Thursday, January 21, 2010

My oh is 2010 and just blogging

(wierd just noticed it was exactly a month from my last God!)

I know why i don't have a huge following...I am not an "everydayer". (not a word) I don't blog everyday. Who has that kind of time. but I do read some favorite blogs everyday! And you know why...because they are "everydayers" and some of my favorites who are like me and do not do it everyday I still check there blogs (dawn and john).

So what can i tell you in "10" words or less...I love Jesus and His amazing Grace and Mercy, uhhuh! (okay the uhhuh counts as a word!)

What "10" things can i update you on....and you would find interesting!??? The word "purge" is my new word...i still love the word "whimsical"....don't you?

1. PURGING IN THE NEW YEAR.. I am trying to purge my house. i finished my kitchen...took everything out, cleaned the shelves, threw out "dated" spices (you should check yours, it will crack you up!). But then my husband (sweet guy) comes homes and starts going through the goodwill pile and starts taking things out and saying "we should keep this" or "do you think megan would want this?". Geez....but i kept what he wanted. And as far as Megan well...she does not have a place yet so "no" she does not want it.

2. PURGING POUNDS.....trying my darnest to lose some much needed lbs that were gained before and during the holidays! is sooo hard when you get older! I started a "weight training" class at church and still doing aerobics. On my days when those two don't occur, i do Jillian, which is what i still need to do today! before 10 (and it is 8:40). I want one of those body buggs, but trying to justify the cost. I just am an EMOTIONAL EATER! My big thing is NO food after 8. One thing at a time. I just want weight off before Molly's graduation! Prayers!

3. PURGING THROUGH, college is expensive, esp when your daughters "dream" college is a private, Christian college! But she did get accepted by Southeastern yesterday! YEAH!!! She has a list a mile long (no kidding) of scholarships she has to apply for. Every $1,000 counts! No word on the 19 she has applied for so far...but they usually start letting you know by Feb. GO MOLLY!

4. PURGING THROUGH SCRAPBOOKING...i NEED to start doing Molly's for her Open House! Maybe that will keep me from eating! So I have the pictures separated and ready to go in the book, I just need to clean up the last project i was doing (journal making). I also promised my step dad i would compile a book for him of all his pics of my mom and their trips. Hard when you don't know much about the pictures and NOTHING is written on the back!

5. PURGING ON TO MOLLY's GRADUATION...May around the corner. Planning, planning and more planning. She was named Salutatorian on Tuesday! Wow! This means she has to give a speech at graduation! The time is going way to fast. My house will be even quieter than it is on her "not" homeschool days next year. So we purge forward bathed in prayer!! that is all i can do right now!

6. PURGING THROUGH MEGANS TEACHING YEAR...she is doing GREAT. She is loved by her teachers, getting to know her students, and loves teaching and its challenges! She needs a place of her own (prayers). She has found a church and a Sunday School class of adults her age. Now to hunt for roommie and a place!! We see her atleast twice a month which is a blessing. Ruthie misses her. we miss her!!!!

7. PURGING THROUGH BANKING AND BRIAN...banking is hard work, brian knew that. but did he know the economy would be like this???? no! But he made it through another audit by the gov't. PRAISE GOD! He is doing fine, works hard, very hard. He loves our small group that meets on Thursday. good group of guy pals for him! He is a great dad, husband and provider. He will make it through and Sabal Palm is in God's hands!

8. PURGING THROUGH WHAT IS NEXT FOR ME....when Molly leaves it will be very, very quiet..job? more volunteering? more purging (is that possible)?, I know God has a plan for me (Jer. 29:11)... I am excited about it. I am sure if i get too bored the church will always find me something to do.

9. PURGING THROUGH MY BLOG....I want to blog more. because right now i am having a blast. I love to write things that are on my mind and hope that maybe just "one" thing i say will encourage someone, share Jesus with someone, make someone smile, or just be there for someone. I am glad i can express myself so freely. Whether or not anyone reads this blog is not important. (sorta..ha) I really think it is for me to express my thoughts. so go forward in 2010 and write 51 more blogs or more!

10. PURGING INTO 2010...what do i want to purge from my 2009 life and NOT bring into my 2010 lack of commitment to God and His Word is heavy on my heart! I really want to put Him first in my life and LIVE IT! I want people to ask me "why are you like that?"and my response be "Jesus" it is simple. But life is not always simplier with Jesus, but just BETTER. Better because His way is better. My way leads to extra lbs, His way leads me to freedom. I also want to be a better mom, just really "listen" to my girls. When molly tells me something I have started to STOP what i am doing and give her my full attention and if i cannot i explain it to her. I want to tell my husband everytime he leaves "I love you" and my girls, too!!! I want to HUG him when he comes through the remind him "why he came home". I want to be a better friend and really be there for them. When a friend talks to me I want my focus to be souly on them...not who is walking behind them. (get it)? I have alot of wants....but i feel they are all needs. I am not asking for things to be "bought" but for me to "buy" into others and my life more. So we will see....Pray for me!

Thanks for reading this. Remember today is a gift from God, everyday is a blessing from Him. Every moment is His and I am not to waste it...So go forward...use Him not food to console my soul.

love you guys!!! love my Jesus!

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