Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FaceBook don't steal my love for blogging....

That is exactly how i feel....it has stole my time from blogging. blah! I love, love to blog (journal) and i wanted to say I have missed "sharing" my deepest feelings lately. I have been through so much. Daughter, number 1, moving to her first apt. 2 1/2 weeks ago! Daughter, number 2, moving to her first dorm room this past weekend! Both i want to mention were on the THIRD floor, common girls, give your mom a break! But Molly's has an elevator and 5 basketball players unloaded the WHOLE thing! (plus Jake, molly's boyfriend helped a ton!!) Two moves in Two weeks...that is for the birds, so is empty nesting!!!

So today is Tuesday....(Aug. 24)...another rainy day! I do not mind the cloudy days...God telling me it is okay to rest and reflect! I miss the sound of the showers, the tv always on, doors opening and closing, the "request" to do something, or the request for "what's for dinner". My sister-in-law and I have a saying about the transition of children moving out....the ONE factor that is evident is this... 'THEY WON'T BE HOME FOR DINNER' and that is what us mom miss the most. I love family dinners, I would chose family time over ANY present (except an IPAD, anyone have one they would like to donate??? ha) okay back to my thought....family time is most important to me...my girls dread to ask me every year "what do you want for your birthday mom????" and they say " we know...family time!" That is me in a nut shell!

So what is your focus, favorite present...?

Today in the Aug 24th devotional from Charles Stanley..."If we could design an ideal life, most of us would skip over times of hardship. But Scripture teaches us that God has purpose in the storms of life. The common thread in all trials is the Lord's desire and ability to use them for our good and HIS glory. Through these experiences, we can let go of ungodly traits and experience sweet communion as we walk in intimacy with Him! amen. amen. AMEN!!!

He is present. Focus on the PRESENT day! Love Well.

Let my life become such that people know what I stand for! Open my eyes to others' needs and be generous with God's blessings.

Love Well.

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Jacquie said...

I KNOW this is a difficult time!! I also know that there are so many sweet things ahead for you. Your love for your family will only grow stronger with your precious ADULT daughters!! It's gonna be good.

Hang in there in the meantime!!