Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Falling in love with the anticipation of the season....
Falling for the fact it does not occur in Florida.....and accepting it!
Falling in love with "soon" I can find a can of pumpkin in the store (can you yet?)
Falling in love with "fall" candle scents..YEAH! bring on the spices!
Falling in love with decorating my house for fall...poor husband!
Falling in love with the smell of chili, crockpot soups, and fresh pumpkin bread!
Falling in love with college football season, first Indiana Hoosier game Thurs!!
Falling in love with God...everylasting love, unconditional love, neverfailing love!

Fall is for people who love "crunching" on leaves, smell of decaying leaves, burning wood, cool nights....this is the only time i regret living in Florida (well "regret" is a strong word). I was born in October. I was BORN TO LOVE FALL!

So "bring it on"....the smell of fall (and please send me some canned pumpkin, someone!!!) I have the best pumpkin bread recipe!!!! if you want it ask me for it. It is a HALL TRADITION...first day of fall equals first loaf of pumpkin bread (oh what are the ww points for that?? Funny I like to make it, but not crazy about eating it...rather have pumpkin pie!)

Here is to a great, colorful fall somewhere out there!!!! Enjoy the colors that God created!!!

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Dawn Cartwright said...

I'm so with you on the fall thing. Kelly and I made our chili tonight with from scratch cornbread. And it's 90 degrees out!Looking forward to cooler weather in Utah with Michael this weekend.I'm blessed to be able to visit him and his wife over Labor Day. Hugs to you!And send me the pumpkin bread recipe!