Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Mom...

Meet my mom. Isn't she beautiful? Yes that is a cancer wig...but beautiful . I get weepy...seeing her.

I so wish she was still here.

I feel cheated.

But I tell myself not to go there. I will see her again....but for right now....I wish I could just call her.

Quite frankly....i miss her so much it hurts my heart and tears well up in my eyes. When will the tears stop....when?

If you still have a her for me....tell her you love her and miss her. tell her for me. because i can't tell my mom....i just tell God to tell her!

Tri day done!

hey there world of bloggers:
I finished my second tri and 2 min. shorter than my last one and it was a longer swim!!! YEAH! I am just glad i finished and had fun. It was my 50th birthday and my family was all there. My girls (well, megan did most of it) decorated the house and my car., so when i woke up at 4:15 it was "birthday" time! wow! Molly was a joy (as all of them were) in running to all my transitions and cheering me on! My family is amazing to be my fans in a sport like this is not a spectator sport. I am going from one thing to the next and you usually only see the finish or start! Although they did see my whole swim in the very dangerous current and choppy water! What part of "Do not enter water--dangerous current" sign do you NOT want to read or participate in???? They sent 600 of us out there...we looked like 600 piranhas! Now until next year....train, train, train and try to get in better shape so i can "TRY" harder! Molly ask me to take up softball because the games are later in the day! but i said but we are done and it is only 10:30a.m.!!!! We have the whole day ahead of us!

my birthday was fast and furious. Both my brother and sister sent me flowers...ahhh. and my $20.00 (faithful) came from my step dad in memory of my mom! my hubby got me roses and the search is on for a laptop!!! wow! any suggestions? it was a good day. went to church...blew up balloons for a ministry fair. i couldn't have had a better 50th! love serving!!!

I am trying to ask a blogger friend how to get friends. she said to make comments on blogs i maybe i will. i have given out my blog to friends. so we should see. but i don't think you can comment unless they have a blog.

Well, i just wanted to tell you i finished my second "try"athlon and survived! YEAH for Fifty year old "try" gals!!!!
Still praying, pedaling, paddling, and pounding the pavement!
betsy (need to find out how to do my name down here!)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hydrox Cookies and My Mom

Hi to whoever reads my blog....i someday will have a laptop which i believe will make me a better blogger. but til then here and there comes a post-a-note from me!

This Saturday i turn Old. Don't feel it. Like saying "I am 49" better. I just read a friends blogs about birthdays and memories (thanks Scott and Cindy).

I have a memory of birthday's: I use to get a $20.00 bill from my mom and step dad every birthday. I kept the last 20.oo from my mom and the "handwritten"note.

My sweet step dad has tried to keep up the $20.00 for birthdays...i have kept all those. I think I am just keeping them. Don't know why (maybe for a laptop...well that will take a LOT more 20's and LOT more birthdays!) but i am a big "hang-er on-er" to things. Especially when it comes to my parents. My dad passed away 15 years ago and my mom 2 years ago.

I guess i think when i keep things it is a piece of daughter, begs to differ, she says "it's just stuff, it is not grandma"...i know she says that with love and compassion and i see her point.....just sometimes i have trouble letting go.

So back to the 20.00. My birthday is around the corner and is there a 20.00 around the corner?

It matters, but then it doesn't.

This is why...because today...God did a "God smile" to me. I was walking in a grocery store killing time....(some place to kill time???)...and low and behold a packages of Hydrox cookies (a whole display!) were right in front of me!!!Those were my mom's all time favorite cookies (and craved during her cancer period). She always wanted them to come back in stock. She even researched the Sunshine company...but no luck. But they are back to celebrate 100 years and i bought a box...had a few...made some memories...cried...put the rest in a cedar chest...hope i remember they are there.

Anyway....i absolutely LOVE how God does stuff like that. How He constantly reminds me He cares and is in control! Thank you God for my early birthday present from mom. Tell her Hi and I love her.

Moving on....SECOND "TRY"athlon this Saturday on my 50th!!! yes it is a sprint 1/3 mile swim, 10 mile bike, and a 3.1 mile run. I just want to finish and have fun! in that order! So i guess because i am doing this tri....i can truly have my cake and EAT it too! since i worked out just "alittle" on my birthday! Then i get to "chill" for awhile til next season....just keep training and getting stronger. I say this is my last one...but i am already thinking "TOPGUN" in the summer of 09! we will see!

have a great day seeing all of God's blessings (smiles) that He gives you!

Remember "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" (phil 4:13)

Still praying, pedaling, paddling, and pounding the pavement...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

hey...and hi...
I am writing a quick entry. I am off to take brian's car in, making a funny noise. Anyway...i am trying to put God first on my list of "things to do today" was biking...but i have learned it the hard way that putting Him first/ that all the rest will get done according to His will. So why fight it. Don't freak out if i am not on my bike by 9 or swimming by 8....just let God do my schedule and it will be such a blessing. I am doing a study on Joshua...we are right around the crossing of the Jordan and building the stone memorial....and i have to ask myself have I built any memorials above God...probably i am praying everyday that God releases me from "things" that I put before Him. I want my worship to be focused on Him first. So that is my prayer today...that my eyes will see Him first each day...that my eyes will read His word first each day and that I will pray to Him for guidance and His will in my day. So have you talked to God today? Pray for all who need to know Him. "I can do all things in Christ, who strengthens me".
Praise Him.....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back home again in Florida

Well, we (as in brian and I) are back from an awesome trip to Bloomington, Indiana. Where we did these things: went to TWO IU football games (who cares if they lost, well Brian does); saw lots of friends, hung out with those friends, got to ride a bike in your "fall/cool" area a WHOLE 7/10ths of a mile (got a flat and gave up--true "Try"ahlete!);ate with friends, got to see my mom's gravesite (very, very hard and FAR too much closure); got to smell decaying leaves (and brought some back); got to wake up and walk outside without sweating (or women "glisten"); ran in the wonderful cool fall air (well it was in the 80's no humidity); got to eat at this great veggie restaurant called "Roots" (loved it, brian is unsure); shopped in every IU shop possible; went to Brown County; went to Cincinnati to see friends; got to take lots of cool pics; got to worship TWICE at our old church (awesome); got to swim at the YMCA and workout with a friend (thanks Sharon); got to see my hubby totally relaxed and laughing with old guy friends (miss them!); got to see FIREPROOF (GO see it) with some friends; got to thank friends that were instrumental in our salvation (do that such a blessing to those you thank and you!) and cried and laughed and slept and so much more. What an amazing NINE days (missed the girls though, they on the other hand loved the "no reminder" week...i.e. "clean your room" "pick up ruth's poop", etc. Get my point...they didn't miss us that much.) Anyway, it was a fabulous time....the friends looked the same but their kids all GREW up! Wow. The children are so much older, but the parents NO WAY are they any older! (because if they were, then i would be older!) So thank you Brian for a very early birthday present and thank you friends for creating lifetime of memories in my head and heart. I love you all very, very much. NOW it is your turn to visit us! (and sweat/glisten).

Have you heard that the new forties is 50....i am so glad since i am ever so quickly approaching that age...which my 16 year old says 50 is old. thanks! I however am young enough to say i never rode in a stage coach to get from one city to the next nor have i ever had to bath in a large tin bucket heated by water off the i am not old!

Well, my 2nd "try"athlon is fast approaching and my enthusiasm is somewhat there. I just want to run, swim and bike for fun and not to "get ready" for something. But i am extremely thankful that i can do all and them! thank you Jesus for my healthy "youthful" body!

Well, i just wanted to update you all (do i actually have readers?) on our trip up north. Continue to pray for your friends and family and the upcoming election. Pray that Jesus' hand is on it all! Have a great God day....and remember to smile and say HI to atleast 10 people! Later and remember...
still praying, pedaling, paddling, and pounding the pavement.