Tuesday, December 15, 2009

weather should not be a factor of Christmas

Hey friends of mine!
I am bloggng today...10 days later than last time. But today on my power prayer walk, I was thinking about how people say "it isn't Christmas cuz it is hot". Maybe but scripture says that "He washed us white as snow"..that is the best "snow" we could ever ask for (and we don't have to shovel it). so maybe look beyond your weather, your circumstances, or even your day. Christmas is more than a temperature, more than shopping for that perfect gift, more than lights and cookies. Christmas (and i know you all know this)is "CHRIST"mas...all about God sending His son, to become man, to save us on a cross...wow, no weather needed, no jackets, no presents, just time with a Giving God who came to earth to save someone like me and YOU! So why do you need certain weather to make it feel like CHRISTmas? Jesus is your present, so is grace, mercy.... merry CHRISTmas.

So beyond that...i am in fact laying out on a comforter in my front yard with Ruthie, my wonder dog, sweating! but hey if i get to hot i can go inside! right, just like you can get out of the cold.

Molly just came home with fantastic news about her grades....her first oollege eng. class...A! her art class probably the same! yeah for the A. and she has raised almost 91% of her sr. trip they are doing in feb. (a disney cruise for 3 days)FUN! I never had a sr. trip like that, but i lived in Ohio...no cruise ships there! Now all we need is some college acceptance letters to come in and scholarship money. Not much considering all the news she just gave me. Proud of her!

so enjoy this day that the Lord has made...be glad.

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