Tuesday, September 21, 2010

FOUND IT, bet you can't guess what....

LIBBY'S CANNED PUMPKIN!!!! Can you believe it! Finally yesterday at Publix (our local grocery store) had it! I grabbed 4 cans and Brian said "that's all you grabbed?" They were 1.79 a small can and today at Walmart I got the bigger can for 2.09...so what is with those people on eBay??? My wonderful sister in law sent me 4 cans! I feel so bad! But today Brian got to take a loaf of pumpkin bread (my house smelled so yummy last night!) to his Board of Directors meeting at the bank! Yeah...it makes them in such a good mood! And I also have a tradition that our Pastor gets one of the first loaves, so I dropped his off today...I am sure I will hear from him tomorrow! He does not share it, so I just made him a "mini" loaf.

So anyway...Fall is finally here at the Hall household! YEAH!!! And I will send anyone who wants the recipe for my pumpkin bread...it is yummy! This time I made it with whole wheat white flour. I would love to also try applesauce instead of oil. But I can not change it too much...those Director's would know!!!

So thank you for hanging in there with me! Wish I could put a picture of a can of pumpkin on this blog...but waiting for Megan to get her computer fixed! And boy do I need some pictures on my FaceBook (or FB or FaithBook)

I am seeing my lack of "computer" saavy is not a good thing!! Because I started looking for a job today! YIKES..am I old? am I dated? NO...God has the right job out there for me and my skills! Prayers are appreciated! Feeling alittle unqualified! (and I am not!)

take care and keep your eyes of Jesus (KYEOJ)!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

15.99 for 2 cans of Libby Pumpkin on eBay...NO WAY

Okay...seriously....it is just pumpkin! Last year they gave us the same scare about "flooded" pumpkin fields and NO pumpkin! But I WILL NOT GIVE UP! Nor will you for my precious cans of pumpkin...so the Hall's "can" "officially" start FALL here in Florida.

I will still enjoy Fall. Decorated house. Fall scented candles burn often. Fall is more than Halloween, but why is it you can find "halloween" decor everywhere and not much fall???? Halloween is ONE day...Fall is a SEASON! come on! As you can tell I am NOT a big fan of halloween! Every year I spend hours putting on the candy that will be handed out "Jesus loves YOU!" on stickers that get attached to the candy! My girls think I am wierd! Oh well, it is a Hall Fall tradition! labeling halloween candy!

Do you have fall traditions? During thanksgiving i give out 3 pieces of candy corn to each family member to put in a basket that is passed around during the meal to say "three things i am thankful for"....it is fun...it is corny....but a blessing to hear each year! I use to use colored indian corn, but have problems finding that here in Florida! Oh what i would do for a trip to Brown County in Indiana! Smell the fall, enjoy the shops and good food. Hang with friends from Bloomington! Did this last year. Not going to happen this year! Hanging on to memories.

Off to clean windows, which is not a Hall Fall tradition...just really wanted clean windows! and you??? your plans???? for fall???? blessings!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

want a challenge???

Do you want a challenge? besides trying to find me canned pumpkin!

Workout with the DVD set called CHALEAN EXTREME by Beachbody (the people who brought you P90x)....oh my....i am on day 65 and today was a Fat burn challenge and i am still dripping and it was only 35 minutes! I have lost 15 inches, 8% bodyfat in 62 days and 13.8lbs in 13 wks! It is an amazing workout. And trust me I have done them all, exercise programs! Jillian, aerobics, denise austin, tv exercise, etc...but never have i seen results like this! (no i am not selling it) But this gal Chalene Johnson is a "normal" person with a positive viewpoint...one day at a time and one pound at a time!

So anyway, both daughters are doing it....so go check it out at beachbody.com God has blessed you with a body, the Holy Spirit lives in you (if you have invited Him) and it is up to you to take care of the only body you are given! You are not getting any younger and think of your body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. Hey I am NOT saying it came easy for me! I will spend the rest of my life keeping myself healthy and exercising...i like sweets. I just have to choose what is more important. Seeing my grandchildren someday or eating a whole cake! hmmm. I go for the babies!

So go for a walk...get up and do something to thank God for the gift of a healthy body, mind and spirit. Do something that millions of people do not do....exercise and eat right!!

find my pumpkin too! ha!!! enjoy life....we are only given one! enjoy blessings....you are given many......enjoy Jesus....ask Him into your life!

see you! now go turn on some Praise and Worship music...i am and going to do that and clean the house. Girls won't be home.... :-(

Monday, September 6, 2010

New day

better...adjusting....sorry about last post! new life...takes time...bear with me!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

struggling with empty nesting and my role as a mom

seeing alot of adulthood and indepedence and wondering where i fit in...feeling like i am not needed...more of a convenience when they need something....struggling...really need some time with God to see where He wants me, what He wants me to do....to feel. It is weird to be a mom and see your role changing and unfortunately I am fighting the change. I know this is not good. Trying not to get my feelings hurt as I watch this "need you less and less" and "watch me grow"...but then I feel I am a "convenience store" to them. Come and go when "they" feel like it. I am just waiting to help. To find my place in their world. I am failing at this. I want them back like it was...i know I really probably don't. But what? What God? What am I to do? Heal my selfish motives...bind them and let me be free to serve you and only you! Then I will see your purpose for my life...my purpose in my girls lives that YOU desire...NOT me! It is NOT ABOUT ME....but why am i struggling. Why do i fear I am losing them...needing me. My prayer is that they will NEED YOU, GOD, MORE. I feel i make them "angry" at me, because i want them close by myside...want them to "hang" with me, just want them to sit. I am a mess...do not think any of my blogs have been this pitiful...but i do not know what to do, where to run...pray for my anger towards this change...help me to embrace it as a good thing..i do not want them to "not want to come home" because of this...sorry bloggers who read this...so sorry...i guess i am throwing myself a pity party!! The weekend went so fast...one daughter was around and that was great...the other is busy with the boyfriend and life in general...she is the one pushing out of the womb and it is hard.

I need to let go and LET GOD do the parenting...He is their FATHER....He knows the plans He has for them...He will not harm them...He will protect them...they may stumble but they will learn to rely on God and only God!!! God "lent" them to us, they are a gift from HIM!

Oh bother (that is what Pooh would say)... I know this too shall pass...I need to embrace this time with God to grow and get into the Word and see the wisdom of the Holy One.

Please forgive me, but i use this blog to let go of some of my feelings (trust me i spare you of many feelings)...their are no rules in the blog world...their are rules on Facebook and I seem to break them all (how i respond to my own comments, etc)

Oh well, God let me hear your voice and let me OBEY your calling!

Guess I am going through a growing pain....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Falling in love with the anticipation of the season....
Falling for the fact it does not occur in Florida.....and accepting it!
Falling in love with "soon" I can find a can of pumpkin in the store (can you yet?)
Falling in love with "fall" candle scents..YEAH! bring on the spices!
Falling in love with decorating my house for fall...poor husband!
Falling in love with the smell of chili, crockpot soups, and fresh pumpkin bread!
Falling in love with college football season, first Indiana Hoosier game Thurs!!
Falling in love with God...everylasting love, unconditional love, neverfailing love!

Fall is for people who love "crunching" on leaves, smell of decaying leaves, burning wood, cool nights....this is the only time i regret living in Florida (well "regret" is a strong word). I was born in October. I was BORN TO LOVE FALL!

So "bring it on"....the smell of fall (and please send me some canned pumpkin, someone!!!) I have the best pumpkin bread recipe!!!! if you want it ask me for it. It is a HALL TRADITION...first day of fall equals first loaf of pumpkin bread (oh what are the ww points for that?? Funny I like to make it, but not crazy about eating it...rather have pumpkin pie!)

Here is to a great, colorful fall somewhere out there!!!! Enjoy the colors that God created!!!