Monday, March 15, 2010

AHHH moment

just a quick one before i go workout with Jillian, but isn't the blog fun! Thanks Megs!

Remember to be thankful for simple pleasures, hug your kids, and tell your spouse you love and appreciate him. It is a beautiful day to be in the Word. I am going to do that before I workout. Spiritual workout before physical workout. I know it will make me stronger in all ways! So how do you start your day? Do you allow Him to start your day. I bet He has alot of "ahhhh moments" to give you. The Bible is full of "ahhhh moments". Each day we receive new "ahh moments" from Him. When we do share them or give them away.

So have a great day filled with "ahh moments" and "simple pleasures" they are all around. You won't have to "workout" hard to see them! One of mine is in her room doing math homework...she is a "ahh moment" (molly doing math and having her home) (Miss you megs!)

Enjoy your is a gift and every moment a blessing

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