Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christ Celebration is every month

Today is the first day of December...a month full of decorations, hustle/bustle, money changing hands, bell ringers everywhere, Santa's confusing children, and somewhere you will find a manger or a "Merry Christmas" on the door of a store (Target has it!!!) But Christmas spirit is in our hearts and in our actions. That is my search this month...making sure i am doing both. Showing CHRIST in my merry "CHRIST"mas and doing something with it.

How will you do it? How will you push through all the stuff in your way and show CHRIST to those around you? Will it be in a smile, encouraging word, daily study of the Word, or just being friendly to a stranger (to your garbage men). But remember to do this each month...every month is a Christ celebration!

I am going to the attic and start bringing Christmas into my home. I was to do this 2hours ago (start) and i have been doing other things. But I am leaving in 6 min. and start the duties of making my house a celebration of Christ. My dear husband would like me to "tone" it down and not forget the "real" reason for the season. But decorating my house does not distract me from the spirit of Jesus...in fact i look at it all and it makes me smile. It reminds me of Jesus...lights, color, memories, and love are in my decorations. In each ornament that brings back a memory of a loved one here or who has gone to Jesus' arms. The white lights are JESUS lights...they are bright and full of hope. The tree smells of fresh evergreen. The smell of freshness that comes when we read His Word. So my house will bring joy and not clutter, it will be soft and full of joy and color..it will be a Jesus Celebration.

So may we all share the celebration of the birth of Jesus and not see our cups half full or half empty but "my cup runneth over with Jesus"!

So stop by for some hot chocolate, or a story, or a walk through the house. A home full of memories and ready for new ones to be made all because YOU stopped by to say "Merry CHRISTmas".

May the Joy of Jesus be evident in your home and on your face!

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