Thursday, September 3, 2009

It is thurs and the house is quiet....

No rubbling noise of trashmen coming down my street, no noise from any other room in the house, only me and the dog today. Ruth occasionally snores so that makes me happy.
Getting use to the changes this year is interesting. No car on Tues/Thurs. Molly takes it to school. And she has it Friday mornings. So my days at home are DAYS AT HOME! Unless i get on my bike and go more than for an exercise ride. But if i did that it would call for a baseball cap (GAP hat) to be attached to my bike due to bad bike helmet hair.
So my days so far consist of quiet time, bed making, dog walking, bike riding, and lately alot of scholarship hunting!!!!! any ideas????
But this weekend is Labor Day weekend...Megan will be coming home! yeah! We will all be home for atleast 1 or 2 days of the big weekend. yeah! no plans--yeah! rest and stare at my sweet family.
my big brother in calif (see old blog to see pic)just dropped his daughter off in Cambridge for graduate school. Okay from Calif. to Cambridge...BIG MOVE! He and I were talking about how much we like having our girls around (he has 2, too). We are unique parents...we don't look forward to school starting, or our girls moving on. We like them to "hang out" with us or we "hang out" with them! My sister in law, Kelley, also just took her eldest daughter to Dallas to SMU to start college. another change and big distance between them. But she too likes having her family all in one place,too!
Brian and i have often talked about how we hope our girls live close to each other so we can always see them. If they don't i have already written down the number for the 1-800-rent-me-rv!!! Yepper...we would pack it all up and off we would go.
So do you like when school starts? Do you like your family all in one place or do you like when they go off to school?
I still owe my sweet friend dawn pics of my blessing ring and journals i am making! i loaded all the pics but couldnt figure out how to "chose that one". Megs will be home soon! sorry dawn.
love you guys and still waving...tomorrow is garbage my day won't be so lonely!(please don't get me wrong i am can keep myself very, very busy with college preparedness stuff) ha!!!!!
Go watch the Revalation Song by Kari Jobe with the videos of Jesus on YouTube..worth the watch!


JG said...

Or you can see it (the Kari Jobe video) at

Dawn Cartwright said...

I keep checking for those pics...sorry I didn't get to call you last weekend.