Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010...4 years

Today is the annivesary (do you call it that) of my mom's entrance into heaven (i like that better than "her passing" or "her death".

I talked about this before...that maybe I should be graduating from grief? Ironic it is the year Molly is graduating. I admit it was easier, but it does not have to be his day to make me miss my mom. I just remember what i was doing 4 years ago today. bummer.

So I will focus on the other "graduate" in our house and I will depend on God's healing with my "graduation date"from missing my mom. I know that my dad has been gone for 16 years...he passed 2 days before Molly's first birthday,so i always remember that day.

I will continue to use the word "GAP" --- "God Always Provides" to get me through this day and all the others. I am known as Gapgirl 06. It is just harder as I approach the graduation of would have loved it, Molly giving a speech, molly's gpa, and the party! She is where i get my "creativity" (and from dad). I gave one of my high school grad speeches, but it was NOT due to my good grads. I tried out for it. Now Molly will give one... wild!

I just always encourage people who still have parents to hug on them,ALOT! appreciate the time, love on them, do for them, get the stories, write on the back of pictures!

loving my mom today, missing her everyday.

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