Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tri day done!

hey there world of bloggers:
I finished my second tri and 2 min. shorter than my last one and it was a longer swim!!! YEAH! I am just glad i finished and had fun. It was my 50th birthday and my family was all there. My girls (well, megan did most of it) decorated the house and my car., so when i woke up at 4:15 it was "birthday" time! wow! Molly was a joy (as all of them were) in running to all my transitions and cheering me on! My family is amazing to be my fans in a sport like this is not a spectator sport. I am going from one thing to the next and you usually only see the finish or start! Although they did see my whole swim in the very dangerous current and choppy water! What part of "Do not enter water--dangerous current" sign do you NOT want to read or participate in???? They sent 600 of us out there...we looked like 600 piranhas! Now until next year....train, train, train and try to get in better shape so i can "TRY" harder! Molly ask me to take up softball because the games are later in the day! but i said but we are done and it is only 10:30a.m.!!!! We have the whole day ahead of us!

my birthday was fast and furious. Both my brother and sister sent me flowers...ahhh. and my $20.00 (faithful) came from my step dad in memory of my mom! my hubby got me roses and the search is on for a laptop!!! wow! any suggestions? it was a good day. went to church...blew up balloons for a ministry fair. i couldn't have had a better 50th! love serving!!!

I am trying to ask a blogger friend how to get friends. she said to make comments on blogs i maybe i will. i have given out my blog to friends. so we should see. but i don't think you can comment unless they have a blog.

Well, i just wanted to tell you i finished my second "try"athlon and survived! YEAH for Fifty year old "try" gals!!!!
Still praying, pedaling, paddling, and pounding the pavement!
betsy (need to find out how to do my name down here!)

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mrspruet said...

I read your blog Bets, I just don't usually leave a comment and I don't have a blog of my own. I haven't taken that step yet. Congratulations on your accomplishment and happy belated birthday. Know that I love ya girlfriend.