Thursday, May 6, 2010

Prom count down

short one. Prom is tomorrow. so no real countdown. just been happening for over 2 months and i have not blogged about it all. i am excited for molly. the baseball season ended (sad) so now she and Jacob can go to prom. YEAH. she looks like a Kathrine Hepburn Princess in her dress. Another reality that my little girl is growing up...hard on mom's. Especially as Mom's (do NOT like to be called "mother") Day approaches.

I miss mom. I wish she could see molly. I know she would have driven up here to see her. I know my craft/office room would still have a bed in it. No more guest. No need for a bed. Love my "retreat" room (craft/office room)

Okay. Picture will be posted thank to Megan.

Today is National Day of Prayer, but someone said "isn't everyday that?" YES.

happy mom's day to all you mom's! if your mom is still around CALL HER, HUG HER, TELL HER YOU LOVE HER...cherish every moment. Because it can be taken in a moment!

life is precious. God is precious and my KING!

hugs to you all.

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