Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Mom...

Meet my mom. Isn't she beautiful? Yes that is a cancer wig...but beautiful . I get weepy...seeing her.

I so wish she was still here.

I feel cheated.

But I tell myself not to go there. I will see her again....but for right now....I wish I could just call her.

Quite frankly....i miss her so much it hurts my heart and tears well up in my eyes. When will the tears stop....when?

If you still have a her for me....tell her you love her and miss her. tell her for me. because i can't tell my mom....i just tell God to tell her!

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Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Your mom was so pretty! Beautiful, like you.

You do need to get the picture up by the post about her, though. If you ever need help with your blog, just yell. You can tell me your secret code and then I can get in and do stuff and then you can change your secret code so I don't prank you. :)

Thank you for your encouragement yesterday. You're a gift!