Monday, September 13, 2010

15.99 for 2 cans of Libby Pumpkin on eBay...NO WAY is just pumpkin! Last year they gave us the same scare about "flooded" pumpkin fields and NO pumpkin! But I WILL NOT GIVE UP! Nor will you for my precious cans of the Hall's "can" "officially" start FALL here in Florida.

I will still enjoy Fall. Decorated house. Fall scented candles burn often. Fall is more than Halloween, but why is it you can find "halloween" decor everywhere and not much fall???? Halloween is ONE day...Fall is a SEASON! come on! As you can tell I am NOT a big fan of halloween! Every year I spend hours putting on the candy that will be handed out "Jesus loves YOU!" on stickers that get attached to the candy! My girls think I am wierd! Oh well, it is a Hall Fall tradition! labeling halloween candy!

Do you have fall traditions? During thanksgiving i give out 3 pieces of candy corn to each family member to put in a basket that is passed around during the meal to say "three things i am thankful for" is is corny....but a blessing to hear each year! I use to use colored indian corn, but have problems finding that here in Florida! Oh what i would do for a trip to Brown County in Indiana! Smell the fall, enjoy the shops and good food. Hang with friends from Bloomington! Did this last year. Not going to happen this year! Hanging on to memories.

Off to clean windows, which is not a Hall Fall tradition...just really wanted clean windows! and you??? your plans???? for fall???? blessings!!!

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