Thursday, April 2, 2009

oh where, oh where could megan's keys be...

Do you all ever have days you feel you never get anything "you" want accomplished? Yesterday was one of those days. There is a God story in it it goes.

First, one my list I put on my workout clothes, knowing I would work out in the a.m. I knew I had to take Molly and her friends to the beach (Siesta, white, beautiful beach!) which was 30 min there, 3o min back. With a stop at the library. (love to get dvd's there-free)

Okay home by 10:30 but dear Cathy was waiting to come over....hmmm workout? not enough time. So i rush to clean and vaccuum my house. Set out some water and pretzels so she feels special. She comes and we had a WONDERFUL time, that went way to fast. So now it is 1:30. Molly gets a ride home. So I am thinking need to get to the church for a reason and a meeting at 5. Still in my workout clothes. hmmm.

Well, Megan calls...she is at a park in Sarasota and she has lost her keys. It is around 2. There goes one meeting at church, praying I make the 5:00 one. So I find a spare set (as she has class at 3:30) and head down their. Needless to say I was not happy, but I called my sister in law. She and I can make any experience funny and encourage each other. So she makes my tears dry up (i was frustrated about NO exercise yet and the fact I was NOT going to make my meeting at 3:45-don't like to do that). She encourages me to HUG Megan the minute I see her. So I get down there give Megan the keys, she points me in the direction of where the keys might be, and starts to walk to her car...."Wait" I call to her and went over and gave her a HUG!

So off I go in search of her keys. I ask EVERYONE. I have no pride. She is too shy to do that. I search and search. And even have people (strangers!) join me in my search. I talked to God alot during this search. Praying, quoting the very few verses I have memorized (Phil. 3:14) and tell Him (like He needs to be told?) that I really want this whole "search" to glorify Him. I start picking up trash (might as well, my head looks like I am part ostrich!) thinking (I am SOOOO wierd) that maybe picking up trash will get me the keys...God's reward. (I am so in a time-out chair in heaven for that thought).

Please understand it was 85 degrees, so my head was boiling from the lost keys and the heat. I continue to search and ask around (eateries, booths,etc). Finally at 4:45 (remember I got there around 2:30ish) go towards the marina's office - along ways from the park. Ask in each of the offices, finally walk in the back door of a small gift shop/office. No one their...finally someone. "Has anyone turned in any keys?" She quickly replies "Honda keys?". "YES" I said. She gives me the keys and I don't recognize the keychain. I try and call Megan (she is in class not responding-good for her-does not reply to text picture of keys-good for her); call Molly- she does not recognize. The girl said the keys had been turned it around 2:30..why did we not go there first? hmmm

I am in a "pickle" and very hot. I tell the girl I will take them home and if someone comes in here searching for keys like these. I will bring them back if they are not ours! I know how that person feels!

Okay, remember how I wanted to turn this story into an amazing God story. I realized in the middle of my search and still looking like an ostrich; that even if I did not find the keys (miracle)- that I needed to realize that it would STILL be a God story. Once I realized that....I found the keys! You see God wants us to see Him in ALL things...good, bad, sad, mad, etc....never found keys....found keys. He is amazing. I could still have a God story and I did.

My point is the matter what -- God is in every circumstance in our lives, orchestrating it all. The bad ones turn into learning curves with God, the good ones turn into rejoicing moments with God and so on. I may not be a clear writer, but God teaches me so much each day even at 50!

I hung those keys on the back door so my family could see them with a sign that says "He is a great miraculous God! (with a sense of humor)". It is still there, not the keys though. They took Megan to school today. YEAH!

So search for your God story today...there is one waiting for you!

PS. I did miss both meetings (one being with the Sr.Pastor) but I did workout with Jillian at 6:30; but brian had a PB&J sandwich for dinner! oh well, best layed plans can get "speed bumped" sometimes!

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