Friday, December 24, 2010

merry CHRISTmas

Hi. It is Christmas Eve and all through the house not a creature is stirring! That is because brian is at work and the girls plus dog are still sleeping. I am in my clothes with wet hair ready to make ONE more run to Target! So I will be saying "dash away, dash away" real soon. We are blessed to be in Florida, as the weather is blissful. Although alittle of the "white stuff" would be nice! Guess it will have to be white sand. I know you all in "winterland" are not feeling too sorry for me!
So blessings this Christmas eve to you all and to all a good night....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Merry CHRISTmas over and over again!

I can not say it enough "Merry Christmas" to you, to yours, to EVERYONE! No "happy holidays". Living in Florida makes it difficult to feel in the Christmas mood due to the warmer weather (although we are very blessed), but "weather" should NOT be the factor in putting me in the "Christmas" spirit. I should be in the "Christmas" spirit because of Jesus! He is the spirit in me always! He is the REASON FOR THE SEASON! So "deck the halls", "falalalala",etc....but truly "merry CHRISTmas" to you and your families! Look into their faces, cherish the moments to do this. Hold their hands, feel the warmth...cherish the moment. Hug them....feel the love through this hug...cherish this moment. Listen to the sounds in and out of the house, wow... there CAN NOT BE ENOUGH Christmas music playing in my house!!! Love it so much that I could truly play it all year long.

So as you look around the house...look for the things that you should cherish...but once you discover this remember they are "things" and move deeper and see the people that make up your life....that is what should be cherished.

Brian challenged me to a "Shaker" Christmas. His way to "simplify" the decor. I tend to take all the everyday items down and put a full fledge of decorations up. But this year, I listen to him and did "simple" and you know what the house still smells like Christmas, still has "items" that show it is Christmas and you know what? I am okay with it. I like the "change up" around the house. I like the "new" places for things. I thanked Brian for the challenge and now am excited for the girls to get home and see it.

This was the first year of decorating with "no girls" and I cried. I cried hard. Ruth (the dachsund) liked me as if i was a "salt block". (you know tears are salty) Brian listened, sat with me, hugged me. He knew decorating with the girls is important to me. But they will be home soon. And I survived the "shaker" decorating challenge and you know who helped me...Brian. He has never done that before, it was good for this exchange to happen. We laughed, I danced to the Christmas music, Christmas candles burned and filled the house with evergreen smell. So yes, girls, I missed you helping me, but your dad did a great job helping me, too!

A tree was found in under two minutes! Another thing Brian wanted. I did. The tree is in the garage and needs some help. But it is just a tree. Once again it will be the family that will make it a "Christmas" tree not "what it looks like". It definetly has a side (or two) that will be facing the window and not be "shown". Oh well, even brian says..."oops" to the sides that need help. They will get that help from lights and "homemade" ornaments!

So may you have a MERRY "CHRIST"MAS this year! May Jesus be the center of the season. May you spread His love to those around you and to all! May He be the reason you decorate, make cookies to share, sing a Christmas carol, go to candlelight service and most of all sit with your family and pray together!

merry "CHRIST"mas my friends, merry "CHRIST"mas! love and hugs