Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Friends are Friends forever...if the Lord...

Okay I am glad you can not "hear" me singing because MWS does it so much better. But I just had a great visit from a friend from Columbus, Ohio who use to live here. Cathy! Isn't it great when God creates friendships because you know that no matter how many miles or how little you see each other...He will keep you close and updated. Unconditional love comes from those types of friendship.

So dear Cathy...thanks for the "chat". Thanks for the "wisdom" you shared about "dating/courting". Thanks for you being you! I know you can't comment on my blog (Cindy how can she if she does not have aol or a blog?, thanks) but I know if you did you would say "backatcha" (i hope!)

Well, I am going into my room and get Jillian on my dvd and workout. It is late in the day and i am yet to do anything. I have a 5:00 meeting and a 3:45 meeting. Plus a shower and a "what do I wear situation!" It is getting warmer and my "classic" windbreaker hider is not a possibility. Pits!

So just wanted to tell you about my friend...and how wonderful she is. ahhhh.

She shared wise words of wisdom about dating and our daughters. I need to seek God's wisdom through prayer and His Word. Her advice! Pray with my husband about it. Pray with Molly. She will roll her eyes when i say...can i pray with you....but it won't be the first time and won't be the last...but someday she will understand! when she is on her knees in her daughters bedroom. May God be my led on this venture....please Lord give me the courage and words to pray with her about dating.

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