Monday, April 27, 2009


This is the week....That the Lord has made...let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Yes, this is the week that God had planned along time ago...Megan's graduation week!

It has been a blessing to see all of His provisions through these many years. (even going back to Elem. school) She has made it, but God provided! Thank you, Jesus.

Last week we got to see her give her Sr. portfolio presentation. There I heard her Prof. say that her 'autobiography', that was part of her portfolio, should be published. cool. Maybe I will publish it on the blog to let you all read it! Then on Friday we went to her SCATT (South Coast Area Teacher Training) Honors Graduation program. Long, but worth it! Now this week graduation and next Saturday Open House to Celebrate it all!!!! Brian (my hubby) says that going through over 6 hours of events is worth the 6 years we had to wait for it all!

So in the end I just want God to get the glory. He has provided, pushed, prayed, empowered, watched over, and so much more for Megan.

She is starting an intensive job search and even though there seems to be no jobs in education (where lack of funding and downsizing are the 'buzz' words) I know God has a plan for her (Jer. 29:11). He would not have gotten her this far to let her go now. He is still in charge of her life. She is just in charge of pursuing and getting it done! We continue to pray for God's will.

So anyway...crazy week. But very, very thankful for this week.

Prayer request: Pray for God's leading to continue and Megan seeks it. Pray for organization, networking and perserverance in her job search. Pray protection over her from discouragement, lack of self esteem, procrastination and any other things the bad guy sends her way. Pray for us as her parents to be on our knees about her needs and future.

Thank you. I am off to swim...have not exercised (later Jillian and biking)in 3 weeks...due to a cold and our busy schedules! I am excited. Thinking about doing a 25 miles bike to raise money for the homeless...hmmm.

Have a great day and week!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

posting I will do, a posting I will do...

Hi...I am going to type something because i have not said HI lately.

so...HI (lately) ha!

I have been busy volunteering at church. I suggested a project....let me tell you NEVER suggest a project unless you really, really want to RUN the whole thing! That is where I am. Running, scrambling and counting. Let me tell you about my project (but God's idea!)

We are still in debt for our worship center. You should be done with your debt BEFORE the building is complete. Why? Because once the building is done people "assume" it is paid for. Not always true. Not in our case. We still owe. So Brian and I have been on the Gateway team for awhile. Gateway was our capital campaign. We are no longer doing a "campaign" but we still need to keep those $'s coming in. There are still faithful givers to the building fund. But what do you do with the new people or those who just are having a hard time giving. God gives you an idea...Change4Change. We are collecting coins (and yes we will take bills-foldable coins!) to help pay for the sanctuary (okay Worship Center). The reason we built the Worship Center was to "change" lives for Christ. So we are collecting change from cars, homes, couches, etc. (note: the number 4 key on your keyboard is the dollar sign, and there are 4 types (mainly) of coins --so cool) So I used to the verse about the widow's mite. (great verse for this purpose) and got some buckets with the name on it and the verse reference and set up a table and wham....a project begins! So once a month we collect change. We have handed out stickers so people can start a "change" jar at home. It has the logo and verse on it! (this is when i should grab a picture of the logo and place here....coming soon...right Cindy...I will learn to do this!)

So we had a kick off weekend about 3 wks ago that people did not know we were collecting and that weekend we brought in 909.01 (penny is important). We are too do the collecting the first weekend of the the following weekend was the first weekend of the month! Here I go again. But in the meantime, the 909...had to be sorted and counted and rolled! got again! But we do have a small coin roll machine at does 4 rolls of each at a time and very slowly! The following weekend plus the next weekend...we got more coins. So this week i spend 3 days counting...and I took a deposit of 1500.00+ to the bank! it is amazing! God is sooo amazing! I have seen some 20,000 pennies, 3,900 nickels, 6,000 dimes, and 4,000 quarters! dirty coins! Yes, I wear rubber gloves! You would be amazed at what i have found in the coins! Fuzz bunnies, paper clips, mickey mouse confetti, coins from around the world (Canada, Dawn!) and most recently a 1943 dime and a 1849 Indian head penny (is that worth anything?? for the church?), i even found an American girl play quarter that is the size of an ant! God has kept me smiling as i find the odd things...amazing how i can see a foreign coin in the bucket!

Speaking of "foreign" i have some in my bucket...(body)? Do I see the things that God wants me to see or do I pick around them? I am a foreigner to this world. What do people see in me when they look at me? I want them to see Christ.

I love the song "hosanna" (another time to slip in a YouTube blurb)..the words are are my favorite...

"Heal my heart and make it clean...
Open up my eyes to the things unseen...
Show me how to love like you have loved me..."
"Break my heart from what breaks yours....
Everything I am for your kingdom cause,
As I go from earth to eternity."

So my prayer is that song...Dear God, Please heal my heart and make it clean. Open my eyes to the things I can not see. Show me Lord, to love like you have loved me. Lord, break my heart from what breaks yours. May I do everything to further your kingdom here on earth. Amen.

gotta run....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

He is Risen, He is Risen, Indeed. Need I say more?


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my brother's birthday...

Today is my big brother, Jim's birthday! He is very special to me. He has always been an inspiration. Since our parents have passed away; he has been there.

He calls. He always answers my sports injury questions and "eating" right questions. He is a trainer, author, and entrepreneaur. He checks up on my girls. He gives my girls a hard time (teases them). Molly calls him "Uncle J". I love that. I wish we were all closer. He ask about Brian's bank. He calls!

Even though when we were little he shot me in the butt with his bb gun...i still love him. Even though he teased me til i cried...I still love him. Even though he hit me...i still love him. He is an amazing, devoted, fun dad and husband. He has two great girls...Ryann and Sydney. He has an amazing wife, Becki. He is very blessed.

So happy birthday brother Jim. I still love you. from Tizzy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

have you heard this song...Unredeemed this off a the words...helping me with my "mom missing" moment. (hmmm. "mmm")...

The cruelest words
The coldest heart
The deepest wounds
The endless dark
The lonely ache
The burning tears
The bitter night
The wasted years
Life breaks and falls apart
But we know these are...
Where grace is
Soon to be amazing
They may be unfulfilled
They may be unrestored
But when anything thats shattered
Is laid before the Lord
Just watch and see
It will not be
For every choice
That led to shame
And all the love
That never came
For every life
That gave up hope
We live in the shadow of the fall
But the cross says these are all--just
Where grace is
soon to be so amazing
They may be unrestored
But when anything that's shattered
Is laid before the Lord
Just watch and see
It will not be
They may be unfulfilled
They may be unrestored
You never know the miracles
The father has in store
Just watch and see
It will not be

no more needed to be said....

Just stuff...

Some updates...Jillian and I are sweating to her killer workouts. Well, I am...Jillian can still tell me what to do while she is working out...i on the other hand frequently grab an oxygen mask (ha...just kidding, i am really not doing so bad). Food is getting better.

Not an just blogging....
I will tell you that you can be done with my blog by just reading the above. I need to talk to someone and it does not have to be you. Because I don't want people (or my 3 readers) to think I am always sad. I do have joy in my life. I promise, promise to write joyfully next time.

Actually, I can write joyfully now. Cora Jean came into this world today and is the daughter of Andy and Jodi Wells. She came around 5:30ish tonight and weighed 6lbs 12 oz. I got to hold, how very little a baby looks--you forget how little they are! But not what a miracle they! she is beautiful!

more...Just blogging...
Okay...the reason i need to talk to blog world is tonight I began addressing Megan's college grad. announcements. I came to "merlin james", my step dad...and lost it. You see my mom was one of Megan's biggest fans and encouragers. And i didn't realize how very hard it would be to address that envelope. I am glad Merlin is around and he is coming to the graduation (only family coming) but I lost it. And now am in a tiny funk...missing my mom.

I starred at her pictures and selfishly wished she was here. But know she is cancer free and with Jesus! Gee, she is singing "hallelujah" and saying "He is Risen" in heaven with Jesus this Easter! How could i ever selfishly wish she was here to see a graduation. But I know Jesus feels my tears and opens the "Betsy's tears" jar and collects. He is not tired of collecting them. He understands and is sad with me. I am sad that Brian's parents are not here to cheer for her...they also were her fans.

A verse I found on a blog..."In His heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." (Prov. 16:9) I had plans my mom would be at Megan's graduation (she was at her high school, thank you Jesus!) from college. She knew Megan's challenges, but yet she was so very proud of her. I want her here.

I want her to hold my hand as the tears roll down my cheeks as I watch our daughter walk across that stage (she better walk slow!) and get her diploma. We were told most of her life she would not even get her high school she is receiving her college diploma with honors.

In my mind I know my mom and dad are watching (and Chip and Bev); but my heart is broken that they are not here. I know they have the best seat in the house! I know from the verse the Lord has determined and delivered His plan for Megan's "steps" across that stage.

I am rejoicing. I am sooo very excited. I want that walk to take forever. I want to see every part of her schooling and struggles to flash across my mind. I am so very proud of her and what she has accomplished.

So thank you Lord for your promises that you delivered. For Megan who was a beautiful baby girl some 24 years ago. My first girl. Thank you Lord for bringing her to my arms to hold and guide throughout her 24 years. Thank you for giving me that gift. I know you love her so much more than i can ever fathom. I know she is yours and not mine.

So, Lord continue to determine her steps...YOU have done an amazing job! I know you will be there beside me holding my hand and catching my tears as WE watch Megan Elizabeth Hall get her college diploma. Thank you! I love you Jesus.

Thank you for showing me how much you loved me when you stretched out those arms on the cross...."this much, betsy...I love you, this much".

Easter Blessings to you we say He has Risen, He has Risen!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

oh where, oh where could megan's keys be...

Do you all ever have days you feel you never get anything "you" want accomplished? Yesterday was one of those days. There is a God story in it it goes.

First, one my list I put on my workout clothes, knowing I would work out in the a.m. I knew I had to take Molly and her friends to the beach (Siesta, white, beautiful beach!) which was 30 min there, 3o min back. With a stop at the library. (love to get dvd's there-free)

Okay home by 10:30 but dear Cathy was waiting to come over....hmmm workout? not enough time. So i rush to clean and vaccuum my house. Set out some water and pretzels so she feels special. She comes and we had a WONDERFUL time, that went way to fast. So now it is 1:30. Molly gets a ride home. So I am thinking need to get to the church for a reason and a meeting at 5. Still in my workout clothes. hmmm.

Well, Megan calls...she is at a park in Sarasota and she has lost her keys. It is around 2. There goes one meeting at church, praying I make the 5:00 one. So I find a spare set (as she has class at 3:30) and head down their. Needless to say I was not happy, but I called my sister in law. She and I can make any experience funny and encourage each other. So she makes my tears dry up (i was frustrated about NO exercise yet and the fact I was NOT going to make my meeting at 3:45-don't like to do that). She encourages me to HUG Megan the minute I see her. So I get down there give Megan the keys, she points me in the direction of where the keys might be, and starts to walk to her car...."Wait" I call to her and went over and gave her a HUG!

So off I go in search of her keys. I ask EVERYONE. I have no pride. She is too shy to do that. I search and search. And even have people (strangers!) join me in my search. I talked to God alot during this search. Praying, quoting the very few verses I have memorized (Phil. 3:14) and tell Him (like He needs to be told?) that I really want this whole "search" to glorify Him. I start picking up trash (might as well, my head looks like I am part ostrich!) thinking (I am SOOOO wierd) that maybe picking up trash will get me the keys...God's reward. (I am so in a time-out chair in heaven for that thought).

Please understand it was 85 degrees, so my head was boiling from the lost keys and the heat. I continue to search and ask around (eateries, booths,etc). Finally at 4:45 (remember I got there around 2:30ish) go towards the marina's office - along ways from the park. Ask in each of the offices, finally walk in the back door of a small gift shop/office. No one their...finally someone. "Has anyone turned in any keys?" She quickly replies "Honda keys?". "YES" I said. She gives me the keys and I don't recognize the keychain. I try and call Megan (she is in class not responding-good for her-does not reply to text picture of keys-good for her); call Molly- she does not recognize. The girl said the keys had been turned it around 2:30..why did we not go there first? hmmm

I am in a "pickle" and very hot. I tell the girl I will take them home and if someone comes in here searching for keys like these. I will bring them back if they are not ours! I know how that person feels!

Okay, remember how I wanted to turn this story into an amazing God story. I realized in the middle of my search and still looking like an ostrich; that even if I did not find the keys (miracle)- that I needed to realize that it would STILL be a God story. Once I realized that....I found the keys! You see God wants us to see Him in ALL things...good, bad, sad, mad, etc....never found keys....found keys. He is amazing. I could still have a God story and I did.

My point is the matter what -- God is in every circumstance in our lives, orchestrating it all. The bad ones turn into learning curves with God, the good ones turn into rejoicing moments with God and so on. I may not be a clear writer, but God teaches me so much each day even at 50!

I hung those keys on the back door so my family could see them with a sign that says "He is a great miraculous God! (with a sense of humor)". It is still there, not the keys though. They took Megan to school today. YEAH!

So search for your God story today...there is one waiting for you!

PS. I did miss both meetings (one being with the Sr.Pastor) but I did workout with Jillian at 6:30; but brian had a PB&J sandwich for dinner! oh well, best layed plans can get "speed bumped" sometimes!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Friends are Friends forever...if the Lord...

Okay I am glad you can not "hear" me singing because MWS does it so much better. But I just had a great visit from a friend from Columbus, Ohio who use to live here. Cathy! Isn't it great when God creates friendships because you know that no matter how many miles or how little you see each other...He will keep you close and updated. Unconditional love comes from those types of friendship.

So dear Cathy...thanks for the "chat". Thanks for the "wisdom" you shared about "dating/courting". Thanks for you being you! I know you can't comment on my blog (Cindy how can she if she does not have aol or a blog?, thanks) but I know if you did you would say "backatcha" (i hope!)

Well, I am going into my room and get Jillian on my dvd and workout. It is late in the day and i am yet to do anything. I have a 5:00 meeting and a 3:45 meeting. Plus a shower and a "what do I wear situation!" It is getting warmer and my "classic" windbreaker hider is not a possibility. Pits!

So just wanted to tell you about my friend...and how wonderful she is. ahhhh.

She shared wise words of wisdom about dating and our daughters. I need to seek God's wisdom through prayer and His Word. Her advice! Pray with my husband about it. Pray with Molly. She will roll her eyes when i say...can i pray with you....but it won't be the first time and won't be the last...but someday she will understand! when she is on her knees in her daughters bedroom. May God be my led on this venture....please Lord give me the courage and words to pray with her about dating.