Monday, April 27, 2009


This is the week....That the Lord has made...let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Yes, this is the week that God had planned along time ago...Megan's graduation week!

It has been a blessing to see all of His provisions through these many years. (even going back to Elem. school) She has made it, but God provided! Thank you, Jesus.

Last week we got to see her give her Sr. portfolio presentation. There I heard her Prof. say that her 'autobiography', that was part of her portfolio, should be published. cool. Maybe I will publish it on the blog to let you all read it! Then on Friday we went to her SCATT (South Coast Area Teacher Training) Honors Graduation program. Long, but worth it! Now this week graduation and next Saturday Open House to Celebrate it all!!!! Brian (my hubby) says that going through over 6 hours of events is worth the 6 years we had to wait for it all!

So in the end I just want God to get the glory. He has provided, pushed, prayed, empowered, watched over, and so much more for Megan.

She is starting an intensive job search and even though there seems to be no jobs in education (where lack of funding and downsizing are the 'buzz' words) I know God has a plan for her (Jer. 29:11). He would not have gotten her this far to let her go now. He is still in charge of her life. She is just in charge of pursuing and getting it done! We continue to pray for God's will.

So anyway...crazy week. But very, very thankful for this week.

Prayer request: Pray for God's leading to continue and Megan seeks it. Pray for organization, networking and perserverance in her job search. Pray protection over her from discouragement, lack of self esteem, procrastination and any other things the bad guy sends her way. Pray for us as her parents to be on our knees about her needs and future.

Thank you. I am off to swim...have not exercised (later Jillian and biking)in 3 weeks...due to a cold and our busy schedules! I am excited. Thinking about doing a 25 miles bike to raise money for the homeless...hmmm.

Have a great day and week!


Dawn Cartwright said...

YEAHHHH MEGAN!!! We are so excited for you! When I got your announcement I seriously considered trying to get a flight down to help you celebrate. I would love to be there to see your beaming smile ( as well as your parents'!) Then reality set in. So know I am with you in joy and spirit, although not in person. God will continue to do amazing things through you by using you to impact His kingdom through your teaching.What a gift you are! Love and blessings, Dawn and all

Dawn Cartwright said...