Monday, March 29, 2010

a better me, a better you...

First subject...EASTER.

This week we celebrate Easter. Christ did an amazing thing for me (and you, but i can not speak for you). He took my sins and died on the cross for ME! I want to take that all in. I want to really, really be in "awe" about it. I want to think about God's Son, Jesus doing that for me, He knew me back then. He knew you.

For several years I have ask my girls to participate on Good Friday in 6 hours of reverance to Jesus (6 hours is the length he hung on the cross, I have for years believed). We have done service projects, we have gone to the beach and read our bibles, we have gone our separate ways,too, some years. I have come to realize i can no longer ask my girls to do this...they are all grown up. It is now up to them to choose how to spend Good Fridy. I can pray for them. I can pray that they understand why i have ask them to do it for so many years. I can only ask myself that. Why only Good Friday...I need to pray I do something everyday...not just 10 minutes here or there. Jesus deserves more of me. I want to remember what Francis Chan said..."tremble at just holding the bible, reading the bible, remembering who wrote it/inspired it." So this Friday I will do this by myself (or maybe not?).

Another subject..Better me...

I also want to comment on this...I hear about people getting cancer and it making them a "better person, a better spouse, a better mom/dad, a better co-worker, a better friend, a better son/daughter, etc" I do not want to get cancer to do this. I want to be better NOW. I want my girls to see me for who I am... a broken person but healed by Jesus, forgiven by Jesus, loved unconditionally by Jesus...I want them to see Jesus in me. But do they? Does Brian? Do my friends? Do strangers?

To my girls I can i be better to you, for you? Ask me now, don't wait. What do you want to know? What have I not told you? I don't want it to be in a letter. I want you to freely come to me and open up to me and tell me "how I can be better, how I can serve you better. Do not wait.

To my friends I ask the can i pray for you? serve you? be there for you? be Jesus with skin on? I don't want to just talk the walk, i want to walk it. Forgive me...I struggle at this. But please don't let cancer teach me to be a better me...tell me how i can not wait.

If Brian read my blog I would want him to tell me to. How I could be a better spouse/friend to him.

To anyone out there....take the time...give up texting, facebook (i blog) to reach out to your loved ones. i want to give up my selfish motives and be a better me to you....let us not wait! Do this for yourself.

Jesus took the time to give me a chance to be a better going to the cross and dying for my sins. I became a better person the day i accepted Him into my heart. I don't want any of you to wait...He can make you a better person, today!

The gift is free. It is Jesus. Jesus wants me to be a better me, too. It starts with Him, getting my life back in line with His Word. Sharing His Word with others.

Have I made sense?

My mom's death will be 4 years 4/26. Do I graduate now? from grief? move on? another blog subject, not now. Focus on Easter!!! LIFE!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring has Sprung in Sarasota!!!

HI friends,

Love hyaciths (do not like spelling the word!) Everytime i go to Publix i stick my nose in one of their hyacinths (think i got it that time) and SMEEEELLLLL them! That to me is the true smell of spring!


S o many of God's creations popping out,
P raising God for each one of them!
R ainy days, thunderstorms, sunny days, cloudy days...ah Spring is here.
I nside is not the place to be when Spring pops it head up.
N ow is the time to run, play, romp and stomp on that pretty green grass.
G od is faithful no matter what season, but for now it is Spring and God is smelling very, very fragrant.
(do you see the word SPRING?)

Okay i am not a poet, (megs can you work your magic and get me some spring flowers, thanks!! see you in 10 more days!!)

So what are you thankful when Spring you have a Simple Spring Pleasure?
God has TONS!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

AHHH moment

just a quick one before i go workout with Jillian, but isn't the blog fun! Thanks Megs!

Remember to be thankful for simple pleasures, hug your kids, and tell your spouse you love and appreciate him. It is a beautiful day to be in the Word. I am going to do that before I workout. Spiritual workout before physical workout. I know it will make me stronger in all ways! So how do you start your day? Do you allow Him to start your day. I bet He has alot of "ahhhh moments" to give you. The Bible is full of "ahhhh moments". Each day we receive new "ahh moments" from Him. When we do share them or give them away.

So have a great day filled with "ahh moments" and "simple pleasures" they are all around. You won't have to "workout" hard to see them! One of mine is in her room doing math homework...she is a "ahh moment" (molly doing math and having her home) (Miss you megs!)

Enjoy your is a gift and every moment a blessing

Sunday, March 14, 2010

being thankful

my sweet daughter, Megan, surprised me and updated my blog! Do you like it? She added pictures and the new design. Wow. I actually look like "I" know what I am doing! (Cathy do you like it? email me!)

I read others blogs and always wonder where they get their cute designs and pictures. And so Megan did it for me. I didn't want to buy one so she must have found me a free one...that is even better. I love the pictures she added. She is so talented. thanks megs!

Well, I am off for a walk with our dachsund, Ruthie. (well, prayerfully she will be responsive!) And then on a 4 miles for myself with God time! I am starting a new eating plan tomorrow by Jorge Cruz (the bellyfat cure)...boy i am looking forward to it and praying for no more bondage to food (freedom from food). I want to spend my time doing Molly's scrapbook. what fun! 2 months til she

It is a beautiful day that God created...I am going out and enjoy it! You do too!
"This is the day that the Lord has made...."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

laylagrace is dancing with Jesus today

laylagrace is an angel today. Jesus is holding her healed body. she is whole again. please pray for the family and the sisters. Claire told the dog to be quiet because she would wake up laylagrace. her celebration of life is this Sat. in Katy Texas. prayers. no more words. just Jesus time.

Monday, March 8, 2010

praying for layla grace in houston

there is a little girl (2) in houston who has cancer and is now home with her parents and hospice. Hospice is always brought in to make the days easier as the person gets closer to death. Please pray for Laylagrace. Her sisters claire 3 and jenna 9 are staying with their grandma so they are not home to watch the process their sister is going through. Pray. Thank You.

Hug your children. Pray to God and than Him for their lives, health, purpose He has for them. Hug your spouse and pray for him/her.

God has given us gifts. I have so much to be thankful for. I need to remember that.

Hope you have a great day. God is AWESOME.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"MARCH"ing on towards another month and blogging

hey there.
HEY THERE OUT THERE>>>>>are you there? I kinda don't mind that i don't have 5,235 bloggers reading me. I have God to blog to. (and cathy)

God blog...God you amaze me. You amaze me how you love me. Me broken and a sinner. Sin is not of YOU, it is not from you and you dispise it. It is no fun. Fun is loving and being with you. You complete me. Me, a follower of God who desperately wants to be CRAZY IN LOVE with YOU. You are CRAZY IN LOVE with me, amazing. Amazing Love, how sweet it is...YOUR love for me. Me, it is NOT ABOUT is about YOU. You gave me this day, what do you want me to do with it? It is a day that i continue to say....everyday is a blessing, every moment a gift. Gift from Betsy Love God. God you are so many unbelievable words, moments to many, ARE...GRACE, PEACE, LOVE, JOY, MERCY, DEFEATER of EVIL, UNCONDITIONAL. Unconditional love to me a sinner who is in love with the FORGIVER. Forgiver, i thank you for this day. Day full of grace. Grace is covering me this day.

Okay. did you notice that each sentence started with the word before? that was hard. thought-provoking.

March is you hear it....marching in like a lion to bring the lamb in april...The Lamb of God. Easter is approaching...God's love in full color.

hugs....go hug your kids and your hubby. IMPORTANT.