Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life not real simple right now...

It has been a whirlwind of a summer. Being an "educator/media specialist" we are to have these grand 3 months off. Well, that was in another lifetime. I worked this whole summer entering books. But I LOVE my job! In fact if I was not married and had no "outside" life, I would have a cot in my library!

Today was an exciting day....I got my BUSINESS CARDS!! If you are old enough to remember the movie The Jerk with Steve Martin...remember the day he sees his name in the phonebook...well that was me today!!! I was sooo excited!

The "Life is not real simple" is because I feel overwhelmed by my job, but in a good way. In a blessing kind of way! I actually had a "fellow" Media Specialist spend 4 hours with me on Wednesday. My dear friend, Lois' twin sister...Kathy! Wow, what a blessing that was. She told me "you will never be caught up, it is the world of the librarian". I figured that is "job security". NICE!

Still missing Keith...but loving on the family! have a great is Molly's 19the next year both girls will be in their 20's (well, megs you have been turn 27 next wed. !!!)

blessings blog readers!!

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