Saturday, September 12, 2009

09/09/09 but today is 09/12/09

I just wanted to write that date...9/9/09. cool. what is in a number...there are alot of numbers i relate verses, birthdates, fun dates, sad dates and more. Numbers such as these: 8:28, 29:11, 3:5-6, 3/4, 8/3, 7/29, 10/31, 1/12, 6/3, 4/26...just a few numbers that mean something to me.

Actually everyday means something to is a gift to live this day. Because of Jesus I don't have to worry about tomorrow. I don't have to worry about what i did wrong today...because i have been an Awesome Forgiving God.

That same God that "gifts" me with each day. Knew my number before I was born. Knew it way before i can even think. Amazing. He knows the "number" of hairs on my head. Amazing God.

He knows the "number" of times i said "i'm sorry" and He answered "I love you". He knows the "numbers" of tears in a jar...He has caught them all. He knows the "number" of days I am happy, sad, misunderstood, unhappy with me, and all my days!

So is there something about 9/9/09..I guess just that i won't see that again. Is there something about 09/12/09...Yes..I am blogging and listening to MWS on the Gospel Music Channel.

I have seen alot in "inches of rain" today: 3-7. We have experienced alot of rain today. wow.

I know in a few hours i have to make sure i am awake at "1 o'clock" to go pick up Molly. She is coming back from Rock the Universe..hopefully dry! Rock the Universe is a 2 day event featuring Christian "rock" concerts hosted at Universal Studios. Disney host "night of joy" tamer christian music.

so what numbers mean something to you? what are thinking right now?

it is 9:42...that is the number i am thinking of.

Love my "3" family members plus "1" dog.

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Dawn Cartwright said...

See my blog! You inspired me.