Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring has Sprung in Sarasota!!!

HI friends,

Love hyaciths (do not like spelling the word!) Everytime i go to Publix i stick my nose in one of their hyacinths (think i got it that time) and SMEEEELLLLL them! That to me is the true smell of spring!


S o many of God's creations popping out,
P raising God for each one of them!
R ainy days, thunderstorms, sunny days, cloudy days...ah Spring is here.
I nside is not the place to be when Spring pops it head up.
N ow is the time to run, play, romp and stomp on that pretty green grass.
G od is faithful no matter what season, but for now it is Spring and God is smelling very, very fragrant.
(do you see the word SPRING?)

Okay i am not a poet, (megs can you work your magic and get me some spring flowers, thanks!! see you in 10 more days!!)

So what are you thankful when Spring you have a Simple Spring Pleasure?
God has TONS!!!

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Dawn Cartwright said...

Hey long lost friend, you were on my list to call over spring break, but alas, it never happened.So sorry, I want to hear your voice! Kit had a double knee replacement three weeks ago today. Miracle!! He drove last Saturday and walked into his 2 week appt. with no assistance. His pain is gone- still has to work on flexibility and keeping swelling down, but he is walking with straight legs, praise God!! Please pray for my friend who is having a mastectomy tomorrow. Love you and miss you!