Sunday, January 9, 2011

huff and puff and blow the hernia out!

Hey there....back to work and what do i find before going back to work? A hernia! Thanks to all that coughing and hacking for 4 weeks (bronchitis)...i end up with a hernia! It is so weird when you find a lump (esp in a female area) your mind wonders! Brian (my hubby) kept telling me NOT to give Satan any power over it. But i found it when the doctors office was closed (and we were on our way to Universal) and so i had 4 days to ponder! So I turned pondering into praying and enjoyed my family.

I am so blessed this is all it is. There are people having "biopsies" so what am i fretting! i just don't like to be put under and incubated! oh well! GAP...God Always Provides! I will have my hat in hand that day. I will need to be off 7 days and no lifting/exercising for 3 wks! But God worked this all around a 1/2 day of school(friday) and then MLK day and an inservice day! so i will only miss 4 days total of work but have 9 days off! GAP!

So prayers are appreciated....but keep praying for our Worship Pastor, Keith! and the little 11 month old baby, Adrian...both battling see i am blessed...but so are they...cuz God is the GReat Physcian!

love to all! might have more time to blog with this!


Jacquie said...

Surgery is soon, then, isn't it? End of this week? I'll be praying for your surgery and recovery.

You asked me about facebook... Yes, I'm on. Search Jacquie Goulet Wallace.

Dawn Cartwright said...

Hope you are recouping well! Lots of quiet time for you- Please pray for Kristy getting a high score on GRE to get into grad school- Kelly wisdom teeth out- me and my tooth( facing 3rd surgery) and Kelly's boyfriend's interviews for coaching/teaching jobs! Thanks friend, praying for you. You know Jennie Hession's dad died?