Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back home again in Florida

Well, we (as in brian and I) are back from an awesome trip to Bloomington, Indiana. Where we did these things: went to TWO IU football games (who cares if they lost, well Brian does); saw lots of friends, hung out with those friends, got to ride a bike in your "fall/cool" area a WHOLE 7/10ths of a mile (got a flat and gave up--true "Try"ahlete!);ate with friends, got to see my mom's gravesite (very, very hard and FAR too much closure); got to smell decaying leaves (and brought some back); got to wake up and walk outside without sweating (or women "glisten"); ran in the wonderful cool fall air (well it was in the 80's no humidity); got to eat at this great veggie restaurant called "Roots" (loved it, brian is unsure); shopped in every IU shop possible; went to Brown County; went to Cincinnati to see friends; got to take lots of cool pics; got to worship TWICE at our old church (awesome); got to swim at the YMCA and workout with a friend (thanks Sharon); got to see my hubby totally relaxed and laughing with old guy friends (miss them!); got to see FIREPROOF (GO see it) with some friends; got to thank friends that were instrumental in our salvation (do that such a blessing to those you thank and you!) and cried and laughed and slept and so much more. What an amazing NINE days (missed the girls though, they on the other hand loved the "no reminder" week...i.e. "clean your room" "pick up ruth's poop", etc. Get my point...they didn't miss us that much.) Anyway, it was a fabulous time....the friends looked the same but their kids all GREW up! Wow. The children are so much older, but the parents NO WAY are they any older! (because if they were, then i would be older!) So thank you Brian for a very early birthday present and thank you friends for creating lifetime of memories in my head and heart. I love you all very, very much. NOW it is your turn to visit us! (and sweat/glisten).

Have you heard that the new forties is 50....i am so glad since i am ever so quickly approaching that age...which my 16 year old says 50 is old. thanks! I however am young enough to say i never rode in a stage coach to get from one city to the next nor have i ever had to bath in a large tin bucket heated by water off the stove....so i am not old!

Well, my 2nd "try"athlon is fast approaching and my enthusiasm is somewhat there. I just want to run, swim and bike for fun and not to "get ready" for something. But i am extremely thankful that i can do all and them! thank you Jesus for my healthy "youthful" body!

Well, i just wanted to update you all (do i actually have readers?) on our trip up north. Continue to pray for your friends and family and the upcoming election. Pray that Jesus' hand is on it all! Have a great God day....and remember to smile and say HI to atleast 10 people! Later and remember...
still praying, pedaling, paddling, and pounding the pavement.

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Cindy-Still His Girl said...

LOVED getting to see you. I'm glad the trip was so good for you. Love you!