Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lots to say, will anyone read...


Hope this finds you well and happy and feeling blessed, cuz you are!

Went to a Chris Tomlin concert (with Kristy knockel and louie giglio) it was AMAZING. Chris does such a good job of focusing us on God and not on him! Look up Louie's Indiscribable message...amazing! Being at the concert made me want to go to Passion again! hmmmm...thinking?

Hey if you want to help me out text 77177 (Waiting on Superman/Donors Choose) and type the word POSSIBLE and you can get a 15.00 credit to use until June on a project on Donors Choose...and that PROJECT WOULD BE MINE!! and it does not COST YOU ANYTHING! KEEP THE CODE THEY SEND YOU (write it down) and then i will let you know when my project is up and running! do it! Donors Choose is a funding program out there to help teachers get supplies for their classrooms (in my case...the library/media center) and it is funded by private donors! They check out your project so thoroughly. They do not send you a check they send you the supplies you have ask for! My daughter Megan has done it twice this year and recieved over 500.00 worth of school supplies for her classroom teaching! It is amazing..SO DO IT!!!!! My project is not up but will be in the next 2 weeks. Just keep the CODE they text you back and I will let you know when my project is up and running! PLEASE HELP ME GET BOOKS INTO MY LIBRARY! thanks! there are empty shelves in my library!

My work is going great. I still cannot believe I am doing something I have always wanted to do....working with children books! Amazing. Still learning the "ropes" but I am surviving. Even after the media centers laptop (schools) being "switched" with another one my first week and then this was a survey on the computer that threw me for a loop! But I have survived. I was reminded in scripture that I am not working for people...but the LORD! FOCUS ON THAT!

Pray for a little boy, Adrian, just one...and battling cancer! thanks! pray for the parents...they went to Orlando for a break this weekend with their son. the Littlejohns need your prayers!

Well, I am in search for good books for our media center...any thoughts? any series you think are worth the purchase so i can put it on my "donors choose" project list.

Happy FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!! enjoy!!! Listen for the birds...smell the flowers...take a walk with a loved one! (if they do not have allergies, like my hubby does)

Take care!

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