do the words of encouragement/praise for her and have them "pre-strung" on her Blessing Ring for her. It has bright colored index cards and bright ribbons hanging from it. On a tag card I put her initial on the front and on the back the "blessing" with the verse.
I can't wait to get it to her and "bless" her with it. What a blessing she has been too me. Constantly challenging me to look up scripture she has referenced in our conversations.
I hope you all have a friend like I have, in Jacki. A Godly-woman that inspires you, challenges you, and teaches you about our Heavenly Father. I am blessed...I have several I can think of here and past places I have lived. I thank those lovely ladies and pray that I can be like them. God bless you all.
Just a thought too. You could fill your Blessing Ring with just scripture verses, prayers, all kinds of things. So enjoy this lovely idea from another blogger buddy.
May you have a joy-filled day and say thanks to God who has 'blessed' us all!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day...

Hi. Happy Father's Day to all.

I was reading a friends blog and he reminded me about who else to concentrate my "Happy Father's Day" too....God. Our Heavenly Father does deserve a "shout out" of Happy, Happy Father's day to the God. He created me! Thank you. You deserve so much more from me then a "shout out". As my friend said...i need to be in prayer and praise mode to Him today and always. (he said something along that line, if you are reading this John...i am poorly paraphrasing you!but you are smiling!!)

But I have thought alot about God and appreciating the "moments" (even the oops moments) lately. I have a friend (jacki) who has cancer. She is amazing woman/friend. She has witnessed to me so much this week. I have been blessed to sit with her and pray with her and hold her hand. wow. there are no "oops" in Jacki's life right now. She is focusing on God, her Heavenly Father, the Great Physician, the Great Healer. She is quoting scripture and holding tight to it through these uncertain times. She has such a beautiful smile. We laughed. We prayed. We chatted. She talked. It was all precious.

Visiting with Jacki has really brought me to the realization of "time". We talked about how today is a gift. We are never promised tomorrow. She is not bitter. She is very focused on God and His word. It is because of Jacki this day and lately...that i feel blessed to vaccum my house, dry my hair, float in my pool, watch my girls, laugh with my husband and much more. I look at things through Jacki Eyes...grateful. appreciative. thankful. blessed. awed by my Heavenly Father.

thank you Jacki for waking me up. giving me a reality check. But i will still mess up, but Jacki is thankful for God's grace.(and so am i!)

So pray for Jacki. And be thankful for the moments and the "oops" moments in your lives. Say "happy Father's Day" to our Heavenly Father. Shout out a "PRAISE" to Him. (thanks John for your blog blutness).

Here is to our earthly father's who are now with our Heavenly Father....Happy Father's day- Dad. (July 27,1993) and Happy Father's Day - Chip (brian's dad) 2/28/09. I know you are is well with your souls. (but we still miss you!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


my life is sometimes full of "oops" moments. Do you have those? these are my "oops" moments lately.
  • not keeping up with my blog..oops
  • not keeping up with my reading the bible through the year...oops
  • not being more patient with my girls...ooops.
  • not getting as much done in my day that i would like...oops
  • eating the wrong things...oops
  • biking has been cut is too hot...oops
  • trying to think of more oops moments...oops.

so whatever your "oops" moments may be know to God they are not "oops" they are learning times with Him. He is calling my name...trying to get my attention...getting me to slow down...capture the moment. Be okay about the "oops" (but recovery is important).

I have to go get my hair cut and cover the gray...or that would be an "oops" moment we DON'T want to deal with!

I am glad when i sit and type my blog. I truly think that God has giving me a gift that needs to be explored or used more...writing (just like my friend Dawn). I love to write. I am positive i am not a "great use of english rules and language" writer...but i am fun and try to write from my heart! Try to minister through words.

So have a "oops" free day and more importantly a JOY-FILLED day!

Friday, May 29, 2009

setting a good bye and a prayer request

Good day blog world.
Wanted to ask for your prayers for a sweet family from church. We love, love Jackie and this week they found she had brain cancer...blah. So would you pray for her and her family Mike (husband) and son Jonathan. They started intensive radiation yesterday ( 5days for 3 wks). Pray for God's strength, peace, wisdom, will, and thank Him for being with Jackie and family right now. Thank you that she wants to witness to others through this! she is amazing. Thank you. It just seems when you hear about something like this..nothing else matters. You are just thinking positive she will be a survivor. God is in control. God is bigger than cancer. So thank you for praying!

I will be out of town (as you know) so no blog for the next week. see you and keep praying for our friends.

Monday, May 25, 2009

thunder, lightning, oh my

hey there.
I am sitting at my kitchen table. There is a very dark cloud over our pool cage...thunder in the back ground...ahh, my favorite weather. A good thunderstorm!

I fall to sleep at night with the "thunderstorm" music on my iPod. I find it very soothing. I have written about my obession over no more.

I recently got "reunited" with a special friend, Amy R. She now gives her life on the mission field in Ghana with her husband Terry. Ahhh, the Ruff family, truly God's servants! God bless you both! Molly wants to come to see you all!

Megan is busy filling out teaching applications. Brian is at work. Molly is at Busch Gardens with girlfriends. And i have been "peeking" at blogs. Such cute ones out there and their homes are amazing. It makes me want to go and be "crafty" in my craft room. hmmm...well maybe, tomorrow.

It is Memorial Day...thanks to all those who have served, are serving, and will be serving! amazing servants!

Brian and I went to a dollar flic (actually costs 2.00) last night called "The Knowing". Jeeper, creepers...i was "creeped" out! I kept putting my feet up off the ground. It was good just creepy. There was a "spiritual" side to it...if you choose to go that direction. Which we did.

We are cruising soon. Yes, Brian has decided to sweep me off my feet and take me away for more than "calgon" nights. He is taking me on a 5 day cruise. It is leaving out of Tampa (close!) and it is only stopping at Grand Cayman (2 nights). So that should be fun. I am trying not to focus on the fact he did not give me a chance to lose 20lbs before i leave. And just focus on the fact he wants to take me away. So God bless this time. Brian said he is very "tired" and needs to get away and just R&R (rest and read). So we leave a week from today...yikes...but I tell myself NOT to go there!

So please every once in awhile "comment" so i know i have someone reading this. That is probably very selfish of me...or pitiful!

So I am going to go into my craft room and clean out the cedar chest my parents gave me. See if I can put it to better use. Is there such a thing as "summer" cleaning, since I obviously missed "spring" cleaning.

So have a great God filled day...look for the blessings He has for you. Are we not just blessed to BE HERE! To KNOW HIM. To live where we can WORSHIP freely. Wow! I am awed at the thought of how Awesome God is...but am such a small being that i do not think i can truly fathom just how AWESOME OUR GOD IS!

Monday, May 18, 2009

My life is not "real simple" right now...

Hellllllooooo out there in blog world.

I don't even know if i even have followers right now. If so...thanks. I have been deliquient (sp) due to graduation and just recently "soon to be graduate from H.S." stuff.

Yes, we made it through Megan's open house. (thanks John for coming!) It was fun. It was alot of clean up and leftover carrots! (and cake!) Actually the two compliment each eat a healthy carrot and then a bite of cake! evens things out, so to speak! ha! Not really. the cake is still in the neighbors fridge...(they come this Sunday). I need to throw it away. But the good thing is no one is eating it! yeah! Maybe that is the "new diet" keep your "yummy food" in the neighbors fridge and NEVER go over to get it! Yeah for me!

Molly had her "promotion day" last friday. So she is an OFFICIAL SENIOR! oh my...can i not have a small rest from the college graduate! now my other "baby" is graduating! I know in a year. But going to all these open houses. The "new" senior moms begin to talk about next year's open houses! Wow, I haven't even put this years stuff away!

Molly did really good this year. finished the year with a 3.87....yeah! And got High Honor Roll and a Honor certificate from English. ahhh. The graduation ceremony where molly goes to school is really neat. The senior pass the torch (candle) to the new seniors and pray over them. ahhh.

So today is Monday. I went and swam at the Y but only got 13 laps in before a clash of thunder...bummer. Made list for the girls...things to do list. They would rather have a list then me constantly reminding them. So "list day monday" is done. I make myself a summer list "to do", too. Some summer i will actually complete it! ha! It is always the dumb blinds that get ignored. they are so hard to clean...any suggestions? micro fibers? windex? dust first? wet clean next? let me know.

So what are your plans for the summer? We will be here. Stacation ville. I do not mind it. I like my bed. I like my pool. I like the freedom to roam in my jammies. So i am content.

It is raining. My favorite. Wish i had the time to crawl in a chair and read a book. Catch up on my "bible through the year" reading. I was on a roll, so to speak, but then fell off. But i will get there.

What is your favorite weather? Mine thunderstorms! We Floridians really need this rain, so i am not complaining.

Well, I hope you have a chipper Monday and get your "to do" list complete.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

no A/C has slowed this blogger down...

no a/c since Saturday can make a mess of your life. But I keep thinking of Laura Ingalls and how they lived then. They baked in the heat. They wore long dresses in the heat. They worked the fields in the heat. Who am I to complain. It is only my a/c. I have an acquaintance who is deciding on chemo treatments. Me, only who puts in the new unit. So really in perspective I am really not "down" I am just having to work around an inconvenience.

We did go with a Christian a/c company and they attend our church. Now comes my most important job to show Christ love to them as they work in my hot garage and hot surrounding areas! May I be an good example of cheerfulness, show hospitality and gentleness to them. May I be Jesus with skin on!

So I am going to attempt to make the "monogram" cookies for Megan's open house today. It will be alittle warm, but my mom will be here (in spirit) as I make her famous sugar cookies. I am decorating as that does not make the house hot. I am just rearranging my order of "things to do". I may have to cook more tomorrow. Who knows?

Hope this finds you all well. I look out my window at our pool and would love to jump in but that comes this weekend after the party and on Mother's Day!

By the way Happy Mother's Day to you all!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


God is faithful and true to His promises, as I was able to be reminded today at Megan's graduation. I swallowed many lumps in my throat and just teared up. (I am thinking there are some tears in me waiting to be put in a jar by Jesus). I was soo very proud of her and watching her walk in and up the stage and down and back to her seat and out....was all TOO QUICK! I wanted to stay "HOLD IT" and let me take it all in. I wanted to replay the day over and over again. I wanted to tell others to have a "designated" photographer so you can just "watch and absorb" the moment. I keep replaying the day in my head. I just think it went to fast. But I will be better tomorrow.

My stepdad, Merlin, came. It was good that he was there...the only thing better would have been to see my mom sitting in the front seat. I still visualize her there. And getting out and calling me her "bitsy betsy". But Megs carried a purse that was my mom's (i didn't know) and Merlin recognized it. Ahh, she was there. Megs friend Amanda came too. And my friend Lois and her daughter Michelle. Wow that was some special (and very patient) friends to sit through it all.

No handshaking due to the swine flu...don't get it. Some of the Deans of the specific schools shook hands, but NOT THE DEAN OF EDUCATION. Get over it! my goodness. There was a table of Purell, kleenex and wipes before the graduates came on stage. The President of the University did not shake hands, just a group photo moment with each graduate.

There were two mom's there who accepted diplomas for their children who had died before the graduation. Okay...I HAVE NOTHING to complain about. I may have dark photos but they have nothing but memories. It is all to sad. To puts things in perspective, to say the least. They cried. I teared up just knowing! is time to wrap up the day...and all I have to say to Megan is "I am proud of you, graduate." "Very, proud."

God is faithful and true to His promises. What promises has He given you?

Well,enjoy your day.....and savor the day!

Monday, April 27, 2009


This is the week....That the Lord has made...let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Yes, this is the week that God had planned along time ago...Megan's graduation week!

It has been a blessing to see all of His provisions through these many years. (even going back to Elem. school) She has made it, but God provided! Thank you, Jesus.

Last week we got to see her give her Sr. portfolio presentation. There I heard her Prof. say that her 'autobiography', that was part of her portfolio, should be published. cool. Maybe I will publish it on the blog to let you all read it! Then on Friday we went to her SCATT (South Coast Area Teacher Training) Honors Graduation program. Long, but worth it! Now this week graduation and next Saturday Open House to Celebrate it all!!!! Brian (my hubby) says that going through over 6 hours of events is worth the 6 years we had to wait for it all!

So in the end I just want God to get the glory. He has provided, pushed, prayed, empowered, watched over, and so much more for Megan.

She is starting an intensive job search and even though there seems to be no jobs in education (where lack of funding and downsizing are the 'buzz' words) I know God has a plan for her (Jer. 29:11). He would not have gotten her this far to let her go now. He is still in charge of her life. She is just in charge of pursuing and getting it done! We continue to pray for God's will.

So anyway...crazy week. But very, very thankful for this week.

Prayer request: Pray for God's leading to continue and Megan seeks it. Pray for organization, networking and perserverance in her job search. Pray protection over her from discouragement, lack of self esteem, procrastination and any other things the bad guy sends her way. Pray for us as her parents to be on our knees about her needs and future.

Thank you. I am off to swim...have not exercised (later Jillian and biking)in 3 weeks...due to a cold and our busy schedules! I am excited. Thinking about doing a 25 miles bike to raise money for the homeless...hmmm.

Have a great day and week!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

posting I will do, a posting I will do...

Hi...I am going to type something because i have not said HI lately.

so...HI (lately) ha!

I have been busy volunteering at church. I suggested a project....let me tell you NEVER suggest a project unless you really, really want to RUN the whole thing! That is where I am. Running, scrambling and counting. Let me tell you about my project (but God's idea!)

We are still in debt for our worship center. You should be done with your debt BEFORE the building is complete. Why? Because once the building is done people "assume" it is paid for. Not always true. Not in our case. We still owe. So Brian and I have been on the Gateway team for awhile. Gateway was our capital campaign. We are no longer doing a "campaign" but we still need to keep those $'s coming in. There are still faithful givers to the building fund. But what do you do with the new people or those who just are having a hard time giving. God gives you an idea...Change4Change. We are collecting coins (and yes we will take bills-foldable coins!) to help pay for the sanctuary (okay Worship Center). The reason we built the Worship Center was to "change" lives for Christ. So we are collecting change from cars, homes, couches, etc. (note: the number 4 key on your keyboard is the dollar sign, and there are 4 types (mainly) of coins --so cool) So I used to the verse about the widow's mite. (great verse for this purpose) and got some buckets with the name on it and the verse reference and set up a table and wham....a project begins! So once a month we collect change. We have handed out stickers so people can start a "change" jar at home. It has the logo and verse on it! (this is when i should grab a picture of the logo and place here....coming soon...right Cindy...I will learn to do this!)

So we had a kick off weekend about 3 wks ago that people did not know we were collecting and that weekend we brought in 909.01 (penny is important). We are too do the collecting the first weekend of the the following weekend was the first weekend of the month! Here I go again. But in the meantime, the 909...had to be sorted and counted and rolled! got again! But we do have a small coin roll machine at does 4 rolls of each at a time and very slowly! The following weekend plus the next weekend...we got more coins. So this week i spend 3 days counting...and I took a deposit of 1500.00+ to the bank! it is amazing! God is sooo amazing! I have seen some 20,000 pennies, 3,900 nickels, 6,000 dimes, and 4,000 quarters! dirty coins! Yes, I wear rubber gloves! You would be amazed at what i have found in the coins! Fuzz bunnies, paper clips, mickey mouse confetti, coins from around the world (Canada, Dawn!) and most recently a 1943 dime and a 1849 Indian head penny (is that worth anything?? for the church?), i even found an American girl play quarter that is the size of an ant! God has kept me smiling as i find the odd things...amazing how i can see a foreign coin in the bucket!

Speaking of "foreign" i have some in my bucket...(body)? Do I see the things that God wants me to see or do I pick around them? I am a foreigner to this world. What do people see in me when they look at me? I want them to see Christ.

I love the song "hosanna" (another time to slip in a YouTube blurb)..the words are are my favorite...

"Heal my heart and make it clean...
Open up my eyes to the things unseen...
Show me how to love like you have loved me..."
"Break my heart from what breaks yours....
Everything I am for your kingdom cause,
As I go from earth to eternity."

So my prayer is that song...Dear God, Please heal my heart and make it clean. Open my eyes to the things I can not see. Show me Lord, to love like you have loved me. Lord, break my heart from what breaks yours. May I do everything to further your kingdom here on earth. Amen.

gotta run....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

He is Risen, He is Risen, Indeed. Need I say more?


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my brother's birthday...

Today is my big brother, Jim's birthday! He is very special to me. He has always been an inspiration. Since our parents have passed away; he has been there.

He calls. He always answers my sports injury questions and "eating" right questions. He is a trainer, author, and entrepreneaur. He checks up on my girls. He gives my girls a hard time (teases them). Molly calls him "Uncle J". I love that. I wish we were all closer. He ask about Brian's bank. He calls!

Even though when we were little he shot me in the butt with his bb gun...i still love him. Even though he teased me til i cried...I still love him. Even though he hit me...i still love him. He is an amazing, devoted, fun dad and husband. He has two great girls...Ryann and Sydney. He has an amazing wife, Becki. He is very blessed.

So happy birthday brother Jim. I still love you. from Tizzy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

have you heard this song...Unredeemed this off a the words...helping me with my "mom missing" moment. (hmmm. "mmm")...

The cruelest words
The coldest heart
The deepest wounds
The endless dark
The lonely ache
The burning tears
The bitter night
The wasted years
Life breaks and falls apart
But we know these are...
Where grace is
Soon to be amazing
They may be unfulfilled
They may be unrestored
But when anything thats shattered
Is laid before the Lord
Just watch and see
It will not be
For every choice
That led to shame
And all the love
That never came
For every life
That gave up hope
We live in the shadow of the fall
But the cross says these are all--just
Where grace is
soon to be so amazing
They may be unrestored
But when anything that's shattered
Is laid before the Lord
Just watch and see
It will not be
They may be unfulfilled
They may be unrestored
You never know the miracles
The father has in store
Just watch and see
It will not be

no more needed to be said....

Just stuff...

Some updates...Jillian and I are sweating to her killer workouts. Well, I am...Jillian can still tell me what to do while she is working out...i on the other hand frequently grab an oxygen mask (ha...just kidding, i am really not doing so bad). Food is getting better.

Not an just blogging....
I will tell you that you can be done with my blog by just reading the above. I need to talk to someone and it does not have to be you. Because I don't want people (or my 3 readers) to think I am always sad. I do have joy in my life. I promise, promise to write joyfully next time.

Actually, I can write joyfully now. Cora Jean came into this world today and is the daughter of Andy and Jodi Wells. She came around 5:30ish tonight and weighed 6lbs 12 oz. I got to hold, how very little a baby looks--you forget how little they are! But not what a miracle they! she is beautiful!

more...Just blogging...
Okay...the reason i need to talk to blog world is tonight I began addressing Megan's college grad. announcements. I came to "merlin james", my step dad...and lost it. You see my mom was one of Megan's biggest fans and encouragers. And i didn't realize how very hard it would be to address that envelope. I am glad Merlin is around and he is coming to the graduation (only family coming) but I lost it. And now am in a tiny funk...missing my mom.

I starred at her pictures and selfishly wished she was here. But know she is cancer free and with Jesus! Gee, she is singing "hallelujah" and saying "He is Risen" in heaven with Jesus this Easter! How could i ever selfishly wish she was here to see a graduation. But I know Jesus feels my tears and opens the "Betsy's tears" jar and collects. He is not tired of collecting them. He understands and is sad with me. I am sad that Brian's parents are not here to cheer for her...they also were her fans.

A verse I found on a blog..."In His heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." (Prov. 16:9) I had plans my mom would be at Megan's graduation (she was at her high school, thank you Jesus!) from college. She knew Megan's challenges, but yet she was so very proud of her. I want her here.

I want her to hold my hand as the tears roll down my cheeks as I watch our daughter walk across that stage (she better walk slow!) and get her diploma. We were told most of her life she would not even get her high school she is receiving her college diploma with honors.

In my mind I know my mom and dad are watching (and Chip and Bev); but my heart is broken that they are not here. I know they have the best seat in the house! I know from the verse the Lord has determined and delivered His plan for Megan's "steps" across that stage.

I am rejoicing. I am sooo very excited. I want that walk to take forever. I want to see every part of her schooling and struggles to flash across my mind. I am so very proud of her and what she has accomplished.

So thank you Lord for your promises that you delivered. For Megan who was a beautiful baby girl some 24 years ago. My first girl. Thank you Lord for bringing her to my arms to hold and guide throughout her 24 years. Thank you for giving me that gift. I know you love her so much more than i can ever fathom. I know she is yours and not mine.

So, Lord continue to determine her steps...YOU have done an amazing job! I know you will be there beside me holding my hand and catching my tears as WE watch Megan Elizabeth Hall get her college diploma. Thank you! I love you Jesus.

Thank you for showing me how much you loved me when you stretched out those arms on the cross...."this much, betsy...I love you, this much".

Easter Blessings to you we say He has Risen, He has Risen!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

oh where, oh where could megan's keys be...

Do you all ever have days you feel you never get anything "you" want accomplished? Yesterday was one of those days. There is a God story in it it goes.

First, one my list I put on my workout clothes, knowing I would work out in the a.m. I knew I had to take Molly and her friends to the beach (Siesta, white, beautiful beach!) which was 30 min there, 3o min back. With a stop at the library. (love to get dvd's there-free)

Okay home by 10:30 but dear Cathy was waiting to come over....hmmm workout? not enough time. So i rush to clean and vaccuum my house. Set out some water and pretzels so she feels special. She comes and we had a WONDERFUL time, that went way to fast. So now it is 1:30. Molly gets a ride home. So I am thinking need to get to the church for a reason and a meeting at 5. Still in my workout clothes. hmmm.

Well, Megan calls...she is at a park in Sarasota and she has lost her keys. It is around 2. There goes one meeting at church, praying I make the 5:00 one. So I find a spare set (as she has class at 3:30) and head down their. Needless to say I was not happy, but I called my sister in law. She and I can make any experience funny and encourage each other. So she makes my tears dry up (i was frustrated about NO exercise yet and the fact I was NOT going to make my meeting at 3:45-don't like to do that). She encourages me to HUG Megan the minute I see her. So I get down there give Megan the keys, she points me in the direction of where the keys might be, and starts to walk to her car...."Wait" I call to her and went over and gave her a HUG!

So off I go in search of her keys. I ask EVERYONE. I have no pride. She is too shy to do that. I search and search. And even have people (strangers!) join me in my search. I talked to God alot during this search. Praying, quoting the very few verses I have memorized (Phil. 3:14) and tell Him (like He needs to be told?) that I really want this whole "search" to glorify Him. I start picking up trash (might as well, my head looks like I am part ostrich!) thinking (I am SOOOO wierd) that maybe picking up trash will get me the keys...God's reward. (I am so in a time-out chair in heaven for that thought).

Please understand it was 85 degrees, so my head was boiling from the lost keys and the heat. I continue to search and ask around (eateries, booths,etc). Finally at 4:45 (remember I got there around 2:30ish) go towards the marina's office - along ways from the park. Ask in each of the offices, finally walk in the back door of a small gift shop/office. No one their...finally someone. "Has anyone turned in any keys?" She quickly replies "Honda keys?". "YES" I said. She gives me the keys and I don't recognize the keychain. I try and call Megan (she is in class not responding-good for her-does not reply to text picture of keys-good for her); call Molly- she does not recognize. The girl said the keys had been turned it around 2:30..why did we not go there first? hmmm

I am in a "pickle" and very hot. I tell the girl I will take them home and if someone comes in here searching for keys like these. I will bring them back if they are not ours! I know how that person feels!

Okay, remember how I wanted to turn this story into an amazing God story. I realized in the middle of my search and still looking like an ostrich; that even if I did not find the keys (miracle)- that I needed to realize that it would STILL be a God story. Once I realized that....I found the keys! You see God wants us to see Him in ALL things...good, bad, sad, mad, etc....never found keys....found keys. He is amazing. I could still have a God story and I did.

My point is the matter what -- God is in every circumstance in our lives, orchestrating it all. The bad ones turn into learning curves with God, the good ones turn into rejoicing moments with God and so on. I may not be a clear writer, but God teaches me so much each day even at 50!

I hung those keys on the back door so my family could see them with a sign that says "He is a great miraculous God! (with a sense of humor)". It is still there, not the keys though. They took Megan to school today. YEAH!

So search for your God story today...there is one waiting for you!

PS. I did miss both meetings (one being with the Sr.Pastor) but I did workout with Jillian at 6:30; but brian had a PB&J sandwich for dinner! oh well, best layed plans can get "speed bumped" sometimes!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Friends are Friends forever...if the Lord...

Okay I am glad you can not "hear" me singing because MWS does it so much better. But I just had a great visit from a friend from Columbus, Ohio who use to live here. Cathy! Isn't it great when God creates friendships because you know that no matter how many miles or how little you see each other...He will keep you close and updated. Unconditional love comes from those types of friendship.

So dear Cathy...thanks for the "chat". Thanks for the "wisdom" you shared about "dating/courting". Thanks for you being you! I know you can't comment on my blog (Cindy how can she if she does not have aol or a blog?, thanks) but I know if you did you would say "backatcha" (i hope!)

Well, I am going into my room and get Jillian on my dvd and workout. It is late in the day and i am yet to do anything. I have a 5:00 meeting and a 3:45 meeting. Plus a shower and a "what do I wear situation!" It is getting warmer and my "classic" windbreaker hider is not a possibility. Pits!

So just wanted to tell you about my friend...and how wonderful she is. ahhhh.

She shared wise words of wisdom about dating and our daughters. I need to seek God's wisdom through prayer and His Word. Her advice! Pray with my husband about it. Pray with Molly. She will roll her eyes when i say...can i pray with you....but it won't be the first time and won't be the last...but someday she will understand! when she is on her knees in her daughters bedroom. May God be my led on this venture....please Lord give me the courage and words to pray with her about dating.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blessed by Bloggers (BBB) - no I am not stuttering

I may not have 2,000 blog readers but what I have is God designed and designated!

My Blog Buddies Blessed (BBB) me with their amazing comments. Thanks, I needed that! Thanks for praying.

I really want to "snag" this stronghold (losing weight) in the "hiney" (spelling). But it is warfare and one I know God has already defeated. I just now need to trust and get off my "hiney" and believe!

I also have the Beth Moore book Breaking Free (which i am yet to read). And the other day I found one of her books at the Goodwill Bookstore which is amazing in itself. Her books are like gold in that store. When you find one you know God has placed it there for you to pick up. Well this one was called Praying God's Word. (as i type this i actually think i have a copy... oh well..happy surprise for someone) But I picked it up after I got back from aerobics tonight and there is actually a chapter in there on Overcoming Food-related strongholds. Guess what chapter I am reading--you got it that one!

The first sentence in the chapter got to me--"What a relief to know that we'll never battle anything out of God's jurisdiction." amazing...truly amazing. It's all His turf...body, soul, and spirit. I need to see Him in all areas...not just the "spirit" turf.

Okay the verse she puts in front of me is 1Thessalonians 5:23-24, "May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul, and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it." Beth goes on to write "First of all, please celebrate the glorious fact that God Himself is the One at work in you and through you." (can't you just hear her say that, in her southern accent-especially the "please celebrate") I am not just watched over by a designated angel...NO...God, Himself, is thoroughly interested and involved in every single part of "Betsy" (fill in your name): body, soul, and spirit.!

Sometimes I don't fully get all this...I mean (please don't judge me) I get how amazing God is, and all the amazing, incredible things He has done. But sometimes I leave "me" out of all His amazing, incredible things He has done. Does that make sense. I am thoroughly in love with my Lord and Savior. I see His miracles every day. I see the blessings He gives me each day (and even miss so many). But sometimes I don't listen to God say "Betsy, you are amazing and incredible. You have done things that I am proud of." I can easily encourage those around me. In fact I love, love to encourage people around me. Maybe it is easier to encourage those around me then me. I don't know. Thanks for hanging with me as I ramble a bit.

I think I am in a learning curve with God. A desert (not dessert) experience. I also consider them "hammock" moments with God--when He wants me to climb up beside Him and just cuddle and lean on His Words. I also think of them as "speed bumps" of life. When I have to chose how to go over that "speed bump"(situation in life) fast? slow? hesitate? around it? Anyway I look at that speed bump...God wants me to let Him be the driver. He wants me to trust Him and lean on Him and learn as I go.

So I feel I am going to close right now and finish Chapter 8...see what God wants me to "gleam" from Him so someday I will "beam" His glorious wonders that He worked in me, through me and in all parts of me...body, soul, and spirit. As I begin to spring clean more than myhouse.

Love you BB (blogger buddies)! Please make sure you sign in as "my follower".

Monday, March 30, 2009

A new week, a new day to start something...

I guess because i only have a couple readers I can open my heart safely and know there will be no judgment. If there is judgment -- that is sad to me. I am a semi-normal woman who is very hard on herself. It makes me sad, because I know that is not from God or of God. I struggle, struggle with my weight. I am at a point of unhappiness and want quick results. But i was listening to Charles Stanley yesterday and wish i would have taken notes. I think i remember it talking about "focus" what i focus on is where my heart is. My obedience to God should be my focus, not food. So I ask you in your spare time to pray for a God focus for me. That i worship Him and not food. That I turn to Him in my time of need and "full"filment. I am tired of the struggle and all the commercials for Jenny Craig. That is not learning to eat what is around me. I find the Biggest Loser encouraging and frustrating. I see people at church who have successfully lost weight. I sadly/sinfully covent. I know it is hard. But Christ went through so much more, so much more suffering for me!!! So i should quit my whining.

Today I am going to start spring cleaning in more ways than one! I figure spring cleaning will keep my house clean and keep me busy! So thanks for reading my blog and praying for my challenge. your prayer request?

I wish i could remember more what Charles Stanley said. I will check his website. We are doing an Andy Stanley on God's Will.

Have a God-filled day full of obedience and blessings. I will try the same!

Rejoicing and Singing to His glory!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Have i always been athletic? a blogger bud ask?

Trina, a new blogger buddy "reader" of mine (hi)....ask that question in my comments. My answer is this...I had to I had an older brother and I was a "tom-boy". I played softball in gradeschool and swam on a swim team. Played field hockey and swam in high school. Was also a "wrestlerette" (when you didn't make the main cheer squad that is what you became!) in high school. Played softball with our church in Bloomington. IN.

I have always done something aerobic throughout the years. And when my mom went home to Jesus, April 26, 2006 my husband bought me a road bike for mother's day (good grieving tool). I haven't got off it since...actually he bought me a real nice road bike (carbon!) 2 Christmas' ago. As of today i clocked 2300 miles on my bike. I use to ride it every it is more sporatic (sp???). But i have vowed to get back on it 3-4 times a week. I also am swimming again -swam the last 2 days (20 laps, and 25 laps). As i said I am pretending to be entering a "tri" again. I rode 12 miles today and in a few minutes i am off to do the Jillian dvd, that nearly killed me yesterday. I also do aerobics at our church twice a week. (but it is really a fitness class, because we do so many different things).

So even though i have "worked out" most of my life. I still struggle, struggle with my weight. Doing a "try"athlon was HUGE for me! I had done 2 that I only did the bike part. Then last August I did my first full one and then on my 50th birthday I did my last one (so far). I loved it. I can not believe I did it. But it was neat to say I did it and on my 50th birthday! Plus I think I am setting an example for my you are NEVER (hear me, trina) to old to start something. Walking 10,000 steps is a good goal (each day!)

So anyway...that is that.

I was going to write things i love so my few readers could get to know me better. I was going to do a few here and there. (keep you coming back!)

Things I love...
  • As I was riding today I heard two seagulls...I love to hear seagulls they remind me of the beach.
  • I love the way God protects me when I am riding.
  • I love the fact that I am healthy enough to use my legs and ride a bike. I pray alot when I today I thought (and prayed) about the kids who have cancer or are in the hospital--how they can not ride beside me. But they did in my heart today.
  • I love fresh air.
  • I loved my ride going one way because i was going 18-19 mph....but on the way back...forget it...10-12 mph (how embarassing) was sooo windy! phew.
  • I love that my husband lets me stay home each is like getting a dozen roses from him each day.
  • I love my girls and my husband and my little ruthie (mini dachsund).
  • I love thunderstorms/lightning and rainy days. I fall to sleep listening to music that plays "thunderstorms" on my iPod. funny!
  • So that is it for now.

I have to get up and work out! I am hearing Jillian calling my name and the pain i feel already...yikes! hope you enjoyed this read!???

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

graduation, church events, and my to do list...

I am a to-do list maker...are you?

I make list more as i get older, I think. Might have to make a list to remember why i make list? ha.

Anyway, I do make a lists because I love to see that I have accomplished something as a Home Engineer. Plus I tend to forget things when not on a list. Does anyone have good ideas with list?

I keep a separate list for each thing i am event, my girls, my home, etc. But you know what i don't have -- a TO-DO list for God.

I don't think i need one for Him. But I should have a prayer journal. I know He is taking care of me. I know I desire His will. So maybe that is the only thing on my To-do List for God: Let your will be done in my life! now that is Real Simple!

I have been reading the bible through the year. I am quite proud of myself...for one thing it is not on a "to do list". and another thing at the most i have fallen 2 days behind. But as of today I am on March 25 (actually I am on tomorrow, because i read todays). I am amazed at what a GREAT, GREAT read it is. I am amazed how many stories are repeated but different. I have learned alot that I had NO idea was in the bible...your monthly time, incest, murder ( i knew that one), etc. It is a great read for anyone who loves, true stories, loves war, loves wisdom, loves honesty, loves order, loves GOD! I am very, very excited i have kept this as my "thing to do" without putting it on a list. real simple.

So making a list for event this weekend...calls to make; exercise at home--Jillian "trouble zones" (i have a few!); swim at the Y...loved yesterday; work on making a "to do" list for Megan's graduation (with names to send invites to); make a "to do" list for a sweet friend getting married in a month (congrats Jessica!) and i think that is all i will fit in today. we will see!

So making a list and checking it twice....i am off to accomplish a goal or check off a box (that is how i do my list with boxes).

have a great spring is absolutely beautiful here in sunny florida!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

another post for you guys

wow....i have 2 blog readers...record i am sure...

no the record will come when they ask to advertise on my blog...dreaming...dreamer.

i made it...i swam 21 laps in around 30 min...pretty good considering i have not been in the water since my last tri in Oct. also had aerobics tonight.

i bought a jillian (biggest loser) dvd today. my sister swears by it. we will see! i am anxious to try tomorrow and do some more laps.

thanks for the congrats regarding megan, Cindy. It is a big thing for megan to get her college diploma (with honors) and poo-poo on all those teachers that said this would never happen...but then again they were not God; who created, designed and believes in Megan. It is the biggest day of our lives and really big for her! she still has 4 certification test to take: elem. ed; middle; reading; and gifted! we will give it to God and rely on Him! (and some studying!)

well, i need to go shower. tried to watch Obama-decided to just pray for him.

count your blessings...He gives us more than we can count


okay...i have been the worse blogger in history. i have failed all my readers (which i think is ONE person, Dawn!)

so she has inspired me to get back on it and write my thoughts, encouragement to others, and just to journal!

I am trying to get to the Y today and swim. I need to get my "try" body back in gear. even though i don't see a triathlon out there i will do (money!). But still need to train as if i am going to enter. So this will be short cuz i have lunch at 11:30 with a friend and don't want to smell like chlorine!

My daughter Megan got her college graduation! Praise God for this blessing and for all Megan's hard work!

Off i go and it is alittle chilly here in FL today in the 60's but pool should be in the 80's.
Pray I get my training back on track and lbs off my body!
thanks sisters!

Praying you find peace in Christ and trust Him in everything, as i have tried and tried to do....I am so human sometimes. But I love my Jesus! and so blessed to know Him. How 'bout you?

see you!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

checking in on my blog. it is lonely.

hey...did you think i left?

i haven't.

I almost, really, almost have my laptop figured out. It is now virus protected so i write my blogs from there, hopefully.

just wanted to tell my fan base (do i have one?) that i am fixing to go full throttle soon on this blog. My plans are to journal and share Jesus and some fun.

stay tune. more to come. have to go finish cleaning before i go get molly.

thanks for stopping by.