Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FaceBook don't steal my love for blogging....

That is exactly how i feel....it has stole my time from blogging. blah! I love, love to blog (journal) and i wanted to say I have missed "sharing" my deepest feelings lately. I have been through so much. Daughter, number 1, moving to her first apt. 2 1/2 weeks ago! Daughter, number 2, moving to her first dorm room this past weekend! Both i want to mention were on the THIRD floor, common girls, give your mom a break! But Molly's has an elevator and 5 basketball players unloaded the WHOLE thing! (plus Jake, molly's boyfriend helped a ton!!) Two moves in Two weeks...that is for the birds, so is empty nesting!!!

So today is Tuesday....(Aug. 24)...another rainy day! I do not mind the cloudy days...God telling me it is okay to rest and reflect! I miss the sound of the showers, the tv always on, doors opening and closing, the "request" to do something, or the request for "what's for dinner". My sister-in-law and I have a saying about the transition of children moving out....the ONE factor that is evident is this... 'THEY WON'T BE HOME FOR DINNER' and that is what us mom miss the most. I love family dinners, I would chose family time over ANY present (except an IPAD, anyone have one they would like to donate??? ha) okay back to my thought....family time is most important to me...my girls dread to ask me every year "what do you want for your birthday mom????" and they say " we know...family time!" That is me in a nut shell!

So what is your focus, favorite present...?

Today in the Aug 24th devotional from Charles Stanley..."If we could design an ideal life, most of us would skip over times of hardship. But Scripture teaches us that God has purpose in the storms of life. The common thread in all trials is the Lord's desire and ability to use them for our good and HIS glory. Through these experiences, we can let go of ungodly traits and experience sweet communion as we walk in intimacy with Him! amen. amen. AMEN!!!

He is present. Focus on the PRESENT day! Love Well.

Let my life become such that people know what I stand for! Open my eyes to others' needs and be generous with God's blessings.

Love Well.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

oh where, oh where has the summer gone?

summer is on the edge of being "gone, gone, gone" and I feel like it "flew, flew, flew" by! I had a good summer. Not as much got done as I would have liked. But both girls were home, but very busy. Time just went to fast with them. Now we are getting ready for Megs to move into her apartment end of this week. I feel like we just found it! Then the following week it is Molly's turn to move to college.

Prayer Request....

Pray for....
- wisdom and direction as we go through both moves.
- for safety and all the "pieces" fall together successfully (all the little things and big things)
- for quality time together this week and next
- for peace from Christ.
- for new friends and adjustments to go smoothly
- for Christ to fill their lives with HIS direction, HIS words, HIS purpose, and more
- for churches to be found by both girls
- for good health
- for all the paperwork to get done and all the changes to be made successfully
- for our home to continually echo their laughter and voices
- for His name to be glorified in all we do, always
- for all the things we did not think of
- for the "quiet" rides home
- for my future job and a car
- for all the details (i think i have said that, must be heavy on my mind)
- for Megan's successful school year and her "new" subject she will be teaching
- for Molly's first semester at college and her roommate, to all go smoothly
- for Brian's job and peace
- for our home to always shine JESUS

thank you for praying through this list. Hope you had a great summer

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Megan's Birthday!!!

Do I look old enough to have a 26 year old???? Well, i have one....today is Megan's birthday!!! Happy day to you. She will have the priviledge all day of saying "it's my birthday that is why!" (pay backs to her little sister for last week, see blog below) So her day will consist of tutoring then off to the BEACH for some R and R (relaxing and reading!) Then maybe hit some shops(the Women's exchange, like Goodwil but better). Then home to clean up and off to Bonefish for dinner. I have packed a nice picnic lunch for us. I don't know if it is more a gift to her or me to spend the WHOLE day sitting with MY girls at the beach! Sounds like a pretty good present to me! (but let's not tell her, oh she reads my blog!!) (oh Megs, can you insert a pic of the day....HERE) thanks!

What am i going to do with out my "helper" on my blog? Well, the good thing she can go in and change and insert all she wants from Ft. Myers!

She moves next Saturday....where, oh where did the summer go???? If anyone knows let me know! I want it BACK!!!

Thanking Jesus for the gift of Megan! Have a great day Megs! (midget!!!)