Saturday, December 5, 2009

blogging is fun...but i want "pazzaz" on it

I want some "pazzaz" on my blog. some Christmas cheer or winter look. but how? I am not good at the "special effects" so i am pleading with you all if someone wants to help me "redo" my blog and make it more whimsical....HELP. It is the time of year to "give" so give my blog a new look.

Okay that was such a boring paragraph....on to fun, whimisical thoughts. I love that word "whimsical" it makes me laugh inside. I am home alone (like the movie, but not in New York.) Molly is at SAT's trying to get more $$ from higher score...she has DONE FANTASTIC, but every extra point counts as money! Brian left for work and won't return til 3. Megs is in Ft. Myers. So ruthie and I are going to craft today and put up lights. Well, she will sleep while i do that.

What do you like to do on rainy days? I was wondering if all this rain was snow...oh my we would be singing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!" There are little bubbles on my pool from the rain dropping from the cage. they are whimsical.

So enjoy this day that the Lord has given. Do something whimsical, do something happy for a friend (like help her with her with a blog,hint)

Enjoy and CHRISTmas hugs to you all

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Dawn Cartwright said...

I'll try to call this afternoon and walk you through it...I was thinking about doing the same thing. We also need to talk- we are coming to Anna Maria for Christmas!