Friday, December 24, 2010

merry CHRISTmas

Hi. It is Christmas Eve and all through the house not a creature is stirring! That is because brian is at work and the girls plus dog are still sleeping. I am in my clothes with wet hair ready to make ONE more run to Target! So I will be saying "dash away, dash away" real soon. We are blessed to be in Florida, as the weather is blissful. Although alittle of the "white stuff" would be nice! Guess it will have to be white sand. I know you all in "winterland" are not feeling too sorry for me!
So blessings this Christmas eve to you all and to all a good night....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Merry CHRISTmas over and over again!

I can not say it enough "Merry Christmas" to you, to yours, to EVERYONE! No "happy holidays". Living in Florida makes it difficult to feel in the Christmas mood due to the warmer weather (although we are very blessed), but "weather" should NOT be the factor in putting me in the "Christmas" spirit. I should be in the "Christmas" spirit because of Jesus! He is the spirit in me always! He is the REASON FOR THE SEASON! So "deck the halls", "falalalala",etc....but truly "merry CHRISTmas" to you and your families! Look into their faces, cherish the moments to do this. Hold their hands, feel the warmth...cherish the moment. Hug them....feel the love through this hug...cherish this moment. Listen to the sounds in and out of the house, wow... there CAN NOT BE ENOUGH Christmas music playing in my house!!! Love it so much that I could truly play it all year long.

So as you look around the house...look for the things that you should cherish...but once you discover this remember they are "things" and move deeper and see the people that make up your life....that is what should be cherished.

Brian challenged me to a "Shaker" Christmas. His way to "simplify" the decor. I tend to take all the everyday items down and put a full fledge of decorations up. But this year, I listen to him and did "simple" and you know what the house still smells like Christmas, still has "items" that show it is Christmas and you know what? I am okay with it. I like the "change up" around the house. I like the "new" places for things. I thanked Brian for the challenge and now am excited for the girls to get home and see it.

This was the first year of decorating with "no girls" and I cried. I cried hard. Ruth (the dachsund) liked me as if i was a "salt block". (you know tears are salty) Brian listened, sat with me, hugged me. He knew decorating with the girls is important to me. But they will be home soon. And I survived the "shaker" decorating challenge and you know who helped me...Brian. He has never done that before, it was good for this exchange to happen. We laughed, I danced to the Christmas music, Christmas candles burned and filled the house with evergreen smell. So yes, girls, I missed you helping me, but your dad did a great job helping me, too!

A tree was found in under two minutes! Another thing Brian wanted. I did. The tree is in the garage and needs some help. But it is just a tree. Once again it will be the family that will make it a "Christmas" tree not "what it looks like". It definetly has a side (or two) that will be facing the window and not be "shown". Oh well, even brian says..."oops" to the sides that need help. They will get that help from lights and "homemade" ornaments!

So may you have a MERRY "CHRIST"MAS this year! May Jesus be the center of the season. May you spread His love to those around you and to all! May He be the reason you decorate, make cookies to share, sing a Christmas carol, go to candlelight service and most of all sit with your family and pray together!

merry "CHRIST"mas my friends, merry "CHRIST"mas! love and hugs

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I got a job, but now i have a cold....germs and children?

I am all congested and my chest is voice is deep and i am up at 5:30 cuz i went to bed at 7:30! So do children pass germs or is this just a fall cold? I am taking Vit. D3 and lots of Echinechea with Gold seal and RESTING this weekend! My molly girl came home this weekend...yeah! but had to have a CAT scan for migranes she has been having...blah...PRAYERS!

Being an AIDE is just that "aiding those around me to help them be successful" is my definition. It is a tough job being a teacher these being a blessing and being a teachers aide is rewarding. Not sure all the ways it is rewarding yet, but getting there. I have a very challenging class...9 boys and 3 girls. 8 WILD boys and 1 quiet boy and 3 quiet girls! Pray for this class please. Pray for Ryland, Ethan, Alyssa, Belle, Isabelle, Ryder, Lucca, Micah, Patrick, Jake, Jared, Paulie. these children each come from different kinds of homes....some with no dads, some with abuse, some living with one parent one weekend and the other the next, some come from typical households, some are only children...all different....all created by God. All needing love and attention and DISCIPLINE!

So pray for my teachers Amy, Aubrey and Cari....that i work with. Pray that i shine Jesus to them and those around me! Pray for God's will and direction for me and this job!

So back to the coughing and some rest this weekend! (and yes i did have a flu shot!)

Have a great weekend....fall is here is florida...jean and sweatshirt weather! cool 50's in the a.m. and in the 70's in the afternoon...lovely...just lovely.

I love God! I am blessed by His Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, and uncondtional love! and so much more....He blesses me each and everyday more than i can see! Thank you Jesus for loving me!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I got a job and that is why I have NOT blogged

I got a job 4 wks ago as a Teacher's Aide at charter school called Imagine. SO that explains my missing blog postings. sorry! But so glad I found a job and it is going well, just time consuming and "testing".

I promise to blog more about it and how God was SOOOO involved, but for now i have to run to Walmart and get supper for the week! Alot of "pre" planning goes into the week when you have a full time job! If anyone has some great dinner ideas shoot them my way! Brian and I make out our menus on Saturday and do the shopping Sunday. yeah! less stress this way!

I learned at church last night this "A calling always comes with a challenge". I am being called cuz I am being CHALLENGED....but God is faithful and is with me! I am being a "ripple" for Jesus!

How are you my sweet friends??? Have been busy making LOTS of pumpkin bread, too! Have a great FALL from the HALL's!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

FOUND IT, bet you can't guess what....

LIBBY'S CANNED PUMPKIN!!!! Can you believe it! Finally yesterday at Publix (our local grocery store) had it! I grabbed 4 cans and Brian said "that's all you grabbed?" They were 1.79 a small can and today at Walmart I got the bigger can for what is with those people on eBay??? My wonderful sister in law sent me 4 cans! I feel so bad! But today Brian got to take a loaf of pumpkin bread (my house smelled so yummy last night!) to his Board of Directors meeting at the bank! makes them in such a good mood! And I also have a tradition that our Pastor gets one of the first loaves, so I dropped his off today...I am sure I will hear from him tomorrow! He does not share it, so I just made him a "mini" loaf.

So anyway...Fall is finally here at the Hall household! YEAH!!! And I will send anyone who wants the recipe for my pumpkin is yummy! This time I made it with whole wheat white flour. I would love to also try applesauce instead of oil. But I can not change it too much...those Director's would know!!!

So thank you for hanging in there with me! Wish I could put a picture of a can of pumpkin on this blog...but waiting for Megan to get her computer fixed! And boy do I need some pictures on my FaceBook (or FB or FaithBook)

I am seeing my lack of "computer" saavy is not a good thing!! Because I started looking for a job today! I old? am I dated? NO...God has the right job out there for me and my skills! Prayers are appreciated! Feeling alittle unqualified! (and I am not!)

take care and keep your eyes of Jesus (KYEOJ)!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

15.99 for 2 cans of Libby Pumpkin on eBay...NO WAY is just pumpkin! Last year they gave us the same scare about "flooded" pumpkin fields and NO pumpkin! But I WILL NOT GIVE UP! Nor will you for my precious cans of the Hall's "can" "officially" start FALL here in Florida.

I will still enjoy Fall. Decorated house. Fall scented candles burn often. Fall is more than Halloween, but why is it you can find "halloween" decor everywhere and not much fall???? Halloween is ONE day...Fall is a SEASON! come on! As you can tell I am NOT a big fan of halloween! Every year I spend hours putting on the candy that will be handed out "Jesus loves YOU!" on stickers that get attached to the candy! My girls think I am wierd! Oh well, it is a Hall Fall tradition! labeling halloween candy!

Do you have fall traditions? During thanksgiving i give out 3 pieces of candy corn to each family member to put in a basket that is passed around during the meal to say "three things i am thankful for" is is corny....but a blessing to hear each year! I use to use colored indian corn, but have problems finding that here in Florida! Oh what i would do for a trip to Brown County in Indiana! Smell the fall, enjoy the shops and good food. Hang with friends from Bloomington! Did this last year. Not going to happen this year! Hanging on to memories.

Off to clean windows, which is not a Hall Fall tradition...just really wanted clean windows! and you??? your plans???? for fall???? blessings!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

want a challenge???

Do you want a challenge? besides trying to find me canned pumpkin!

Workout with the DVD set called CHALEAN EXTREME by Beachbody (the people who brought you P90x)....oh my....i am on day 65 and today was a Fat burn challenge and i am still dripping and it was only 35 minutes! I have lost 15 inches, 8% bodyfat in 62 days and 13.8lbs in 13 wks! It is an amazing workout. And trust me I have done them all, exercise programs! Jillian, aerobics, denise austin, tv exercise, etc...but never have i seen results like this! (no i am not selling it) But this gal Chalene Johnson is a "normal" person with a positive day at a time and one pound at a time!

So anyway, both daughters are doing go check it out at God has blessed you with a body, the Holy Spirit lives in you (if you have invited Him) and it is up to you to take care of the only body you are given! You are not getting any younger and think of your body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. Hey I am NOT saying it came easy for me! I will spend the rest of my life keeping myself healthy and exercising...i like sweets. I just have to choose what is more important. Seeing my grandchildren someday or eating a whole cake! hmmm. I go for the babies!

So go for a walk...get up and do something to thank God for the gift of a healthy body, mind and spirit. Do something that millions of people do not do....exercise and eat right!!

find my pumpkin too! ha!!! enjoy life....we are only given one! enjoy are given many......enjoy Jesus....ask Him into your life!

see you! now go turn on some Praise and Worship music...i am and going to do that and clean the house. Girls won't be home.... :-(

Monday, September 6, 2010

New day

better...adjusting....sorry about last post! new life...takes time...bear with me!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

struggling with empty nesting and my role as a mom

seeing alot of adulthood and indepedence and wondering where i fit in...feeling like i am not needed...more of a convenience when they need something....struggling...really need some time with God to see where He wants me, what He wants me to feel. It is weird to be a mom and see your role changing and unfortunately I am fighting the change. I know this is not good. Trying not to get my feelings hurt as I watch this "need you less and less" and "watch me grow"...but then I feel I am a "convenience store" to them. Come and go when "they" feel like it. I am just waiting to help. To find my place in their world. I am failing at this. I want them back like it was...i know I really probably don't. But what? What God? What am I to do? Heal my selfish motives...bind them and let me be free to serve you and only you! Then I will see your purpose for my purpose in my girls lives that YOU desire...NOT me! It is NOT ABOUT ME....but why am i struggling. Why do i fear I am losing them...needing me. My prayer is that they will NEED YOU, GOD, MORE. I feel i make them "angry" at me, because i want them close by myside...want them to "hang" with me, just want them to sit. I am a not think any of my blogs have been this pitiful...but i do not know what to do, where to run...pray for my anger towards this me to embrace it as a good thing..i do not want them to "not want to come home" because of this...sorry bloggers who read sorry...i guess i am throwing myself a pity party!! The weekend went so daughter was around and that was great...the other is busy with the boyfriend and life in general...she is the one pushing out of the womb and it is hard.

I need to let go and LET GOD do the parenting...He is their FATHER....He knows the plans He has for them...He will not harm them...He will protect them...they may stumble but they will learn to rely on God and only God!!! God "lent" them to us, they are a gift from HIM!

Oh bother (that is what Pooh would say)... I know this too shall pass...I need to embrace this time with God to grow and get into the Word and see the wisdom of the Holy One.

Please forgive me, but i use this blog to let go of some of my feelings (trust me i spare you of many feelings)...their are no rules in the blog world...their are rules on Facebook and I seem to break them all (how i respond to my own comments, etc)

Oh well, God let me hear your voice and let me OBEY your calling!

Guess I am going through a growing pain....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Falling in love with the anticipation of the season....
Falling for the fact it does not occur in Florida.....and accepting it!
Falling in love with "soon" I can find a can of pumpkin in the store (can you yet?)
Falling in love with "fall" candle scents..YEAH! bring on the spices!
Falling in love with decorating my house for fall...poor husband!
Falling in love with the smell of chili, crockpot soups, and fresh pumpkin bread!
Falling in love with college football season, first Indiana Hoosier game Thurs!!
Falling in love with God...everylasting love, unconditional love, neverfailing love!

Fall is for people who love "crunching" on leaves, smell of decaying leaves, burning wood, cool nights....this is the only time i regret living in Florida (well "regret" is a strong word). I was born in October. I was BORN TO LOVE FALL!

So "bring it on"....the smell of fall (and please send me some canned pumpkin, someone!!!) I have the best pumpkin bread recipe!!!! if you want it ask me for it. It is a HALL TRADITION...first day of fall equals first loaf of pumpkin bread (oh what are the ww points for that?? Funny I like to make it, but not crazy about eating it...rather have pumpkin pie!)

Here is to a great, colorful fall somewhere out there!!!! Enjoy the colors that God created!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FaceBook don't steal my love for blogging....

That is exactly how i has stole my time from blogging. blah! I love, love to blog (journal) and i wanted to say I have missed "sharing" my deepest feelings lately. I have been through so much. Daughter, number 1, moving to her first apt. 2 1/2 weeks ago! Daughter, number 2, moving to her first dorm room this past weekend! Both i want to mention were on the THIRD floor, common girls, give your mom a break! But Molly's has an elevator and 5 basketball players unloaded the WHOLE thing! (plus Jake, molly's boyfriend helped a ton!!) Two moves in Two weeks...that is for the birds, so is empty nesting!!!

So today is Tuesday....(Aug. 24)...another rainy day! I do not mind the cloudy days...God telling me it is okay to rest and reflect! I miss the sound of the showers, the tv always on, doors opening and closing, the "request" to do something, or the request for "what's for dinner". My sister-in-law and I have a saying about the transition of children moving out....the ONE factor that is evident is this... 'THEY WON'T BE HOME FOR DINNER' and that is what us mom miss the most. I love family dinners, I would chose family time over ANY present (except an IPAD, anyone have one they would like to donate??? ha) okay back to my time is most important to girls dread to ask me every year "what do you want for your birthday mom????" and they say " we time!" That is me in a nut shell!

So what is your focus, favorite present...?

Today in the Aug 24th devotional from Charles Stanley..."If we could design an ideal life, most of us would skip over times of hardship. But Scripture teaches us that God has purpose in the storms of life. The common thread in all trials is the Lord's desire and ability to use them for our good and HIS glory. Through these experiences, we can let go of ungodly traits and experience sweet communion as we walk in intimacy with Him! amen. amen. AMEN!!!

He is present. Focus on the PRESENT day! Love Well.

Let my life become such that people know what I stand for! Open my eyes to others' needs and be generous with God's blessings.

Love Well.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

oh where, oh where has the summer gone?

summer is on the edge of being "gone, gone, gone" and I feel like it "flew, flew, flew" by! I had a good summer. Not as much got done as I would have liked. But both girls were home, but very busy. Time just went to fast with them. Now we are getting ready for Megs to move into her apartment end of this week. I feel like we just found it! Then the following week it is Molly's turn to move to college.

Prayer Request....

Pray for....
- wisdom and direction as we go through both moves.
- for safety and all the "pieces" fall together successfully (all the little things and big things)
- for quality time together this week and next
- for peace from Christ.
- for new friends and adjustments to go smoothly
- for Christ to fill their lives with HIS direction, HIS words, HIS purpose, and more
- for churches to be found by both girls
- for good health
- for all the paperwork to get done and all the changes to be made successfully
- for our home to continually echo their laughter and voices
- for His name to be glorified in all we do, always
- for all the things we did not think of
- for the "quiet" rides home
- for my future job and a car
- for all the details (i think i have said that, must be heavy on my mind)
- for Megan's successful school year and her "new" subject she will be teaching
- for Molly's first semester at college and her roommate, to all go smoothly
- for Brian's job and peace
- for our home to always shine JESUS

thank you for praying through this list. Hope you had a great summer

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Megan's Birthday!!!

Do I look old enough to have a 26 year old???? Well, i have is Megan's birthday!!! Happy day to you. She will have the priviledge all day of saying "it's my birthday that is why!" (pay backs to her little sister for last week, see blog below) So her day will consist of tutoring then off to the BEACH for some R and R (relaxing and reading!) Then maybe hit some shops(the Women's exchange, like Goodwil but better). Then home to clean up and off to Bonefish for dinner. I have packed a nice picnic lunch for us. I don't know if it is more a gift to her or me to spend the WHOLE day sitting with MY girls at the beach! Sounds like a pretty good present to me! (but let's not tell her, oh she reads my blog!!) (oh Megs, can you insert a pic of the day....HERE) thanks!

What am i going to do with out my "helper" on my blog? Well, the good thing she can go in and change and insert all she wants from Ft. Myers!

She moves next Saturday....where, oh where did the summer go???? If anyone knows let me know! I want it BACK!!!

Thanking Jesus for the gift of Megan! Have a great day Megs! (midget!!!)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's my birthday...that's why!!! Molly turns 18

Well, on July 29, my baby claimed "I am an adult,because I am 18". Cool does that mean she starts buying her own deodorant??? ha!! No, on her special day...she repeatedly reminded us "it's my birthday, that is why!" Megs kept a running tab of how many more hours we would here that was a couple!! Ha! We went to Downtown Disney, Outlet Mall and the Mall of the Millenium! And her sweet boyfriend (friend that is a boy! ha!) went with us. What a trooper! He won lots of kuddos from us Hall girls as he "trudged" around the trenches of each mall! What a guy!
What a day!!!

We had lunch at Downtown Disney. We didn't buy anything, but Jacob and Molly built two Mr and Mrs Potatoheads! Precious. We have cute pics coming so watch for them.

The evening was suppose to end with dinner at The Columbian but we got back to late and they ate Pei Wei instead! We watched home videos of Molly when she was 3! Jacob learned she was just as "drama queenish" (i know not a word!) back then! Molly said "well, he now knows everything about me and he is still here!"

The day ended with all of us tired, but glad we got to spend this birthday with her!!! (you see she has missed the past 2 birthdays with us!)

Now on to Megan's...August 3rd! I love my girls...Happy Birthday to you both. May God continue to bless you and watch over you as you continue in His journey for YOU!

love and hugs!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

3 weeks, 4 weeks, and they will be gone :- (

I wish i was doing a cheer...two bits, four bits, let's all cheer for the Hall girls...or something like that. Instead it is the count down til the girls leave home! I am truly excited for them. (really) They are achieving so much and God has been instrumental in it all. That is what I want people to see...God's hands!

His hands....found Megan a beautiful apartment, she moves in on August 14th. Yes, I know she was gone all last year...but "her stuff" was still in her room. This year it all goes with her...(right, megs! Ha!!!)It will be weird.

His hands....have provided Molly with a great university to attend (Christian)...Southeastern University. One week from today she will begin (in) her first class. Wow!

His hands....will move both girls in safely.

His hands....will protect them day after day, hour after hour, minute by minute!

His hands....will orchestrate wonderful stories that they will call (!!!!!) me and tell me each day!

His hands....will call them to His word each day in prayer and in study, to remind them of wisdom, discernment, grace, mercy, protection, unconditional love, encouragement...everything a Father desires to give to HIS daughters.

His hands....will bring them home for "visits" and "hugs". And a washer and a dryer and "their" beds still in "their" rooms.

His hands...will catch my tears, when they fall on quiet days wondering through the house. (me and ruth (the dog),until i find a job)

His hands....will hold my hands as I pray for them each their rooms....anywhere and everywhere!

His hands...will bring us back together for a family dinner and laughter.

His hands...are amazing, aren't they? (YES!)

Monday, June 21, 2010

I Chuckled today...

I opened my blog this a.m. (when i am suppose to be working out, I will soon) and CHUCKLED! Megan, my oldest daughter, had "updated" my blog. She is my "editor" and comes in and puts pictures up and other "snazzy" things, that I HAVE NO IDEA how to do!

ISN'T IT PRECIOUS! So "summery". Thanks Megs! Appreciate it. Love all the pictures! Especially Molly giving her Salutatorian speech...ahhh. It seems like it was yesterday but it has been almost a month! Wow.

I am blessed to have TWO wonderful daughters (and yes, a wonderful girl dog!). They bless me, love me, shop with me, roll their eyes at me, laugh at me, poke fun at me, pray for me, frustrate me, care for me, hang out with me, share theirs highs and lows with me, and so much more. But this August BOTH will move out of the home. One into her 1st apartment (congrats Megs) and the other, Molly, is off to college (congrats Molly)!! I am so PROUD of you both! Love you bigger than the whole world!! May God continue to bless you and keep you safe in His arms!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy dad's day! and more

today is "dad's" day and we are having a pretty low key day. Rainy in Florida. Love thunderstorms and lazy Sundays. AND THIS IS ONE! Happy Dad's Know you are spending it with the Heavenly Father! Good for you! Miss you, though! (big time!)

update on bike. Rode 100 miles in 7 days! sweet!

Worked on my Facebook. Don't like Facebook. I am a "blogger", not a "facebooker". But i actually requested friends. We will see how it goes!

Found Megs an apt. yesterday. She actually found it. God confirmed it with a rainbow as we were leaving! Trusting. it will be fun to "play" and "set up" her place....or "watch her do it!!!"

okay that is it for today.

heard a great message from our Pastor this a.m. GREAT....God first! Quit worrying about "pleasing people" and just work on "pleasing God!!!" Love that!

Friday, June 11, 2010

GAPGIRL and 3k

short blog...just broke 3k on my bike this a.m. after riding 16 miles. very excited! miles on bike 3003.00 very cool for me!

So GOD blessed to be able to ride my bike!


be blessed!

and remember that comment "What if church was all about God"....i took it one step further..."What if I was all about God" 24/7! I want to claim it! and be it! Praying!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hmmm what you up to?

Hoping everyone is doing great! Molly got home safe and sound. She is happy, but going through Jessica withdrawels. She has had alot of attention and alot of fun and now just like anything it is back to reality. She will do fine. I am glad to have her back.

I gave blood today. Part of doing something to make a change on Monday' is Tuesday! I did it. They are checking my plasma and see if i can give every 2 weeks, because my goal is 5 gallons of blood. I have a good start, but plasma giving would get me there faster! YIKES!

We had a awesome Ordination last night at our church. Three young men got ordained. It was a great Praise and Worship, Great testimonies, Great talk by our Pastor, just a God-filled evening.

My husband came home tonight and said he heard on a Christian station asking about "what if church was all about God"...think about that. I am.

My daughter in Ft. Myers got a new positon today. Language Arts next year with Special Ed. jr. high kids. She was doing science with them. But the Principal came in and said he really need someone strong and capable and she was the person! Wow. Praise Jesus! He is covering Megs! congrats megs!

I start ww tomorrow. Not telling too many people. You all don't count, cuz very rarely do i get comments (but thanks for the one yesterday!) So prayers please. Food is a drug for me. I let it solve all my problems and i really want to surrender all to GOD! He is the great Healer and Restorer. Looking forward to some healing and restoring.

Okay....Read in Psalms...
"By your words I can see where I'm going, they throw a beam of light on my dark path. I've committed myself and I'll never turn back from living by your righteous order. Everything's falling apart on me, God, put me together again with your Word. Festoon me with your finest sayings, God teach me your holy rules. My life is as close as my own hands, But I don't forget what you have reveled. The wicked do their best to throw me off track, but I don't swerve an inch from your course. I inherited your book on living, it's mine forever--what a gift! And how happy it makes me! I concentrate on doing exactly what you say--I always have and always will. (Psalm 105-112, The Message)
Lot of thought goes into that. pondering in prayer. i want more of this "doing exactly what you say"

Pastor said this week "My life is about God alone" hmmm. that means it IS NOT ABOUT ME!

have a blessed Wednesday. Hug someone! Hugs to the blogworld!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Plan B is for me!

Well, the house is quiet. Molly is in Houston. Megs is still teaching in Ft. Myers, school is not out for her til 15 and then training for 3 days. Brian is at work. Ruth is sleeping, what she does best.

I saw a book I want to read...called Plan B by Pete Wilson. He is a Pastor at Cross Point Comm. Church. I can not go in to it too much...other than when our Plan A is NOT working..we need to reevaluate and go to Plan B. That is where I am right now. I am going to approach 'empty nesting' very soon. That is part of my Plan B. But this book goes into it with hope and reminding me that God is ever present in our Plan B. So I am on a venture to go find this book (hopefully with a coupon) and start to read it.

I am also reading a book called Every Monday Matters (52 ways to make a difference). Molly got it for graduation from some special friends of ours. I thought it was going to be all these service projects (which is not a bad thing...just a "time" thing) but it has a multitude of ways to make a difference in the world from Eat Healthy (No Fast Food Monday), Get Rid of Junk Mail, Donate Books, to Show your Smile Monday. They are all doable...all 52. One is donate blood, so that is what i shall do this Monday. What are you doing to make a difference in the world? I know Ashlie, our dear friend and her hubby are adopting a sweet child,EASTON, from Ethopia! So get out there and make a difference...this book only tells you to do it ONE day a week...try for TWO!

I am also reading (I LOVE TO READ, and now that school is done, i get to..already finished one book in 2 wks) the other book i am reading is...The Power of Half (One Family's decision to stop taking and start giving back) It is a good read. The same friend who gave Molly the "Every Monday Matters" lent me this book.

So whether you are planning a Plan B day, or a Every "day" Monday Matters day, or you are going to stop taking and start giving back...HAVE A GREAT DAY doing it! God has showered me with blessings, amazing I don't even notice HALF of them (or a majority of them) is sad! So shower your God-given blessings to someone else today. Hug a friend, pick up trash, smile more...and do not forget to GIVE GOD THE GLORY in all you do!

In His Timing.....betsy

Monday, May 24, 2010

Done.... Graduation.

i promise to edit this and add more to this. But had to let all my readers (hi cathy and ashlie) know it is finished! Yes, Molly is officially a college freshman! Wow. She is "fresh" out of High School, but a wo"man".
Her Salutatorian speech rocked the house. (okay i am the mom) But the admin. said it was the most encouraging, appreciative, gracious talk they had heard! But before she gave it, she looked like she was going to give birth, she was breathing so hard!

but more later....i just wanted to tell you MOLLY GRADUATED---with High Honors as Salutatorian of her class of 2010!

Monday, May 10, 2010

back riding again...

Hope you all (mom's) had a great day yesterday. I did. Just having my girls home was the blessing. They joke with me because all i ever ask for is "Quality time" (and when molly says it she does the quotes with her hands!!funny girl)

We did church Sat. night and I watched church Sunday, because Molly was in a drama. Ah..she is so gifted. She says she can do that but very nervous to give her H.S. grad. speech. She will feel better when it is written. That is this week! Prayers.

After Molly got home we did lunch at Jason's Deli. Fun. Came home and hung out with the girls. They gave me some cute presents (even though...i didn't ask) Thanks to big sis Megs who compiles all the gifts and card and lets molly sign it! But the gifts were very thoughtful. Megs knows her mom. Molly does too...because she wrote me a letter. loved it. cherish it. cherish any thing my girls give me, do for me, or don't do for me. They are my gift from God.

After Megs left, i got on my bike (i love it) and rode. I was determined to stay on it til i knew megs was home safely. I rode 20 MILES!!! Which i have been doing on avg. (since the shoulder ligament tear) 12-14 miles. I have done 20 before (many times) but not since i injured my shoulder. It took over an hour and half, but not bad for me!

So anyway. thanks for reading my blog. hope i don't put you to sleep.

God is good. His Grace is sufficient. He lets me carry my burdens to Him and prays I don't pick them back up again. He is still teaching me that lesson!

God Bless You, He already is me!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

She was GORGEOUS...

Hey there.
I just keep humming the song "butterfly kisses" in my head as i recap, Molly and prom last night. She was stunning beyond words. Thanks to Chelsea Ferguson, family friend who did her hair and makeup. It was very vintage, Audrey Hepburn looking. I will attach a picture as soon as i can figure it out. But it was a day every mom enjoys...playing dress up with their daughters...except this time it was for real!

Her date, Jacob, is a fine young man. A Godly man with Godly parents. We have been praying for someone like him to enter Molly's life and God provided. They are almost at the one year mark. He treated the King's Daughter like a princess!

It was all magical, in Molly's words went waaaay to fast! Doesn't all special moments/treasured times do that...go to fast.

So picture coming soon.

Happy "mom's" day to you mom's out there! and to the special mom's in heaven. "happy Mom's Day" Mom, i miss you very much. Did you see Molly?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Prom count down

short one. Prom is tomorrow. so no real countdown. just been happening for over 2 months and i have not blogged about it all. i am excited for molly. the baseball season ended (sad) so now she and Jacob can go to prom. YEAH. she looks like a Kathrine Hepburn Princess in her dress. Another reality that my little girl is growing up...hard on mom's. Especially as Mom's (do NOT like to be called "mother") Day approaches.

I miss mom. I wish she could see molly. I know she would have driven up here to see her. I know my craft/office room would still have a bed in it. No more guest. No need for a bed. Love my "retreat" room (craft/office room)

Okay. Picture will be posted thank to Megan.

Today is National Day of Prayer, but someone said "isn't everyday that?" YES.

happy mom's day to all you mom's! if your mom is still around CALL HER, HUG HER, TELL HER YOU LOVE HER...cherish every moment. Because it can be taken in a moment!

life is precious. God is precious and my KING!

hugs to you all.

Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010...4 years

Today is the annivesary (do you call it that) of my mom's entrance into heaven (i like that better than "her passing" or "her death".

I talked about this before...that maybe I should be graduating from grief? Ironic it is the year Molly is graduating. I admit it was easier, but it does not have to be his day to make me miss my mom. I just remember what i was doing 4 years ago today. bummer.

So I will focus on the other "graduate" in our house and I will depend on God's healing with my "graduation date"from missing my mom. I know that my dad has been gone for 16 years...he passed 2 days before Molly's first birthday,so i always remember that day.

I will continue to use the word "GAP" --- "God Always Provides" to get me through this day and all the others. I am known as Gapgirl 06. It is just harder as I approach the graduation of would have loved it, Molly giving a speech, molly's gpa, and the party! She is where i get my "creativity" (and from dad). I gave one of my high school grad speeches, but it was NOT due to my good grads. I tried out for it. Now Molly will give one... wild!

I just always encourage people who still have parents to hug on them,ALOT! appreciate the time, love on them, do for them, get the stories, write on the back of pictures!

loving my mom today, missing her everyday.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Announcements, Tassels, Mortar Boards and more

Well, the announcements are on the dining room table. They did not come folded. So I guess that is my job. Need a bone folder (Martha Stewart HELP!). I need to go to Sam's and order the wallets to put in the announcements. I also in the process of making a "photo card" for the Open House invites and announcing the GRADUATE. We only got 50"formal" invites and we have over a 100 to send out. Now you know what I am doing this weekend! Crazy busy these days. Molly said it even made her sad seeing the graduation stuff. (but a good sad, a reality check, a "final" notice)

But the coolest thing I see in all this (and what gets me through each moment) is that Jesus planned this moment for Molly. How cool is that! Very cool. I am sad for people who do not know Jesus and do not experience this peace. Jer. 29:11.

I asked Molly for her favorite verse the other day for some project I am doing....she replied "look on the bathroom wall or in the bedroom on the walls" and she is righ. What a blessing to see a teens bathroom with scripture all over the mirror and the bedroom the same! Why does my mirror not look like that? It should. I am humbled by my daughters walk.

So continue to pray for the preparations that need to be finished, all the planning that still is up in the air, and the fun times ahead as we approach that very exciting day.

As I folded the "keepsake" announcement. All I could say is "look mom, oh how I miss you not being here". My heart hurts so badly, (that is my emotional eating problem) Grieving that has still not healed. Moments with my mom that were missed. But I know she is fine. I believe she is aware of this "Molly Moment" and of my tears. She would want me not to be sad and not to shed tears. But to live for the moment. To reach out for Christ hands for comfort. So I shall, mommy, I shall reach out and let Christ hold my hand, just like you did for so many years. Just as we held hands in your Hospice room 4 years ago (My mom entered heaven 4/26/06)

Thanks Jesus for holding my hand and holding my mom's in heaven!

"Jesus, lover of my soul...."

Sunday, April 18, 2010

5 weeks from now.

Five weeks from now, our youngest will have graduated and the open house will be over. But this is not the end...this is a new beginning for her and for us. We are leaning on Christ promises, especially Jeremiah 29:11. I recently wrote that verse out from The Message version and found it very enlightening: "...I know what I am doing. I have it all planned out--plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.""When you call on me, when you come and pray to me. I'll listen.""When you come looking from me, you'll find me.""Yes, when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else, I'll make sure you won't be disappointed." GOD's DECREE. (Jer. 29:11-14)

Powerful. What a reminder of God's promise to never leave us. He won't leave Molly just because she is graduating from high school. He won't abandon me when she goes off to Southeastern in August. We will both be hanging on to every word from this verse. To find love, comfort, hope and someone to run to when we are lonely.
I thank God that He knows better than me what Molly needs. I thank God that He will be joining her on that campus. Walking with her to her first class, just like I took her to class her first day in first grade. He will hold her hand, He held her hand back then too.

He is her faithful Father in Heaven and on Earth. He is mine too.

So as I ponder and prepare for the weeks ahead. I know He is catching every tear, calming every frantic moment, and caring for both of us as we enter a new journey...but not new to God.

So pray for Molly. Pray for her walk with Jesus. That it continues to grow deeper and she leans on His words for wisdom. Molly is a wonderful woman, full of God's grace, compassion, love, and joy. She will give God all the glory, as we will this next journey.

(i still am sad, but Jesus knows that...He is not surprised, nor disappointed. Just holding me tightly for now.)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter...

All four days equal freedom and GRACE from Jesus. Thank you Jesus for all you did for me and still do for me. I look forward to working on your agenda for me and not my agenda for me! I pray I get it soon!

So celebrate our KING...JESUS...Celebrate the GRACE that was delivered at the cross!
Tell someone "happy Easter". I did on my bike ride and got 2 responses. I am hoping that I just didn't hear the others! praying for more to come to know Jesus.


Separate note:

My previous blog talked about becoming a better person...i thought that through more...i do not mean to belittle people who have or had cancer...I have lived through it with my mom and it was very, very difficult. The challenge of my blog was for me to a "better" person for the mere reason I KNOW JESUS!! I want to do that NOW! I think that is why when i am walking or riding i always wave to FedEx drivers, UPS drivers, garbage men....i think one wave and smile goes along way to those guys and YOU KNOW WHAT THEY always wave back!!!!! try it!
So anyway...I still am praying for God's help in this matter and my obedience to His calling.

Enjoy Easter blessings, may they flow this weekend and always

Monday, March 29, 2010

a better me, a better you...

First subject...EASTER.

This week we celebrate Easter. Christ did an amazing thing for me (and you, but i can not speak for you). He took my sins and died on the cross for ME! I want to take that all in. I want to really, really be in "awe" about it. I want to think about God's Son, Jesus doing that for me, He knew me back then. He knew you.

For several years I have ask my girls to participate on Good Friday in 6 hours of reverance to Jesus (6 hours is the length he hung on the cross, I have for years believed). We have done service projects, we have gone to the beach and read our bibles, we have gone our separate ways,too, some years. I have come to realize i can no longer ask my girls to do this...they are all grown up. It is now up to them to choose how to spend Good Fridy. I can pray for them. I can pray that they understand why i have ask them to do it for so many years. I can only ask myself that. Why only Good Friday...I need to pray I do something everyday...not just 10 minutes here or there. Jesus deserves more of me. I want to remember what Francis Chan said..."tremble at just holding the bible, reading the bible, remembering who wrote it/inspired it." So this Friday I will do this by myself (or maybe not?).

Another subject..Better me...

I also want to comment on this...I hear about people getting cancer and it making them a "better person, a better spouse, a better mom/dad, a better co-worker, a better friend, a better son/daughter, etc" I do not want to get cancer to do this. I want to be better NOW. I want my girls to see me for who I am... a broken person but healed by Jesus, forgiven by Jesus, loved unconditionally by Jesus...I want them to see Jesus in me. But do they? Does Brian? Do my friends? Do strangers?

To my girls I can i be better to you, for you? Ask me now, don't wait. What do you want to know? What have I not told you? I don't want it to be in a letter. I want you to freely come to me and open up to me and tell me "how I can be better, how I can serve you better. Do not wait.

To my friends I ask the can i pray for you? serve you? be there for you? be Jesus with skin on? I don't want to just talk the walk, i want to walk it. Forgive me...I struggle at this. But please don't let cancer teach me to be a better me...tell me how i can not wait.

If Brian read my blog I would want him to tell me to. How I could be a better spouse/friend to him.

To anyone out there....take the time...give up texting, facebook (i blog) to reach out to your loved ones. i want to give up my selfish motives and be a better me to you....let us not wait! Do this for yourself.

Jesus took the time to give me a chance to be a better going to the cross and dying for my sins. I became a better person the day i accepted Him into my heart. I don't want any of you to wait...He can make you a better person, today!

The gift is free. It is Jesus. Jesus wants me to be a better me, too. It starts with Him, getting my life back in line with His Word. Sharing His Word with others.

Have I made sense?

My mom's death will be 4 years 4/26. Do I graduate now? from grief? move on? another blog subject, not now. Focus on Easter!!! LIFE!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring has Sprung in Sarasota!!!

HI friends,

Love hyaciths (do not like spelling the word!) Everytime i go to Publix i stick my nose in one of their hyacinths (think i got it that time) and SMEEEELLLLL them! That to me is the true smell of spring!


S o many of God's creations popping out,
P raising God for each one of them!
R ainy days, thunderstorms, sunny days, cloudy days...ah Spring is here.
I nside is not the place to be when Spring pops it head up.
N ow is the time to run, play, romp and stomp on that pretty green grass.
G od is faithful no matter what season, but for now it is Spring and God is smelling very, very fragrant.
(do you see the word SPRING?)

Okay i am not a poet, (megs can you work your magic and get me some spring flowers, thanks!! see you in 10 more days!!)

So what are you thankful when Spring you have a Simple Spring Pleasure?
God has TONS!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

AHHH moment

just a quick one before i go workout with Jillian, but isn't the blog fun! Thanks Megs!

Remember to be thankful for simple pleasures, hug your kids, and tell your spouse you love and appreciate him. It is a beautiful day to be in the Word. I am going to do that before I workout. Spiritual workout before physical workout. I know it will make me stronger in all ways! So how do you start your day? Do you allow Him to start your day. I bet He has alot of "ahhhh moments" to give you. The Bible is full of "ahhhh moments". Each day we receive new "ahh moments" from Him. When we do share them or give them away.

So have a great day filled with "ahh moments" and "simple pleasures" they are all around. You won't have to "workout" hard to see them! One of mine is in her room doing math homework...she is a "ahh moment" (molly doing math and having her home) (Miss you megs!)

Enjoy your is a gift and every moment a blessing

Sunday, March 14, 2010

being thankful

my sweet daughter, Megan, surprised me and updated my blog! Do you like it? She added pictures and the new design. Wow. I actually look like "I" know what I am doing! (Cathy do you like it? email me!)

I read others blogs and always wonder where they get their cute designs and pictures. And so Megan did it for me. I didn't want to buy one so she must have found me a free one...that is even better. I love the pictures she added. She is so talented. thanks megs!

Well, I am off for a walk with our dachsund, Ruthie. (well, prayerfully she will be responsive!) And then on a 4 miles for myself with God time! I am starting a new eating plan tomorrow by Jorge Cruz (the bellyfat cure)...boy i am looking forward to it and praying for no more bondage to food (freedom from food). I want to spend my time doing Molly's scrapbook. what fun! 2 months til she

It is a beautiful day that God created...I am going out and enjoy it! You do too!
"This is the day that the Lord has made...."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

laylagrace is dancing with Jesus today

laylagrace is an angel today. Jesus is holding her healed body. she is whole again. please pray for the family and the sisters. Claire told the dog to be quiet because she would wake up laylagrace. her celebration of life is this Sat. in Katy Texas. prayers. no more words. just Jesus time.

Monday, March 8, 2010

praying for layla grace in houston

there is a little girl (2) in houston who has cancer and is now home with her parents and hospice. Hospice is always brought in to make the days easier as the person gets closer to death. Please pray for Laylagrace. Her sisters claire 3 and jenna 9 are staying with their grandma so they are not home to watch the process their sister is going through. Pray. Thank You.

Hug your children. Pray to God and than Him for their lives, health, purpose He has for them. Hug your spouse and pray for him/her.

God has given us gifts. I have so much to be thankful for. I need to remember that.

Hope you have a great day. God is AWESOME.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"MARCH"ing on towards another month and blogging

hey there.
HEY THERE OUT THERE>>>>>are you there? I kinda don't mind that i don't have 5,235 bloggers reading me. I have God to blog to. (and cathy)

God blog...God you amaze me. You amaze me how you love me. Me broken and a sinner. Sin is not of YOU, it is not from you and you dispise it. It is no fun. Fun is loving and being with you. You complete me. Me, a follower of God who desperately wants to be CRAZY IN LOVE with YOU. You are CRAZY IN LOVE with me, amazing. Amazing Love, how sweet it is...YOUR love for me. Me, it is NOT ABOUT is about YOU. You gave me this day, what do you want me to do with it? It is a day that i continue to say....everyday is a blessing, every moment a gift. Gift from Betsy Love God. God you are so many unbelievable words, moments to many, ARE...GRACE, PEACE, LOVE, JOY, MERCY, DEFEATER of EVIL, UNCONDITIONAL. Unconditional love to me a sinner who is in love with the FORGIVER. Forgiver, i thank you for this day. Day full of grace. Grace is covering me this day.

Okay. did you notice that each sentence started with the word before? that was hard. thought-provoking.

March is you hear it....marching in like a lion to bring the lamb in april...The Lamb of God. Easter is approaching...God's love in full color.

hugs....go hug your kids and your hubby. IMPORTANT.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am sorry it has been more than a week since words have been typed. Busy? don't know. (saw Cathy, a friend, and fellow reader...thanks...I write for you!)

Anyway, i finally got to see the movie BLINDSIDE...first i learned why it is called that. It is the offensive players "name" (not official name) who covers the quarterbacks "blindside" when the defensive players are coming at him. cool. Second, I highly recommend you all go see it. Probably most of you have seen it. I want to own it. Wow. It was moving, inspiring, and challenging movie.

I guess i could take the word BLINDSIDE and think of it spiritually. God has my BLINDSIDE. GOD has ALL SIDES of me. Yet, i still don't give him 1/2 of me. I am being blindsided by my own lack of obedience. Disobedience can BLINDSIDE me from seeing/hearing God's voice/will for my life. Sad. I guess that is why I need prayer protect keep my BLINDSIDE open to God.

Do you have a BLINDSIDE? I do. I am challenged and humbled to go forward and work on it. I want to be BLINDED by GOD' LIGHT!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I saw on a blog someone wrote their "simple pleasures". Those are the things that bring you pleasure but are simple. So what better thing from the "Real Simple" blog to write my "simple pleasures."

My list of Simple Pleasures....(short list)

1. THUNDERSTORMS...i love them so much that i have a thunderstorm on my iPod i listen to when i fall asleep.
2. SOUNDS OF NATURE...there is a wide range of "nature" sounds on my iPod that I listen too...Amazon Rainforest, Rocky Mountain, Whales, Waves to name a few.
3. MY GIRLS...yes, i know they are grown up woman...but I will always refer to them as "my girls".
4. THE SMELL OF GRASS, fresh mowed.
5. SITTING IN THE FRONT YARD WITH RUTHIE, our mini dachsund and watching her nose go wild. smelling. then i get annoyed when she barks at EVERYTHING that walks by!
6. SMELL OF FALL LEAVES. decaying leaves, doesn't sound pleasurable...but the smell.
7. SITTING AT THE BEACH and watching the waves and listening to them.
8. WALKS...walking and praising God's creation. observing all that HE has done.
9. BIG FLUFFY,DOWN COMFORTERS (don't have one) but when i sleep under
11. WATERFALLS, the sound of any water...rain,etc.
12. MY HUSBAND'S unconditional love for me and all my flaws.
13. PRAISE AND WORSHIP be in the sanctuary all by myself and listening to great worship music and praising my Jesus....

I guess that is it for this moment. I could probably go on and on...but now it is your turn. Simple pleasures....mine are.....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Crazy Love

Our church is starting a new "all for one" study. And the book is CRAZY LOVE by Francis Chan. (this would be a great time to insert a picture, don't do that very well). I am very excited about the book. It is radical, challenging, and awakening. I pray it does this to me. I pray it does it for our church. It is time to be more respondent (word?) and respectful of our Amazing God. I think i take Him for granted, I know I do. I am ashamed (broken by) of that.

I wake up every morning and tell Him my prayer request. I thank Him for His provisions in my life. I need to spend more time thanking Him for who He is! Emmanuel. God of the Heavens and the Universe. Take in the creations He made out of love for me.

So I am going to open and read and take notes about Crazy Love. Molly has read it 5 times. It is one of her all time favorite books/author. He has another book i want to read about the Holy Spirit (okay, talk about somethng else I am humbled by...and dissappointed I do not call upon more! the Holy Spirit.)

Okay. Just want to encourage all of us to remember....(out of Crazy Love)
1. Take a long hard look at Him before you speak to Him.
2. Solomon warned us not to rush into God's presence with words.
3. The wise man comes to God without saying a word and stands in awe of Him.
4. Through creation we see His "invisible qualities" and "divine nature" (Rom. 1:20)
5. God will not be tolerated...tremble at His very Word.
6. He instructs us to worship and fear Him.
7. Genuinely loving out of our true selves.
8. intentionally and consistently remind ourselves of Him.
9. God is Holy. I am who I am.
10. God remains the same--and His years will never end.

think about this....just points from chapter one.

I shutter at how i have hurt God. I want to change that.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do you have leaks? Spiritual ones?

Hey there.
Last night brian came into the bedroom and said he had just read this statement."If you are not experiencing true joy, you have leaks in your Christianity"...he said he had some leaks. Do you? Do I? I don't know how to answer that. I feel content (except for that one thing--lbs) I love my family. I love staying at home and purging. Am i filled with joy? I am today, because i am not in Haiti (i wish i could go and help though) and did not go through what those people went through and still are going through. I just cannot imagine. People who went there say it is worse than we see. So i am joyful i have a laptop to write to you about these things. I am joyful i have clothes on my back and just had a bowl of cereal! So do you have leaks...if you do read the below.

I am starting to go into Max Lucado's and Charles Stanley's sites. I read there daily devotionals. Today Max posted on his Twitter..."God pomises "I will instruct you in the way you should go, I will guide you with my eyes." (Ps.32:8) Trust Him, Heed Him, Your are not alone!

On Charles Stanley's...he was talking of the story of Jeosophat (sp). This is part of the devotional: "When God's people humbly call upon His name, He releases awesome power. The bible is packed with stories o His mighty intervention on behalf of those who cry out to Him. He is ready to respond when we bring heavy hearts and deep concerns to Him. Crying out to God and asking Him to work in our ieves requires humility and persistence. Though we are unable to succeed onour own, we frequently try. By allowing us to bring our concerns and desires before Him, Jesus lovingly helps us realize our dependence.

So how dependent are you to Him, or is that why you/we have leaks? Question for the day.

every day is a gift..every moment a blessing

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My oh is 2010 and just blogging

(wierd just noticed it was exactly a month from my last God!)

I know why i don't have a huge following...I am not an "everydayer". (not a word) I don't blog everyday. Who has that kind of time. but I do read some favorite blogs everyday! And you know why...because they are "everydayers" and some of my favorites who are like me and do not do it everyday I still check there blogs (dawn and john).

So what can i tell you in "10" words or less...I love Jesus and His amazing Grace and Mercy, uhhuh! (okay the uhhuh counts as a word!)

What "10" things can i update you on....and you would find interesting!??? The word "purge" is my new word...i still love the word "whimsical"....don't you?

1. PURGING IN THE NEW YEAR.. I am trying to purge my house. i finished my kitchen...took everything out, cleaned the shelves, threw out "dated" spices (you should check yours, it will crack you up!). But then my husband (sweet guy) comes homes and starts going through the goodwill pile and starts taking things out and saying "we should keep this" or "do you think megan would want this?". Geez....but i kept what he wanted. And as far as Megan well...she does not have a place yet so "no" she does not want it.

2. PURGING POUNDS.....trying my darnest to lose some much needed lbs that were gained before and during the holidays! is sooo hard when you get older! I started a "weight training" class at church and still doing aerobics. On my days when those two don't occur, i do Jillian, which is what i still need to do today! before 10 (and it is 8:40). I want one of those body buggs, but trying to justify the cost. I just am an EMOTIONAL EATER! My big thing is NO food after 8. One thing at a time. I just want weight off before Molly's graduation! Prayers!

3. PURGING THROUGH, college is expensive, esp when your daughters "dream" college is a private, Christian college! But she did get accepted by Southeastern yesterday! YEAH!!! She has a list a mile long (no kidding) of scholarships she has to apply for. Every $1,000 counts! No word on the 19 she has applied for so far...but they usually start letting you know by Feb. GO MOLLY!

4. PURGING THROUGH SCRAPBOOKING...i NEED to start doing Molly's for her Open House! Maybe that will keep me from eating! So I have the pictures separated and ready to go in the book, I just need to clean up the last project i was doing (journal making). I also promised my step dad i would compile a book for him of all his pics of my mom and their trips. Hard when you don't know much about the pictures and NOTHING is written on the back!

5. PURGING ON TO MOLLY's GRADUATION...May around the corner. Planning, planning and more planning. She was named Salutatorian on Tuesday! Wow! This means she has to give a speech at graduation! The time is going way to fast. My house will be even quieter than it is on her "not" homeschool days next year. So we purge forward bathed in prayer!! that is all i can do right now!

6. PURGING THROUGH MEGANS TEACHING YEAR...she is doing GREAT. She is loved by her teachers, getting to know her students, and loves teaching and its challenges! She needs a place of her own (prayers). She has found a church and a Sunday School class of adults her age. Now to hunt for roommie and a place!! We see her atleast twice a month which is a blessing. Ruthie misses her. we miss her!!!!

7. PURGING THROUGH BANKING AND BRIAN...banking is hard work, brian knew that. but did he know the economy would be like this???? no! But he made it through another audit by the gov't. PRAISE GOD! He is doing fine, works hard, very hard. He loves our small group that meets on Thursday. good group of guy pals for him! He is a great dad, husband and provider. He will make it through and Sabal Palm is in God's hands!

8. PURGING THROUGH WHAT IS NEXT FOR ME....when Molly leaves it will be very, very quiet..job? more volunteering? more purging (is that possible)?, I know God has a plan for me (Jer. 29:11)... I am excited about it. I am sure if i get too bored the church will always find me something to do.

9. PURGING THROUGH MY BLOG....I want to blog more. because right now i am having a blast. I love to write things that are on my mind and hope that maybe just "one" thing i say will encourage someone, share Jesus with someone, make someone smile, or just be there for someone. I am glad i can express myself so freely. Whether or not anyone reads this blog is not important. (sorta..ha) I really think it is for me to express my thoughts. so go forward in 2010 and write 51 more blogs or more!

10. PURGING INTO 2010...what do i want to purge from my 2009 life and NOT bring into my 2010 lack of commitment to God and His Word is heavy on my heart! I really want to put Him first in my life and LIVE IT! I want people to ask me "why are you like that?"and my response be "Jesus" it is simple. But life is not always simplier with Jesus, but just BETTER. Better because His way is better. My way leads to extra lbs, His way leads me to freedom. I also want to be a better mom, just really "listen" to my girls. When molly tells me something I have started to STOP what i am doing and give her my full attention and if i cannot i explain it to her. I want to tell my husband everytime he leaves "I love you" and my girls, too!!! I want to HUG him when he comes through the remind him "why he came home". I want to be a better friend and really be there for them. When a friend talks to me I want my focus to be souly on them...not who is walking behind them. (get it)? I have alot of wants....but i feel they are all needs. I am not asking for things to be "bought" but for me to "buy" into others and my life more. So we will see....Pray for me!

Thanks for reading this. Remember today is a gift from God, everyday is a blessing from Him. Every moment is His and I am not to waste it...So go forward...use Him not food to console my soul.

love you guys!!! love my Jesus!