Sunday, November 1, 2009

another month went by and where was I???

I was (and still am).....still getting use to Megan living in Ft. Myers.
I was (and still am).....working on college stuff for Molly.
I was (and i am pretty well okay with him).....getting use to Molly having a boyfriend. (yes i said the word) He is a nice guy! (just don't hurt my baby!)
I was (and still am).....still doing the "change4change" for our church. Which is a monthly "collection of coins" to raise funds for our building. We are at alittle under 8,000 for 8 months! not bad considering it is literally "pocket change".
I was working feverishly on the church's cookbook...they did one some 10+years ago, it is off to the printers now!
I was sad about Molly having her first fender bender (and no it was not her fault) but she is okay!!!
I was (and still am) very sad for my friend Bonnie in Bloomington, whose daughter Nikki passed away end of last month! She just went through the "first month". Prayers appreciated!
I Indiana and got to see my buddies!yeah!i love, love my friends there. we just pick up and go on whereever we leave off. so very cool.
I was (and still am) trying to get back my "girlish" figure! want to start running/walking again TOMORROW!
I was visited by a dear friend from Columbus (who is an OSU fan, but i still love her!)
I was....riding my bike one day and in the bike lane was a dead BOBCAT>>>>freaky! i got off my bike and took pictures. and also found a sheriff to clear it out of the bike lane. it was kinda spooky and caught me off guard!
I was 50 and "still am NOT" now i am a year older! birthdays are just not the same anymore! i love having birthdays and making them special....but this year just seemed to pass without a hitch...EXCEPT (OSU buddy) came and saw me. AND MOLLY made me the neatest sign and hung it at the coffee shop for me on Sunday! ah..precious. and Megan found me the "Wizard of Oz" pez candy collection set. cool!
I was (and still am) trying to do better on my blog writing....still a work in progress. But when I know someone is reading gets me all fired up to write...So this is for you Cath...even though you can't "comment" I know you check on my every once in awhile.
so enjoy this short visit about my month of FLEW by and today is the first day of NOVEMBER! and it is NOW dark at 6... i do not like that!
Megan will be home in 18 more days if thanksgiving is on the 19th? do not really sad is that.
I have a busy month...BIG fundraiser for Molly's school. prayerfully the cookbook will be done and published! cool.
so Happy fall y'all!!!

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Anonymous said...

About blogging, if you look at it in comparison to last year, you've made a big increase in volume. So far, from 11 entries in 2008 to 34 in 2009. Good job, Mrs. Hall.