Monday, December 21, 2009

Post 51...didn't realize i had 50

Wow...i made it to 50 and today i write number 51 the same age i am~! wierd!

Today though please pray for my dear friend Amy Ruff, she and her husband were pastors at our church in Bloomington. They were missionaries in Ghana and now have come back to the states because she has stage 3 breast cancer (one side) she starts chemo. please pray for her. please pray for her journey with this with God...pray for sweet Terry her hubby and their 2 children and their hubbies. thanks.

It is cold here. It is 60 something in my house and you would think it was 40. my nose is cold, i have chills, my fingers need those gloves with the holes in the end so i could still type. I am such a whimp! I would freeze in Indy if i was there. I did not even do my prayer walk! bummer

I am writing my Christmas cards to my small collection of adult children who are either in college or in jobs away from home. I feel compeled to keep their mailboxes full of hope and not i send them cards every once in awhile (i wish more) and today i am sending them Christmas cards to "welcome them back" home after they have been with their families. ahhhh. one will be our daughter, Megan. It is great to have everyone back here for the break. But i have to keep a positive attitude or i go and start thinking how fast the time is/will be going!! DON"T GO THERE!

Megan is showering, molly is babysitting and ruth is doing what i would LOVE to be doing sleeping and cuddled in a warm blanket!!! hmmmmm. should i join her???

So what are you doing during your break? if you get one. If you don't what are you up to???

WEll...receive and believe the greatest gift ever..JESUS!


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