Sunday, October 31, 2010

I got a job and that is why I have NOT blogged

I got a job 4 wks ago as a Teacher's Aide at charter school called Imagine. SO that explains my missing blog postings. sorry! But so glad I found a job and it is going well, just time consuming and "testing".

I promise to blog more about it and how God was SOOOO involved, but for now i have to run to Walmart and get supper for the week! Alot of "pre" planning goes into the week when you have a full time job! If anyone has some great dinner ideas shoot them my way! Brian and I make out our menus on Saturday and do the shopping Sunday. yeah! less stress this way!

I learned at church last night this "A calling always comes with a challenge". I am being called cuz I am being CHALLENGED....but God is faithful and is with me! I am being a "ripple" for Jesus!

How are you my sweet friends??? Have been busy making LOTS of pumpkin bread, too! Have a great FALL from the HALL's!