Friday, September 10, 2010

want a challenge???

Do you want a challenge? besides trying to find me canned pumpkin!

Workout with the DVD set called CHALEAN EXTREME by Beachbody (the people who brought you P90x)....oh my....i am on day 65 and today was a Fat burn challenge and i am still dripping and it was only 35 minutes! I have lost 15 inches, 8% bodyfat in 62 days and 13.8lbs in 13 wks! It is an amazing workout. And trust me I have done them all, exercise programs! Jillian, aerobics, denise austin, tv exercise, etc...but never have i seen results like this! (no i am not selling it) But this gal Chalene Johnson is a "normal" person with a positive day at a time and one pound at a time!

So anyway, both daughters are doing go check it out at God has blessed you with a body, the Holy Spirit lives in you (if you have invited Him) and it is up to you to take care of the only body you are given! You are not getting any younger and think of your body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. Hey I am NOT saying it came easy for me! I will spend the rest of my life keeping myself healthy and exercising...i like sweets. I just have to choose what is more important. Seeing my grandchildren someday or eating a whole cake! hmmm. I go for the babies!

So go for a walk...get up and do something to thank God for the gift of a healthy body, mind and spirit. Do something that millions of people do not do....exercise and eat right!!

find my pumpkin too! ha!!! enjoy life....we are only given one! enjoy are given many......enjoy Jesus....ask Him into your life!

see you! now go turn on some Praise and Worship music...i am and going to do that and clean the house. Girls won't be home.... :-(

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Jacquie said...

I am SO impressed with your fitness and weight loss strides!!! Keep it up ... it pays off AND you're going to find a new woman inside you. It's the perfect time for that.