Sunday, May 3, 2009


God is faithful and true to His promises, as I was able to be reminded today at Megan's graduation. I swallowed many lumps in my throat and just teared up. (I am thinking there are some tears in me waiting to be put in a jar by Jesus). I was soo very proud of her and watching her walk in and up the stage and down and back to her seat and out....was all TOO QUICK! I wanted to stay "HOLD IT" and let me take it all in. I wanted to replay the day over and over again. I wanted to tell others to have a "designated" photographer so you can just "watch and absorb" the moment. I keep replaying the day in my head. I just think it went to fast. But I will be better tomorrow.

My stepdad, Merlin, came. It was good that he was there...the only thing better would have been to see my mom sitting in the front seat. I still visualize her there. And getting out and calling me her "bitsy betsy". But Megs carried a purse that was my mom's (i didn't know) and Merlin recognized it. Ahh, she was there. Megs friend Amanda came too. And my friend Lois and her daughter Michelle. Wow that was some special (and very patient) friends to sit through it all.

No handshaking due to the swine flu...don't get it. Some of the Deans of the specific schools shook hands, but NOT THE DEAN OF EDUCATION. Get over it! my goodness. There was a table of Purell, kleenex and wipes before the graduates came on stage. The President of the University did not shake hands, just a group photo moment with each graduate.

There were two mom's there who accepted diplomas for their children who had died before the graduation. Okay...I HAVE NOTHING to complain about. I may have dark photos but they have nothing but memories. It is all to sad. To puts things in perspective, to say the least. They cried. I teared up just knowing! is time to wrap up the day...and all I have to say to Megan is "I am proud of you, graduate." "Very, proud."

God is faithful and true to His promises. What promises has He given you?

Well,enjoy your day.....and savor the day!

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