Friday, September 25, 2009


Nicki went home to the Lord Wed. night. Maddie has a great guardian angel. The service will be Monday at our old "home" church Sherwood Oaks. My heart is heavy...but i know Nicki is breathing on her own and holding all the babies in heaven without mommies! She also was so healthy that she was able to donate her organs and save many others. Amazing story. Please continue to pray for the Baker family. (Bonnie, Katie, Mary, Marshall,and more) thanks! I am trying to figure out a flight back for the service or later when she might need my help. Praying. It is still heart breaking....i am sad...but rejoicing in the Lord. He is with the family...He is with Nicki....Amazing God....Amazing God! Love to you all. Hug your kids and family! Pray for them....make every moment count! I am praying I will do that more.

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