Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i love my garbage men

I know this is wierd but I love my garbage men. I have such a heart for them. I wait to hear the truck noise from inside my house and then go outside to wave to them. Am I wierd or what?

Lately, I guess they have noticed or something because they occasionally bring my trash can to the garage door instead of leaving it at the end of the driveway. They are so cute.

Today I was outside saying good-bye to a friend and what do i hear but the garbage men. Needless to say the friend went on the "wayside" on the good bye list as i anticipated a "wave" to my trash men. Then when they came by I waved....and then yelled "thank you" in my friends ear (sorry John).

Once again they had brought my trash can to my garage door. Then when they passed me going back up the street they beeped. I stood there saying to myself "ahh they beeped at me". ahhh, they are so cute.

I have attached notes to the top of my garbage cans. Brought them ice cream or water. But you know in the end they make my day. Showing some "A.O.K.'s" (acts of kindness) can go a long way. And these guys are sooo very receptive to you being nice. You know sometimes when you are nice to some people--you get "nothing". (my husband would say if you are being nice to get something in return you are doing it for all the wrong reasons.) But that is not why I wave to my trash guys. I just believe that we have to show a little Jesus to everyone--everyday! So this may not be a highly informative blog...but i just have to tell you about my trash men.

So wave to the UPS guy, FEDEX chic, trash men, mailmen, whoever...be Jesus to them. Like instead of the WWJD, do a WWJS "what would Jesus say" and do!

Enjoy your day and be a blessing to someone...you might just get your trashcans brought to your garage door! (and today it was raining)!

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Dawn Cartwright said...

I love you!I can just see your smiling face and happy wave. What a blessing you are. And tomorrow is garbage day here. I think my garbage men like ME because I never have trash stickers, so I tape 2 dollar bills to the cans. My guess is the city never sees that money and they get a nice tip.
But they have never put my trash cans by my garage......miss you. Keep waving!