Wednesday, June 17, 2009


my life is sometimes full of "oops" moments. Do you have those? these are my "oops" moments lately.
  • not keeping up with my blog..oops
  • not keeping up with my reading the bible through the year...oops
  • not being more patient with my girls...ooops.
  • not getting as much done in my day that i would like...oops
  • eating the wrong things...oops
  • biking has been cut is too hot...oops
  • trying to think of more oops moments...oops.

so whatever your "oops" moments may be know to God they are not "oops" they are learning times with Him. He is calling my name...trying to get my attention...getting me to slow down...capture the moment. Be okay about the "oops" (but recovery is important).

I have to go get my hair cut and cover the gray...or that would be an "oops" moment we DON'T want to deal with!

I am glad when i sit and type my blog. I truly think that God has giving me a gift that needs to be explored or used more...writing (just like my friend Dawn). I love to write. I am positive i am not a "great use of english rules and language" writer...but i am fun and try to write from my heart! Try to minister through words.

So have a "oops" free day and more importantly a JOY-FILLED day!

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Dawn Cartwright said...

I'm also full of oops! We can encourage each other!! Have a blessed time on your trip.We'll catch up when you return- keep me in your prayers- lots of medical stuff going on, but God is in control.Hugs.