Saturday, July 16, 2011

My blog manager "manages" again...

Hey there....
There are so many things I am not aware of when it comes to my blog. Like the "stats". I have a viewing audience (HI to YOU all) and where they come from...which is mainly the U.S....thank you! I have "lots" of hits...but I am not sure how long they stay. Maybe seconds cuz it is not that "updated".

Our church is going through some tough times right now. Our incredible worship pastor, Keith Martin passed away from cancer. He was amazing. His witness to others was amazing. His patience was amazing. He was a God's man...does that make sense? He was a child of God. He worshipped God not the world. He lead worship like that too. He was passionate about it too! But He is in a new body with Jesus...cancer free. Everytime someone dies from cancer...i want to wear a "Cancer Sucks" t-shirt even though I do not like that word. But it does. I have lost so many precious people to cancer. But they are in heaven. Happy. We are the broken-hearted left behind. But God is catching our tears. He is healing our hearts. We will be fine, but it will take time.

School starts soon and I still have 1300 books to catalog. wow. but it will work out.

You know back to Keith. Tim our Sr. Pastor said some amazing things about Keith. His devotion time to God. He said he knew he had to fill his head with God's word in order to battle the world. (not exactly how it was said, but close) He challenged us to do what Keith and serve...serve and care!! So onward we go.

Serve today...because we are never promised tomorrow.

He lives in me. I do not know what the Spirit will do or where He'll lead me each time I invite Him to guide me. But I am tired of living in a way that looks exactly like people who do not hae the Holy Spirit of God living in them. I want to consistently live with an awareness of His strength. I want to be different today from what I was yesterday as the fruit of the Spirit becomes more manifest in me.

See you...

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