Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What does God have in store for me???

hey there.
a quick post, because i was suppose to be working out with Jillian about an hour ago and then start my day...but this blasted computer "draws" me in everytime i get on it. I also am trying hard to keep updated on the Baker family and that is my excuse! (but sadly i have not even read their post yet...been answering emails)

But anyway, I am flying back to Bloomington for the Homecoming Celebration of Nicki Baker. I am sad for the family, happy for Nicki. But today as i wrote a fellow blogger and dear friend, i ask myself -- what else does God have in store for me those 4 plus days???? I am very excited to see what He has in store for me. I do not want to waste a moment. I know I sometimes put "betsy knows" in the verse "I know the plans I have for you..." but I so want to be obedient to HIS PLANS and glorify HIM in all i do and say. So that is my prayer today....pray that i be obedient to God's calling everyday, not just in Bloomington.

I want to cherish every moment i am with dear friends there. Quit worrying about how "not thin" i am...cuz then I MISS GOD'S plan for me! So I go to serve, to encourage, to share God's love, and to HUG, HUG, HUG my friends. Because every moment with them will be a gift from God. Never did i think last year when i was up there with Brian that i would be returning again almost at the same time a year later!

I am glad that God knows the plans...and they are not to harm me...but to prosper me and they bring me joy....when i see them through HIS eyes and not mine. I desire true obedience when i walk HIS way and obedience in peace too!

So pray for my time with friends. Pray that I say what God has planned, and if i goof to MOVE ON! I love my Lord. I want to please Him.

Okay, truly i am going to check some blogs and off to workout with Jillian by 10...to think i would be done now had i started at 8:30!!! oh my life! to be organized and punctual! working on that.

Made my list of things to do...keeps me focused. sometimes i think i am ADD...my focus is off....but maybe it is MENOPAUSE! do you think ladies????

love you!

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