Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What does God have in store for me???

hey there.
a quick post, because i was suppose to be working out with Jillian about an hour ago and then start my day...but this blasted computer "draws" me in everytime i get on it. I also am trying hard to keep updated on the Baker family and that is my excuse! (but sadly i have not even read their post yet...been answering emails)

But anyway, I am flying back to Bloomington for the Homecoming Celebration of Nicki Baker. I am sad for the family, happy for Nicki. But today as i wrote a fellow blogger and dear friend, i ask myself -- what else does God have in store for me those 4 plus days???? I am very excited to see what He has in store for me. I do not want to waste a moment. I know I sometimes put "betsy knows" in the verse "I know the plans I have for you..." but I so want to be obedient to HIS PLANS and glorify HIM in all i do and say. So that is my prayer today....pray that i be obedient to God's calling everyday, not just in Bloomington.

I want to cherish every moment i am with dear friends there. Quit worrying about how "not thin" i am...cuz then I MISS GOD'S plan for me! So I go to serve, to encourage, to share God's love, and to HUG, HUG, HUG my friends. Because every moment with them will be a gift from God. Never did i think last year when i was up there with Brian that i would be returning again almost at the same time a year later!

I am glad that God knows the plans...and they are not to harm me...but to prosper me and they bring me joy....when i see them through HIS eyes and not mine. I desire true obedience when i walk HIS way and obedience in peace too!

So pray for my time with friends. Pray that I say what God has planned, and if i goof to MOVE ON! I love my Lord. I want to please Him.

Okay, truly i am going to check some blogs and off to workout with Jillian by 10...to think i would be done now had i started at 8:30!!! oh my life! to be organized and punctual! working on that.

Made my list of things to do...keeps me focused. sometimes i think i am ADD...my focus is off....but maybe it is MENOPAUSE! do you think ladies????

love you!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

nicki's celebration service..

service changed. Celebration service will be Oct. 3rd and i will be representing our family. I leave friday and will return home Tues. I go to rejoice with my dear friend bonnie on Nicki's homecoming to heaven, but also shed tears with her(alot). Megan reminded me that "nicki was our first babysitter in Bloomington." Ah, i had forgotten that...but how special that Megan had remembered. She is still babysitting babies...just now in Heaven!
pray for the Bakers, continuously...without ceasing!
pray for my travel.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Nicki went home to the Lord Wed. night. Maddie has a great guardian angel. The service will be Monday at our old "home" church Sherwood Oaks. My heart is heavy...but i know Nicki is breathing on her own and holding all the babies in heaven without mommies! She also was so healthy that she was able to donate her organs and save many others. Amazing story. Please continue to pray for the Baker family. (Bonnie, Katie, Mary, Marshall,and more) thanks! I am trying to figure out a flight back for the service or later when she might need my help. Praying. It is still heart breaking....i am sad...but rejoicing in the Lord. He is with the family...He is with Nicki....Amazing God....Amazing God! Love to you all. Hug your kids and family! Pray for them....make every moment count! I am praying I will do that more.

Monday, September 21, 2009

pray for nicki...

hi bloggers
short but to the point...My friend Bonnie Baker...has a sweet daughter who is in critical care in Bloomington Hospital. She had a baby almost 4 wks ago (baby Maddy, who is adorable) and contracted a very serious illness. she has been on a ventilator for 2 wks and today is surgery day....they are going to try and go in and spray some "glue" over her lungs to plug the holes...(i know this is vague). I am just asking you to pray for Nicki today. The surgery will be around noon (indy time) and some of the procedures are "new". Pray for the whole family...nicki has 1 brother and 2 sisters. thank you very much.....Knowing God is in control and with Nicki right now! He is an Amazing God because He is with you too!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

09/09/09 but today is 09/12/09

I just wanted to write that date...9/9/09. cool. what is in a number...there are alot of numbers i relate to...bible verses, birthdates, fun dates, sad dates and more. Numbers such as these: 8:28, 29:11, 3:5-6, 3/4, 8/3, 7/29, 10/31, 1/12, 6/3, 4/26...just a few numbers that mean something to me.

Actually everyday means something to me...it is a gift to live this day. Because of Jesus I don't have to worry about tomorrow. I don't have to worry about what i did wrong today...because i have been forgiven...by an Awesome Forgiving God.

That same God that "gifts" me with each day. Knew my number before I was born. Knew it way before i can even think. Amazing. He knows the "number" of hairs on my head. Amazing God.

He knows the "number" of times i said "i'm sorry" and He answered "I love you". He knows the "numbers" of tears in a jar...He has caught them all. He knows the "number" of days I am happy, sad, misunderstood, unhappy with me, and all my days!

So is there something about 9/9/09..I guess just that i won't see that again. Is there something about 09/12/09...Yes..I am blogging and listening to MWS on the Gospel Music Channel.

I have seen alot in "inches of rain" today: 3-7. We have experienced alot of rain today. wow.

I know in a few hours i have to make sure i am awake at "1 o'clock" to go pick up Molly. She is coming back from Rock the Universe..hopefully dry! Rock the Universe is a 2 day event featuring Christian "rock" concerts hosted at Universal Studios. Disney host "night of joy" tamer christian music.

so what numbers mean something to you? what are thinking right now?

it is 9:42...that is the number i am thinking of.

Love my "3" family members plus "1" dog.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It is thurs and the house is quiet....

No rubbling noise of trashmen coming down my street, no noise from any other room in the house, only me and the dog today. Ruth occasionally snores so that makes me happy.
Getting use to the changes this year is interesting. No car on Tues/Thurs. Molly takes it to school. And she has it Friday mornings. So my days at home are DAYS AT HOME! Unless i get on my bike and go more than for an exercise ride. But if i did that it would call for a baseball cap (GAP hat) to be attached to my bike due to bad bike helmet hair.
So my days so far consist of quiet time, bed making, dog walking, bike riding, and lately alot of scholarship hunting!!!!! any ideas????
But this weekend is Labor Day weekend...Megan will be coming home! yeah! We will all be home for atleast 1 or 2 days of the big weekend. yeah! no plans--yeah! rest and stare at my sweet family.
my big brother in calif (see old blog to see pic)just dropped his daughter off in Cambridge for graduate school. Okay from Calif. to Cambridge...BIG MOVE! He and I were talking about how much we like having our girls around (he has 2, too). We are unique parents...we don't look forward to school starting, or our girls moving on. We like them to "hang out" with us or we "hang out" with them! My sister in law, Kelley, also just took her eldest daughter to Dallas to SMU to start college. another change and big distance between them. But she too likes having her family all in one place,too!
Brian and i have often talked about how we hope our girls live close to each other so we can always see them. If they don't i have already written down the number for the 1-800-rent-me-rv!!! Yepper...we would pack it all up and off we would go.
So do you like when school starts? Do you like your family all in one place or do you like when they go off to school?
I still owe my sweet friend dawn pics of my blessing ring and journals i am making! i loaded all the pics but couldnt figure out how to "chose that one". Megs will be home soon! sorry dawn.
love you guys and still waving...tomorrow is garbage day...now my day won't be so lonely!(please don't get me wrong i am can keep myself very, very busy with college preparedness stuff) ha!!!!!
Go watch the Revalation Song by Kari Jobe with the videos of Jesus on YouTube..worth the watch!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i love my garbage men

I know this is wierd but I love my garbage men. I have such a heart for them. I wait to hear the truck noise from inside my house and then go outside to wave to them. Am I wierd or what?

Lately, I guess they have noticed or something because they occasionally bring my trash can to the garage door instead of leaving it at the end of the driveway. They are so cute.

Today I was outside saying good-bye to a friend and what do i hear but the garbage men. Needless to say the friend went on the "wayside" on the good bye list as i anticipated a "wave" to my trash men. Then when they came by I waved....and then yelled "thank you" in my friends ear (sorry John).

Once again they had brought my trash can to my garage door. Then when they passed me going back up the street they beeped. I stood there saying to myself "ahh they beeped at me". ahhh, they are so cute.

I have attached notes to the top of my garbage cans. Brought them ice cream or water. But you know in the end they make my day. Showing some "A.O.K.'s" (acts of kindness) can go a long way. And these guys are sooo very receptive to you being nice. You know sometimes when you are nice to some people--you get "nothing". (my husband would say if you are being nice to get something in return you are doing it for all the wrong reasons.) But that is not why I wave to my trash guys. I just believe that we have to show a little Jesus to everyone--everyday! So this may not be a highly informative blog...but i just have to tell you about my trash men.

So wave to the UPS guy, FEDEX chic, trash men, mailmen, whoever...be Jesus to them. Like instead of the WWJD, do a WWJS "what would Jesus say" and do!

Enjoy your day and be a blessing to someone...you might just get your trashcans brought to your garage door! (and today it was raining)!