Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hydrox Cookies and My Mom

Hi to whoever reads my blog....i someday will have a laptop which i believe will make me a better blogger. but til then here and there comes a post-a-note from me!

This Saturday i turn Old. Don't feel it. Like saying "I am 49" better. I just read a friends blogs about birthdays and memories (thanks Scott and Cindy).

I have a memory of birthday's: I use to get a $20.00 bill from my mom and step dad every birthday. I kept the last 20.oo from my mom and the "handwritten"note.

My sweet step dad has tried to keep up the $20.00 for birthdays...i have kept all those. I think I am just keeping them. Don't know why (maybe for a laptop...well that will take a LOT more 20's and LOT more birthdays!) but i am a big "hang-er on-er" to things. Especially when it comes to my parents. My dad passed away 15 years ago and my mom 2 years ago.

I guess i think when i keep things it is a piece of daughter, begs to differ, she says "it's just stuff, it is not grandma"...i know she says that with love and compassion and i see her point.....just sometimes i have trouble letting go.

So back to the 20.00. My birthday is around the corner and is there a 20.00 around the corner?

It matters, but then it doesn't.

This is why...because today...God did a "God smile" to me. I was walking in a grocery store killing time....(some place to kill time???)...and low and behold a packages of Hydrox cookies (a whole display!) were right in front of me!!!Those were my mom's all time favorite cookies (and craved during her cancer period). She always wanted them to come back in stock. She even researched the Sunshine company...but no luck. But they are back to celebrate 100 years and i bought a box...had a few...made some memories...cried...put the rest in a cedar chest...hope i remember they are there.

Anyway....i absolutely LOVE how God does stuff like that. How He constantly reminds me He cares and is in control! Thank you God for my early birthday present from mom. Tell her Hi and I love her.

Moving on....SECOND "TRY"athlon this Saturday on my 50th!!! yes it is a sprint 1/3 mile swim, 10 mile bike, and a 3.1 mile run. I just want to finish and have fun! in that order! So i guess because i am doing this tri....i can truly have my cake and EAT it too! since i worked out just "alittle" on my birthday! Then i get to "chill" for awhile til next season....just keep training and getting stronger. I say this is my last one...but i am already thinking "TOPGUN" in the summer of 09! we will see!

have a great day seeing all of God's blessings (smiles) that He gives you!

Remember "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" (phil 4:13)

Still praying, pedaling, paddling, and pounding the pavement...

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Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Now whenever I see Hydrox, I'll think of your mom and YOU!