Wednesday, May 6, 2009

no A/C has slowed this blogger down...

no a/c since Saturday can make a mess of your life. But I keep thinking of Laura Ingalls and how they lived then. They baked in the heat. They wore long dresses in the heat. They worked the fields in the heat. Who am I to complain. It is only my a/c. I have an acquaintance who is deciding on chemo treatments. Me, only who puts in the new unit. So really in perspective I am really not "down" I am just having to work around an inconvenience.

We did go with a Christian a/c company and they attend our church. Now comes my most important job to show Christ love to them as they work in my hot garage and hot surrounding areas! May I be an good example of cheerfulness, show hospitality and gentleness to them. May I be Jesus with skin on!

So I am going to attempt to make the "monogram" cookies for Megan's open house today. It will be alittle warm, but my mom will be here (in spirit) as I make her famous sugar cookies. I am decorating as that does not make the house hot. I am just rearranging my order of "things to do". I may have to cook more tomorrow. Who knows?

Hope this finds you all well. I look out my window at our pool and would love to jump in but that comes this weekend after the party and on Mother's Day!

By the way Happy Mother's Day to you all!

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