Monday, March 7, 2011

How about "post" a month!

Okay...the posting everyday thing is NOT going to happen! Atleast not why I hold a full time job! I can barely keep up with my wifely duties, let alone "pop" in and blog! So sorry. I do love to write. I do love to express my feelings, hopes and dreams!

But GUESS WHAT (for all those who do not follow me on FB)...I got a new job at my school....YIPEE FOR ME (kinda big headed of me..but for me, it is a big deal after not working outside the home for over 22 years!) But I am going to be the new Media Specialist!! Back in my day, they were called LIBRARIANS! and Miriam was their first name(just kidding and if a Miriam is reading this..your name is beautiful) I have always had a passion for books (ask my girls...classics.."you should be reading the classics" i would say when homeschooling them!) I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the movie "You've Got Mail"....I wanted a "Shop Around the Corner" bookstore. In fact during the movie (in the theatre) I sound very loudly, "clothe bags, she bags the books in clothe bags"...Brian i thought was going to NEVER take me to a movie again! But I loved that shop, the books...Betsy and Tacy, Story Lady time, etc.!! I have watched it so many times that i have found "bloopers"! Scary. My family knows something is up when they see me watching it! If you have not seen it! worth the time!!! If you have not watched it in a it!

So I am home for spring break (with a sinus infection, go figure!) and working on Media stuff! I do not think my brain sleeps. I keep a notepad close because my brain is CONSTANTLY shooting out things to do in my new position! "Staff Selections"; "Local Authors Month"; "WOW-Word of the Week"; just figuring out what to call my tables where the students will sit is a big deal. But I have that figured out..for the little ones it will be by color for the older onces by genre (Green/Fiction). I had to figure out a nameplate for i made it out of scrabble pieces on the scrabble holder (please do not steal this idea..i am planning on making a millon dollars off of it!) I have shopped the dollar store, the dollar section of Target, and Borders "Going Out of Business" sale...but will i get reimbursed? YIKES! so slowly i spend my own cash! The library hardly has any "new books" most are donated. So I am going to get on Donor's Choose (thanks Megs for helping your mom...oh can you put a scrabble pic close to this entry, please).

So anyway, I am happy, excited, amazed, nervous, scared, excited, happy, amazed, scared, nervous....did I say HAPPY AND ESTATIC! (sp...yikes...blame it on the Sinus infection!)

So I am sad to leave my Teacher's Aide job, but feel I have spiritual gifts that will be able to be used God just multiplied my mission field! More students, more teachers! GAP! God Always Provides!!!! ahhhhh! I am smiling!

I am driving to St. Pete in the a.m. to shadow a Media Specialist at my niece's school (thanks Kari!). So this should be fun and kinda overwhelming (that is a word i am feeling too!) I will also be going into school to work over break, as the Media Specialist has been gone for awhile. Man oh man are there books to be shelved!
Friday before break I moved the center around to make it more "centered" so got some "thumbs up" from teachers so that is good. Many of them have been encouraging and helpful, so that is a big AMEN!

So anyway...hope you are well! It is is well in my is well, it is well, it is well in my soul!


Anonymous said...

You will do great

Jacquie said...

How exciting for you!!! I hope it's lots of fun!