Friday, May 29, 2009

setting a good bye and a prayer request

Good day blog world.
Wanted to ask for your prayers for a sweet family from church. We love, love Jackie and this week they found she had brain cancer...blah. So would you pray for her and her family Mike (husband) and son Jonathan. They started intensive radiation yesterday ( 5days for 3 wks). Pray for God's strength, peace, wisdom, will, and thank Him for being with Jackie and family right now. Thank you that she wants to witness to others through this! she is amazing. Thank you. It just seems when you hear about something like this..nothing else matters. You are just thinking positive she will be a survivor. God is in control. God is bigger than cancer. So thank you for praying!

I will be out of town (as you know) so no blog for the next week. see you and keep praying for our friends.

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