Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ho hum

ho hum

what to write.

just want to write for the few viewers i have, if any to read something on my page.

election is over. good. now we just need to pray.

lots of volunteering coming to a close. see the light at the end of the tunnel. good.

loved having Integrity Worship Conference at our church. Wow-- love Gateway Worship! check them out and get it on your iTunes! love kari jobe.

love my new friend abbey from the conference. check her out on what a sweety. what a great mentor for molly.

veteran's day thought....thank a veteran not just on that day....everyday thank all who have and still are serving.

i don't like to capitalize anything. takes up too much time. sorry.

my sister is moving soon to s.c. sad. but glad for her.

i miss my big brother in ca. he is very good to me.

we are having steak for thanksgiving (i am not! no to red meat/pork) how untraditional is that? i just love the sides! jello, corn, green beans, sweet potatoes...yummo

this is a random post, but i guess that is okay.

i have been trying to get out the door to workout for the last 2 hours. i have not done a darn thing since my tri (which i was 2 min. faster and it was a longer swim!) so i need to get back out there and run, swim, bike and use some weights. there is something about me entering a gym (the Y) by myself that i find intimidating (sp?). but i have to leave.

so for the one or two readers i have...go be a light for Christ. if you don't know Him...get to know Him. ask me how. I would love to tell you about my Jesus!